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So Morgarna is furious with Merlin for not giving her the full story…so now because of Merlin Morgarna has to face serious danger to correct Merlin’s mistakes….here we go!


Wrapping her cloak around herself Morgarna stepped through a door into a covered passageway. Taking some wipes from her bag she cleaned the blood from her face and arms. She lit a cigarette and taking out her C.O.T.A.S (communicator over time and space) she noted she was back in 2023 so she called Merlin.

“Babes where are you?” Merlin was sat at his computer and could see exactly where and when she was.
” Don’t you babes me you shit, what are you playing at now , sending me off with no preparation or decent information! Did you know this Zephra is not only a tomb raider but she’s also a mummy desicrator ? Eh? Eh? Or did you decide it was on a need to know basis as in you know and I am left in need?”
“Morgs babe honest I maybe should of told you a tad but I need you to be on her side for a bit and …..well….the truth is she’s not really Zephra she is actually Keket and she was mighty annoyed by the real Zephra’s husband who turned her down flat saying he loved Zephra. “
Morgarna ran her hand over her face and arm healing the scratches as she did so, then lighting another cigarette she replied, “You rat, you let me deal with the Goddess of darkness without so much as a wink? What the… Do you think you’re playing at ….well?”
“Look babes I am sending the anomaly jump home and I’ll explain all.”
Morgarna was about to refuse when the anomaly appeared and all she could was jump! As she disappeared into the anomaly a man and a woman dressed in Elizabethan garb walked out onto the roof , they both saw the anomaly as it dissipated …. “What was that Kirsty?” Asked the man getting his mobile out of his doublet, but he was not quick enough to get a shot of the strange lights and colours, “did you see that Kirsty?” He asked.
Kirsty nodded ,”Aye it is the second time today I’ve seen that, I think this tour guide job is getting to us, all those tourists and these weird clothes…. Come on Ken I need a drink !” They both turned and left!

It was still raining when Morgarna landed on the lawn at the back of their house, she was now soaked and in a bad mood she wrenched open the kitchen door to be greeted by delicious cooking smells and Gail dressed in a blue and pink, bell sleeved paisley mini dress and knee high white boots and carrying a tray of freshly baked scones.. The anger seeped away as she saw the look of delight on Gail’s perfectly made up face.
“Have you been raiding the dressing up box?” Morgarna laughed .
Gail put the scones down and took off her oven gloves and replied “No I have found this amazing website where you can buy antique well loved clothes , it’s perfect.” She ended by doing a twirl and then poured Morgarna a coffee and handed it to her.
Totally disarmed Morgarna sat at the kitchen island and helped herself to a large slice of Victoria Sponge that was sitting on the top. “Where is shitface ” she asked with a mouthful of delight, “where did you learn to bake so well this is so light”
” My mum taught me loads when I was little by the time I was twelve I was an accomplished baker …by the time I was fifteen I was runaway druggy.” Gail’s eyes went dark and tears welled up, Morgarna reached across and touched her arm. This soothed Gail and she felt happy again.
“If you mean Merlin when you say shit face he’s in the lab” Gail smiled.

After Morgarna had had a bath and got changed she walked into the lab to find Merlin busy with his laptop and charts all over the place.
“Ah! Babes” he said then seeing the look on her face rephrased and said, “Morgarna you look ravishing”
“Don’t soft soap me Merls it doesn’t suit you at all, it’s creepy and never bodes well for me”
She sat down next to him and lit a cigarette, “Do you mind…” Merlin started.
“Yes I f***ing do” finished Morgarna.

