When will it ever end?

Two poems I wrote almost a year ago, not thinking the war between the Ukraine and Russia would still be waging.

Painting:Title: Russian Dancers
Artist: Edgar Degas (French, Paris 1834–1917 Paris)
Date: 1899 via https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/

Russian Dancers


Whirl and stamp, heel, toe high
Stamp those boots, drown out lies.
Hear truth before it dies
Don’t trust Putin.

Mother Russia blushes
Her Boots are made to stamp
Ukraine caught in her clamp
Don’t trust Putin.

Don’t listen to the news
Open your eyes, look
The man’s an evil crook
Don’t trust Putin.

© willowdot21.


painting by Franz Marc, killed at Verdun in 1916.


The washing hangs abandoned
In the Ukraine, blooded and singed
Cowering not from the wind but from the bombs .
It is tethered to a line, an invisible line
Everyone has forgotten and it stays Abandoned in the cold wind and snow.

It’s a symbol of the people
Made refugee
Hanging between life and death
Bombarded by those with no conscience
Empty promises of safe passage
Hanging on the invisible line
We must not dessert them.

© willowdot21.


Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 22nd, 2023

Good morning everyone and a Happy Birthday to my youngest son who is 40 years today! How did that happen!

Also its The Chinese New Year so.

xn nián ho (sshinnyen haoww)

Gong hei fat choy(恭喜发财)

And now it’s time for LindaGHill’s prompt for JusJoJan Linda said : “Welcome to the daily prompt! Today is your twenty secondth prompt for Just Jot it January 2023, and it’s brought to you by Kay. Thank you, Kaye! Please be sure to visit Kaye’s blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there, if you’re not already.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 22nd 2023, is “Seasonal.” Use the word “Seasonal” any way you’d like. Have fun!

If you’d like to see what I have so far on your prompt list and what’s to come, you can find it HERE..

We are lucky here in England to have four definite seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We know and expect our seasonal changes. I have put together some of my photos that show seasonal changes.

IMG_20150830_140649590 [182516]
All photos © willowdot21.


The seasons come and go
Winters bleak with ice and snow
Spring like its name full of new life
Summer colours dress our country
Autumn brings fruitful bounty.

Song Lyric Sunday: Country Music.

Jim Adams

Now this week our host Song Lyric Sunday Jim Adams, has set us the prompt of Country Music.

So what is Country Music ? Country (also called country and western) is a music genre originating in the Southern and Southwestern United States. First produced in the 1920s, country primarily focuses on working class Americans and blue-collar American life. Country music is known for its ballads and dance tunes (also known as “honky-tonk music“) with simple form, folk lyrics, and harmonies accompanied by string instruments such as electric and acoustic guitarssteel guitars (such as pedal steels and dobros), banjosfiddles, and harmonicas. Though it is primarily rooted in various forms of American folk music, such as old-time music and Appalachian music,[6][7] many other traditions, including African-AmericanMexicanIrish, and Hawaiian music, have also had a formative influence on the genre.[8] Blues modes have been used extensively throughout its recorded history more information here .

Before I start proper with my two classic Country choices here is what I consider a great piece of country music from James Blunt ….yup! I said James Blunt. HALFWAY.

Nobody drives to the middle of nowhere
Just to turn around, to turn around
Nobody sleeps in the middle of the bed
When they got someone else, someone else
And nobody walks up the stairway to hell
Just to walk back down

‘Cause it’s there or it’s not
It’s heartbreak or it’s love
There’s no such thing as halfway
You’re in or outta luck
We made it or we lost
There’s no such thing as halfway

Nobody’s searching for the middle of the rainbow
To find the gold, to find the gold
Nobody sails to the middle of the ocean
And calls it home, and calls it home
And nobody stands in the middle of a dance floor
To dance alone

‘Cause it’s there or it’s not
It’s heartbreak or it’s love
There’s no such thing as halfway
You’re in or outta luck
We made it or we lost
There’s no such thing as halfway

Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah

So here we are in this halfway house
There’s no way in and there’s no way out
If you stay, or if you go
I don’t care, just let me know
If you feel it, do you feel it?

