Throwback Thursday #45 – Nighttime Rituals

We are back again for Throwback Thursday the brainchild of Lauren and Maggie. This week it is Maggie’s turn and she has picked the topic. Nighttime Rituals 💜

Did you share a room with a sibling, or did you have a room of your own?

From a small child I remember living in a crowded house! I shared a room with three sisters, cousins and itinerent friends and waifs and strays! We had the big front bedroom as there were more of us girls! When I got to about fourteen most of my siblings had left home so I got a room to myself!

Did you resist going to bed or did you go willingly?

I think , like most kids I would not always go willingly and would use all sorts of delaying tactics. I was the youngest so I always had to go to bed earliest!

Did someone put you to bed, tuck you in, or read you a bedtime story?

Yes there was always someone, Mum, Dad, sisters and even on occasion of needs must a brother! Wash, clean teeth bedtime story then prayers!

Was there a religious component, like prayers, to your nighttime routine?

Yes there were always prayers with long litany of relatives and friends.

Did you go to sleep immediately, or lie awake?
That depended on how the day had been, how noisy the house was and what was going on downstairs.

Did you journal, read a book, talk on the phone or with your siblings, or watch television when you were supposed to be sleeping?
I loved to read or listen to the radio, I used to love Radio Luxembourg, if the Radio was in our room . I was usually on my own being so much younger than my siblings. I loved it when my cousin Lindy came to stay we were the same age so would talk and giggle until we fell asleep.

© willowdot21 Lindy and me.

Did you ever sleepwalk?
Yes often apparently we all walked and spoke in our sleep.. Mum often said it was like Paddington Junction some nights and worse than the days! One night I apparently put the plug in the bath and turned on the taps and lights and went back to bed in my brother’s bed. Luckily he was having an early night and stopped the flood happening and gently returned me to my bed!

Did you remember having dreams? If you dreamed, did you ever have bad dreams? Do you remember any dreams specifically?

Yes I often dreamed and I remember one recurring bad dream to this day.
I am walking though a long alley and I don’t feel safe, the alley was down the road from our house, I had to use it every Sunday to get to church, so I was there feeling scared and there was a woman dressed in black from head to foot her hat even had a black veil. I always woke up unable to breath aafter that dream. I could hear my heart pounding in my head and my blood pumping in my ears. I still occasionally get visited by the dream even in waking moments.

Were you afraid of the dark? Did you sleep with a nightlight or sneak into your sibling’s or parent’s room at night because you were afraid?

I was a little uneasy in the dark and they used to leave the landing light on for me until they all came to bed. God help anyone who accidentally turned the out and I was still awake.

Did you have or attend sleepovers or slumber parties? Feel free to elaborate.
Yes I did have friends to stay, and stay with friends. I always loved staying with friends because they always had bigger houses, less populated and big gardens! I think they liked staying at our house because it was mad, loud and there was always something happening. Also every summer holiday I’d spend a fortnight with my cousin Lindy at her grandparents house in Headington Oxford. We had a room to ourselves, a big garden and lots of places to play. After the fortnight we’d travel back up to London and have a fortnight at our house.😀

© willowdot21. Lindy and me and Frankie.
© willowdot21. Some but not all of the gang!

Ronovan Writes Sijo Wednesday Poetry Challenge #16. Use PARTY as your inspiration this week.

Secrets plans and preparations, go against the grain.
It’s high summer and nature is guest of honour, and host.
Celebrate life, music in rivers and skies and food in the field. Blossom and grow.

This is part of Ronovanwrite’s Weekly Sijo Challenge Party.

Wordless Wednesday: Adventure.

© willowdot21

Huges news and views

One-Liner Wednesday.

©Sue Vincent

“Standing on the threshold of tomorrow, am I excited or scared, or both? ” © willowdot21


She who hesitates is lost.