Morgarna sat and flicked ash all over Merlin’s charts making him visibly winch as she did so.
“Right” she said “spill”
“It’s like this , when Gail and I got back here and you jumped to HMS Belfast Zephra / Keket was here waiting for us. She spun me the same line she spun you but I had the E.R. on and I spotted she was not a spirit of light as Zephra would have been, the reading was so dark as to be pure evil. So I looked her up and she was a priestess in the temple of the Pharaoh. A priestess she was named after the Goddess of Darkness Keket. The truth is Zephra’s husband turned her down and she was sent away to serve in a temple far away. Zephra and her husband showed her great mercy. They lived long happy and productive lives.
Keket though was not a good soul and she plotted and schemed and sold her soul to her name sake Keket who was the feminine balance to God Kauket known as “Bringer-in-of-the-Light”, as he guided the sun barge of the god Ra toward the sky from the underworld before dawn each day. Keket was his female side with the head of a serpent, also called “Bringer-in-of-the-Darkness”. In ancient Egyptian religion, she presided over the twilight hours when the sun was setting and guided the sun barge into the underworld. I knew she was not who she said she was so after she left here to meet you I took a deep look into her story using these charts and discovered that her plan was to steal Zephra amulet, and destroy the face of her mummy. Thus removing Zephra’s spirit from the hereafter. Then she could finally go to the hereafter and reclaim the pharaoh.”
Morgarna looked at Merlin askance “but she has succeeded Merls , you didn’t give me and warning I could of stopped her had I known. “
“I know Morgarna but I found a section in these old papyrus here that said she might repent and not defile Zephra and she would live a peaceful ever after …”
Morgarna poured herself a Bacardi and coke and replied, “Yet well that happened didn’t it?”

Merlin and Morgarna sat up late into the night devising the best plan of action, Gail popped in and out with food and drink and proffered her ideas too. Eventually a plan was set.

Morgarna landed inside the tomb she stood at the head of Zephra’s sarcophagus and waited for the door to open . Looking down at the sarcophagus she could see it was still perfect and unbroken. Looking at her phone she saw she had only two minutes two minutes to wait. Going over the plan in her head she smiled to herself.. Merlin said give Keket one chance…. Okay thought Morgarna one chance only.

Suddenly a deep rumbling filled the tomb Morgarna shook her phone so that the torch came on and she stood ready.
As the door slid back Keket stood there, Morgarna raised her phone so the torch light shone straight into Keket’s eyes blinding her for a second.
Keket screamed in surprise and step back covering her eyes with her hand.
As her eyes became accustomed to the light she was shocked to see Morgarna.
“What are you doing here Morgarna? “
She asked.
“I am here to give you one chance to do the right thing, if you leave Zephra alone you can take your place in a peaceful hereafter or you can ….”
At that point Keket head turned into that of a serpent and she grew in size! She grew until she almost filled the chamber and towered over Morgarna. From her nails came showers of poison and her tongue whipped around the chamber looking for Morgarna.

Morgarna held her breath and slowly recited an ancient spell as she spun around shooting oil from a spray bottle and then she took a match and threw it at Keket….. The flames rose above her head and the screams and oaths from Keket mouth filled btye tomb . Keket was writhing and shrinking finally she disintegrated into ash…..
“Uuuuum? Said Morgarna, so you weren’t even a human! Slowly Morgarna swept up the ashes and put them in an air tight jar. Finally there was silence in the tomb, Morgarna waved a hand and the whole tomb was clean, every piece of ash gone. …… The door of the tomb rolled shut, Morgarna looked around and all was as it was before.

Just then the anomaly arrived and clutching the pot of ashes Morgarna jumped. She landed with a bump on a carpeted floor of a sumptuous room. Looking up she saw a white plaster ceiling with beautiful artistic carvings in the centre is a painting featuring angels and the odd animal. ” What” thought Morgarna ” Are those king Charles spaniels?”


Suddenly Merlin and Gail were standing above her smiling down at her. “Get up Babes we’ve organised an afternoon tea for you after all the hard work you’ve done lately. “
“Were are we asked? ” asked Morgarna. Looking at Gail and her clothes she suddenly screeched …Oh! Woohoo 1930’s afternoon tea Oh! Yes please. ” Jumping up she handed Merlin the pot of Keket’s ashes…then arm in arm they walked towards the beautifully set up dinning room.

PART OF K.L. CALEY’S#writephoto Ceiling.

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