Good bye Sue.

I wrote this two years ago today and I still feel the same

© willowdot21

“I like you” Sue said when we met for the second time, “your even shorter than me.” Sue always spoke her mind.

Like everyone who knew her I will miss Sue dearly. It was not as this day was not expected but still it was a heart stopper when I actually saw the words in print.

Sue was many things, Mother, Grandmother, loving partner, carer, teacher, friend, author and a supporter and light to us all.

We have lost a beautiful light, a beacon from our lives. Sue touched us all. I can’t believe it’s only six months since September when Sue got the news that she was terminally ill. Like many, family and friends I baulked at the inevitable selfishly I could not accept what Sue not only accepted but also embraced . She was angry, as we all would be. Amazingly she said she had too much work to finish. Too much life to live.

© SueVincent.

Sue had visits to Oxford, days out with Ducks and Grandchildren and she worked, boy she worked so hard, books written and published, books reworked and republished. Christmas Dinner prepared and eaten, cakes and mince pies prepared. If minded Sue was an unstoppable force.

I emailed Sue daily, she probably got fed up with me but I just wanted her to know I was there for her. The last email , that I sent was last night and simply said , “Dear Sue sleep well” and I put Peace as the subject. I really mean that Dear Sue sleep well. Where ever you are now in your new realm be at peace.

Sue, I don’t want to but it is time to say goodbye as you spread your wings and move to the next part of your journey. You will live forever in my heart …not only mine but many others too. You will be immortal in our memories.

With love to Stuart, Nick Alex and the girls not forgotting The Small Dog Ani.

Another feather flutters
A candle is lighted
A soul with with loved ones united.
At last there is no pain
You are free to soar again.

© willowdot21

© willowdot21

Never forgotten.💜🦋

Sue’s blog is here.

K.L.Caleys #writephoto: Ripple.

As Gail and Morgarna jumped last week , Gail went home to the house and Merlin, but Morgarna was sent off on another job without any instructions or message from Merlin …. that guy is on very thin ice!


“Where’s Morgarna” asked Gail as she landed back in Merlin’s lab.
“Ah! I had to send her on a little errand “
“Without even giving her a warning?” asked Gail throwing her arms up in indignation. “No wonder she gets the hump with you! I certainly would! Just what is so important that you have sent her off with absolutely no warning or back up? “
Merlin stood up and closed his laptop, he suddenly looked bigger and actually scarier than Gail had actually seen him before.
“Are you questioning me Gail?” he started to say only to be interpreted by Gail
“Yes Merlin I think you are actually taking advantage of her better nature and patience!”
At that Merlin laughed and returned to his normal self he replied, “Morgarna has patience and a better nature ….you could have fooled me”

Morgarna sat at the desk and lit a cigarette, looking around she found a half full ashtray and on further inspection of the room she found a drinks table, so Morgarna being Morgarna fixed herself a brandy. Walking back to the desk she spotted the pieces of paper strewn about on the desk top. The story looked familiar and she read the first two pages she realised she was reading a story of note. She noticed that the name of the protagonist of the story was just a question mark. Then she spotted many names on another piece of paper….all had either been crossed out or had a question mark by the side of them.
Pouring herself another Brandy she took up some more story and then it clicked. Leaning over the jacket draped over the chair she saw a white handkerchief in the inside pocket. Pulling it out she saw the monogram on it was B.S.
A huge smile light up her face and before she could help herself she was fishing about in her bag looking for her lipstick . It was Vampire Red and she took an empty sheet of paper and wrote, ‘My name is Count Dracula of Transylvania.’
Lighting another cigarette Morgarna admired her handy work, the blood red lipstick sprung out from the page and delighted her. “I think my job here is done ” she smiled to herself.

It was getting dark as Morgarna finished her drink and stubbed out her cigarette, she lit the candle on the desk , it shone it’s light on to the name Dracula. She heard voices in the hallway on the other side of the door, as the handle turned she hid behind the curtain and held her breath.

Bram Stoker.

image from Wikipedia

The door opened and a rather handsome bearded gentlemen entered he took his jacket from the chair and was about to leave when he saw the red writing…. The name Dracula. ” That’s it , that’s it ” shouted the man in a cultured Dublin accent, “Dracula, count Dracula of Transylvania ! Florence, Florence” bounding back toward the door he left, the piece of paper in his pocket.
Morgarna could hear voices all over the house now so she opened the window and ……wafted off into the night doing her best vampire impression as she went.
As Bram crossed the hall he saw a dark figure dressed in a black cloak suddenly jump into , well who knows what and disappear …. He shook himself as his wife came down the stairs…” What is all the shouting about my dear?” She asked.
Bram smiled his most disarming smile and replied I have thought of the name of the main character of my new book my love”
“Well then husband you had better tell me all about it over dinner”
As the headed to the dinning room Bram had his fingers crossed behind his back!

Morgarna landed in the back garden of the house for the second time that week only this time Merlin was there with a large Bacardi and Coke in one hand a lighted cigarette in the other. Gail was standing on the patio dishing up stew from a huge pot!
Taking the drink and cigarette from Merlin she called to Gail “what’s on the menu hun? I am starving”
“We thought you would be” said Merlin.
Morgarna flashed him a killer look …
“Ouch” he said to himself.
“It’s Irish stew in honour of Mr Stoker but with a twist!”
“What’s the twist ?” Asked Morgarna sniffing the aroma.
“A bottle of Shiraz laughed Gail”

After dinner Merlin left the ladies to chat and went back to his lab. Once Morgarna was sure he was busy she put her finger to her lips and beckoned Gail to follow her. Then popped into the kitchen where Morgarna retrieved Merlin’s car keys from the key safe.

Once out of earshot Morgarna drove like a demond, screeching gears and breaks hitting curbs and lamposts …Gail was a bit screechy too at first then Morgarna reminded her, one, she was already dead two, that Morgarna is immortal and three Merlin was a shit and deserved everything he got!

Gail fell asleep eventually as Morgarna drove up north singing at the top of her voice.

Morgarna stopped the engine and the silence woke Gail. …
“Where are we she asked…. Just some Scottish Loch Gail isn’t it beautiful”
Gail had to agree it was beautiful. So
peaceful with calm blue skies, and such deep still waters.
Gail looked at the car the paintwork was dented and scratched, there were cigarette burns all over the dashboard and the leather seats. “Oh! Morgarna what have you done…..” Gails voice tailed off as Morgarna took the keys out of the ignition and tossed them into the loch…. “Oops” she laughed grabbing Gail’s arm and casting a spell that whizzed them back to the house.
“Coffee” she asked Gail smiling, Merlin popped his head around the kitchen door , “good morning ladies your up early, any coffee going?”

Back at the Loch a very sad and damaged BMW was being checked over my two young police officers. The loch was still and silent but just by the waters edge there was a huge ripple


PART OF K.L.CALEY’S # writephoto Ripple


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