Apparently I have been blogging for eleven years?
Really, I’m surprised I’ve not bored you all to tears.
WordPress sent me a shiny new certificate
Which I forgot to retrieve, until it was too late.
I’ve asked them nicely could I have another copy
As I missed out by being slow and sloppy.
Sadly “no we can’t” was their reply
But they hoped with them I’d continue to fly.
So here I am trying to celebrate
I have no proof I was too late.
Sadly it is a case of she who hesitates loses!
I am not fibbing, this is the *truthies.


*Truthies, poetic license to make the rhyme.

Thank you all for following me !

I am


Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 416 LIFE and Smile.

© willowdot21 Ritu, me and Marje.

A smile improves life
It’s beauty shines in the eyes
Gaia’s warm embrace

Haiku Challenge


Song Lyric Sunday : The one that got away.

Jim Adams

Hi its time for SLS brought to us by Jim Adams and this week June 26, 2022 – is Hidden Gems: great songs that missed the top of the charts suggested by Amy aka E.M..

One of my favourite Hidden Gems is Embers of Love, from Mich Gerber’s Album Amour Fati featuring Imogen Heap.

The track was released in January 2001. I was forty eight ish when this was released and I fell hook line and sinker for the dreamy music spell that Mich Gerber weaved in my head with his dreamy bass and Imogen’s amazing voice! Oh! I love it always have always will. I only have one thing to say Immi what have you got on your head?

The video is of a live performance overlaid by a video of a couple making love.

Mich Gerber (born 1957 ; born Michael Gerber ) is a composer and musician from Bern . Mich Gerber was one of the first to use a live looping system on stage: together with his bass violin and the live sampling system, he forms a solo acoustic bass orchestra. He also redefined the status of the double bass by using the instrument as a lead instrument. Mich Gerber goes his own musical way and composes new music that is difficult to classify.

Mich Gerber comes from a family of musicians. His mother is an organist and his father is a violinist . His first job is theater painting. His musical career began early, but he only turned to the double bass as a student at the Bern University of Music . In search of different musical forms, he not only plays in many different formations (including the Stiller Has formation, which is popular in Switzerland ), but above all travels through different continents and is inspired by the music of different cultures. Back in Switzerland, he begins to realize his solo project. Today Mich Gerber lives in Bern. Information here.

By: Imogen Heap/Michael Gerber

I paint the two of us on a canvas in chains
I hung it on the wall so the story sustains and I layer
The colors with care in veils with the sky boarder than
An ocean and higher than high

I will remember
I will remember
I will remember these embers of love
And I will remember
I will remember
I will remember these embers of love
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down cemented in its socket as
Long as I love

Well lucky you to have me by your side
Never would you know never could you decide
Taking my hands as your own, cover it in gold
Leave me for a moment and I watch you grow old

I will remember
I will remember
I will remember these embers of love
And I will remember
I will remember
I will remember these embers of love
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down
I’ll never take it down cemented in its socket as
Long as I love

I will remember these embers of love

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Heap Imogen Jennifer / Gerber Mich


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 25, 2022

Hi its Saturday and time for LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. She popped in yesterday to give us all her prompt, she said: “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “product/produce.” Use one, use them both, use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!”. You can join in here.

Product and Produce

What is the product of twelve and four
Sixteen, no less no more.
Also the shops are full of products
Everything from factory made TVs to rubber ducks.
The farmer toils every day for his produce
Potatoes, greens, wheat and fruit juice.
The market stalls and high street shops
All full of produce and products.

When we are pregnant we produce a child
We love them and they drive us wild
We keep them safe and educate
The product of this is their living fate
The product of a happy life
Be you, husband, sister, brother wife.
Is to go and meet your maker
Who’ll produce a list of your wins or losses be you Buddist or Quaker.

There are more meanings to these words
They can be used often and fly like birds.
But for me my time and rhyme is done.
I hope you’ve liked it and had some fun.

Badge by Shelley Krupa..

K.L. Caley’s #writephoto: Plane.