‘Cause it’s there or it’s not
It’s heartbreak or it’s love
There’s no such thing as halfway
You’re in or outta luck
We made it or we lost
There’s no such thing as halfway

Hey, yeah
There’s no such thing as halfway
Hey, yeah
There’s no such thing as halfway

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Samuel Barnes / Benjamin Alexander Kohn / Peter Norman Cullen Kelleher / James Blunt / Cleo Tighe

Halfway lyrics © Emi Music Publishing Ltd, Kobalt Music Services Ltd Kms

Now I have never been a big fan of country music but there are a few great exception one is the great Dolly Parton. . My favourite track by the great Dolly is Better Get To Livin.

I have chosen the video below, it is really a firm favourite of mine. The young lad in the video is cute and obviously a talented artist. I also love the way he adds positive photos in of himself and his partner and their life together it just embodies the meaning of the song.

“Better Get to Livin'” is a song by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. It was released on August 28, 2007, exclusively to the iTunes Store as the first release by Parton’s own record label, Dolly Records.The song was subsequently sent to country radio on September 28 as the first single from Parton’s 2008 album, Backwoods Barbie. An upbeat country pop song, its lyrics deal with keeping a positive attitude and overcoming negative emotions. The song garnered positive reviews from critics and reached number 48 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The music video featuring Parton and Amy Sedaris premiered November 26.
The idea for the song came from Parton’s co-producer and band leader Kent Wells, who co-wrote the song with her. According to Parton, Wells suggested that she write a song about her attitude since so many people ask what the secret to her happiness is. According to Parton, the song is about coping with the pressures of life and trying to keep a positive outlook in the midst of difficult times: information from Wiki.

People always comin’ up to me and askin’
“Dolly, what’s your secret?
With all you do, your attitude
Just seems to be so good
How do you keep it?”
Well, I’m not the Dalai Lama, but I’ll try
To offer up a few words of advice.

You better get to livin’, givin’
Don’t forget to throw in a little forgivin’
And lovin’ on the way
You better get to knowin’, showin’
A little bit more concerned about where you’re goin’
Just a word unto the wise
You better get to livin’.

A girlfriend came to my house
Started cryin’ on my shoulder Sunday evening
She was spinnin’ such a sad tale
I could not believe the yarn that she was weavin’
So negative the words she had to say
I said if I had a violin I’d play.

I said you’d better get to livin’, givin’
Be willing and forgivin’
Cause all healing has to start with you
You better stop whining, pining
Get your dreams in line
And then just shine, design, refine
Until they come true

And you better get to livin’.

Your life’s a wreck, your house is mess
And your wardrobe way outdated
All your plans just keep on falling through
Overweight and under paid, under appreciated
I’m no guru, but I’ll tell you
This I know is true.

You better get to livin’, givin’
A little more thought about bein’
A little more willin’ to make a better way
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Keep your chin up
Just hang tough
And if it gets too rough
Fall on your knees and pray
And do that everyday
Then you’ll get to livin’.

The day we’re born we start to die
Don’t waste one minute of this life
Get to livin’
Share your dreams and share your laughter
Make some points for the great hereafter.

Better start carin’
Better start sharin’
Better start tryin’
Better start smiling
And you better get to livin’…

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Dolly Parton / Kent Wells

Better Get to Livin’ lyrics © Velvet Apple Music, Clear Shot

My second choice is the fabulous John Denver who I have loved since I can’t remember when, beautiful voice, fabulous lyric, gorgeous smile and a true gentleman died too soon.

Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. (December 31, 1943 – October 12, 1997), known professionally as John Denver, was an American guitarist, singer, composer, actor, activist, and humanitarian whose greatest commercial success was as a solo singer. After traveling and living in numerous locations while growing up in his military family, Denver began his music career with folk music groups during the late 1960s. Starting in the 1970s, he was one of the most popular acoustic artists of the decade and one of its best-selling artists. By 1974, he was one of America’s best-selling performers; AllMusic has called Denver “among the most beloved entertainers of his era”.

Take Me Home, Country Roads“, also known simply as “Country Roads“, is a song written by Bill DanoffTaffy Nivert and John Denver about West Virginia. It was released as a single performed by Denver on April 12, 1971, peaking at number two on Billboard‘s US Hot 100 singles for the week ending August 28, 1971. The song was a success on its initial release and was certified Gold by the RIAA on August 18, 1971, and Platinum on April 10, 2017. The song became one of John Denver’s most popular songs. It has continued to sell, with over 1.6 million digital copies sold in the United States.

Well there we go HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE 💜💜

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