Last week we left Morgarna and Gail in a rather tight spot trying to deal with a giant chess set processed by a polagiest we need to get back and see what’s happening!

Plane – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a black and white aeroplane statue surrounded by colourful flowers.

It’s a saucy episode for Morgarna and the nuns I hope no one is offended? This is Part of K.L. Caley’s #writephoto Plane!


Silently Morgarna turned and slipped back along the path to the Priory. As she left the woods and headed up the lawns towards the priory, she turned and made sure she was not been followed, and turning back toward the priory she scanned the windows to ensure no one was watching her.
She used Mother Superior’s keys to let herself in by a door half way along the building, she headed up the corridor towards Mother Agnes’s room.
Using Agnes’s keys again she let herself into the Mother Superior’s room.
Raising a hand she said ‘okay you can just listen no need for you to speak.” Lighting a cigarette and getting her flask of Bacardi and Coke out of her bag she offered Mother Agnes a drink. The nun shook her head but smiled an enquiring smile at this strange and wild woman!
Taking a drag of her cigarette Morgarna sat opposite Mother and related what she had seen. ” Now tell me sister are there male Carthusian brothers near here?”
Mother Agnes nodded her head,
” Do they want to join you here?”
Another nod from Mother Agnes.
“Okay I take it you are not in favour of this “
Agnes shook her head vehemently.
” Why” asked Morgarna handing Agnes parchment and quill. Sitting down Morgarna finished her cigarette and sipped her Bacardi while Mother Agnes wrote.
Agnes handed Morgarna her reply which Morgarna read.
The brothers are insisting that we vacate this Priory so they can move in, they say being men they take preference over us. It’s not fair Morgarna, we have been here fifty years since I was a young novice. The brothers were here before but they left to join a larger monrastery. Now some of them wish to return. ‘
Morgarna finished reading and put the parchment back on the desk.
“Right’ she said one of the Monks is putting an hallucinagenic powder into your food v
ia the mushrooms I saw a monk do this with my own eyes this evening. Morgarna didn’t need Agnes to write a reply it was actually written all over her face. “Now I have a plan said Morgarna, all I need you to do is not eat the vegetable stew the kitchen nuns have prepared! ” Mother Agnes nodded.

Morgarna joined the other nuns for the evening meal. It was delicious, and Morgarna had two helpings much to the other nuns horror, they were only allowed one helping but Morgarna was a guest after all.
After the meal was cleared away and the Nuns went to the chapel to recite Compline.
The powder was beginning to weave it’s magic the nuns were feeling the effects, there was a lot of giggling and throwing off of robes… The powder had quite an orgasmic effect on everyone.


Morgarna was rather enjoying herself too, when she noticed a few monks dressed in the same Carthusian robes as the monk in the clearing entering the chapel.
Reluctantly she waved a hand across her forehead and instantly she was back to normal …” Humm” she muttered, I was enjoying that” taking a deep breath she headed for the chapel.

As she walked down the stone hallway towards the chapel she heard a lot of excited sounds… opening the door Morgarna was surprised by the scene that met her. It was a full blown orgy!
Morgarna toyed with the idea of whipping out her special mobile phone and taking some photos… Her better side won and she decided against it!
As she stepped over the entwined bodies some of the monks reached out to touch her….ignoring her pact with Merlin , ‘No magic unless unavailable’, she muttered a few incantations and all the monks penis’s shrunk and then disappeared. This caused so much consideration among the monks that the orgy came to an abrupt end.
Morgarna ignoring the loud protestations from the Monks, waved a hand over all the nuns , immediately they all put on their habits and filed out of the chapel and went to their cells and slept the sleep of the innocent.

Morgarna told the red faced monks to re-robe and follow her to Mother Superior’s room. Mother Agnes was rather surprised but not totally shocked. The monks revield that they were there without the knowledge of their Abbot who had no intention of returning to the priory. These monks were simply indulging their carnal instincts completely of their own volition and were drugging the nuns to get their own way.
Morgarna asked mother Agnes what she wanted to do.

So it was that just after midnight, eight redface and naked monks were banging on the Monastery door. Around their necks were plaques that said that they had been drugging the nuns at the priory and having their wicked way with them !

That afternoon Mother Agnes sent for Morgarna, she had received a message from the Abbot of the Carthusian Monastery. Saying thank you for returning his monks who had mysteriously returned as castrato something that was much needed in their choir.

Mother Agnes asked Morgarna what she had been up to? Morgarna winked and said “Mother I couldn’t possibly say! But they will be firing blanks and singing high for the rest of their lives! “
The nuns were all up early the next day though most of them were complaining of very odd dreams.

Before Morgarna left she popped a morning after pill in all the nuns porridge! As she strolled around the garden the Anomaly arrived and she jumped.

Plane – Image by KL Caley

Landing on a colourful flower bed under a black and white aeroplane statue Morgana spotted Merlin waiting for her in the BMW. ‘You’ve got a lot of crawling to do you shit if you don’t want to end up like those monks !”

Paling, Merlin replied “I have a night for you booked at the Ritz ” “No way” Morgarna replied, you can take me to Glastonbury! “

Throwback Thursday – #44 – Fireworks Celebrations


This week Lauren has asked us about our memories and feelings about our childhood experiences with fireworks.

1) What are your earliest memories of watching fireworks?

I think I was probably three and I can remember being carried around by my eldest sister. I was wrapped in a blanket, I remember the light and heat from the huge bonfire. The noise and the pretty lights. I remember feeling warm and safe and tomato soup hot and warming.

2) Were you more afraid or excited at the time?

I was excited but mainly I was tired but I remember good feelings.

3) What occasions were celebrated with watching fireworks?

When I was a child it was only Guy Fawkes night Nov 5th ….one of my bothers got married on that date I guess it was a good way of never forgetting his Anniversary!

4) Did you travel to fireworks shows, or did your family have their own, safe and sane explosives?

I don’t remember the family ever traveling to a display. We had a small back garden but our nextdoor neighbours had a huge garden that ran down to the Cemetery…it was huge. Most years we had a party there with a big bonfire that neighbours and friends would spend a couple of days building. There were always lots of people there . Everyone brought fireworks but it was the duty of about four of the men to be in sole charge of the display.
There were always jacket potatoes and tomato soup and usually a pudding too.

5) Did you ever light off illegal fireworks?

I don’t remember ever doing so but I was a scary cat! I remember my brothers would throw “jumping jacks ” around and ‘bangers’ too and that used scare me . I know of several people who were maimed or blinded my rogue fireworks or misshandled usage.

6) Did you typically have a family celebration before the nighttime display? What did it include?

We always had a gathering before we all went next door and often afterwards too. Usually some food, alcohol and drinks for the adults. It was always impromptu and when I was old enough to join in fun!

7) As you grew older, did your feelings about fireworks change?

No, not at all they are fine at a distance and properly organised. I am not keen on big displays …I don’t like, crowds or noise . As our boys got old enough to enjoy fireworks we always, if hubby was around or on my own if he was working, went to the Guy Fawkes night parade from our town centre up to the big field where a bonfire was lit by the Mayor. There was always a fun fair and food and drink stalls. The boys loved it. I was always exhausted when we got back because I had had to pretend it had been fun!

8) Now the thinker: Many places are restricting fireworks now because of the trauma it can cause to pets, young children, and sensitive adults. How do you feel about restricting fireworks?

I totally agree, they should not be on general sale. If you want fireworks you should go to a properly organised display. All too often these days people let fireworks off for birthdays, weddings, parties, New Year’s any old excuse.
Unfortunately these days fireworks sound like guns and bombs and are very unsettling for pets, nervous people and children alike. There is a new reason too we have many Ukrainian refugees staying in the UK there some staying near to us , I doubt they want to hear them a odd times..

This is part of Lauren and Maggie’s brainchild, Throwback Thursday.

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