Seriously, Another Year.

Death sat alone in an empty pub, everywhere he went this happened, he’d come in everyone else would leave. Such a shame he thought sipping his pint and watching it drip right through to the carpet….. so embarrassing!

The door flew open with an almighty gust of wind blowing in dust and tumble weed, very unusual for Brixton. Three hooded and cloaked figures entered “Hey man this is a step up from that coffee bar we met in last time” shouted Plague as he sat down and picked up the lager death had ordered for him on the pub app. “How have you been ” asked Death.

“Actually I have been so busy, as busy as you mate, yup it’s been a great couple of years! “

Famine sat down to his Guinness, the food on his plate turn to mush as he breathed on it. “Cheers Death I’m starving and parched.”.

Death nodded as War came in the sound of fighting and gunshot could be heard from the street, hi big man I’ve been busy too handy with Plague here, grabbing all the headlines I can do loads of damage.

Death moved his sythe and war jumped up waiving an AK-47 at him, Death gave him a withering look and said, “Don’t threaten me, you’ll only come off worse! ” War sat down.

“Tell me” asked Famine whose poked Mother Nature she’s in a foul mood, floods, fires, earthquakes, record hurricanes and tornadoes, not to mention climate change. Is she joining us today. ”

“No” Death replied “She’s too busy fighting back, sick of these humans leaching off of her. She sent you her regards Plague and says you’re doing a great job.”

The unfortunate barman came across to the table when Death beckoned to him, “Another round young man and packet of crisps for my friend Famine here! “

The barman, was all at once exhausted, ready for a fight, starving and showing all the main symptoms for covid, returned to the bar and poured these oddly unquieting customers their drinks. As he came back he tripped on Famine’s shopping nearly spilling the drinks. ” Mind the toilet rolls ” Famine snapped. The other three turned and looked at him and as one asked “Seriously”

As they left the barman collapsed, a riot broke out on the streets of Brixton, all the food shops, even Waitrose had their shelves cleared by starving people. Death sighed and set to collecting the dead , a never ending task which pained him. Suddenly his mobile rang

“Hello God here, I see you are all there”

“Yes we’ve been here a while Sir.”

“I know, I suppose you want an apocalypse now?”

“Not really Sir”

“Well you’re not really giving me much choice are you?”

“And a happy New Year to you too Sir”

Death turned his phone off and headed back to the pub, when he arrived it was packed .



For visually challenged writersthe image shows a beautifully lit retreat with large windows overlooking a little pond and a decking area. Twinkling lights surround the pond.

The Retreat – Image by KL Caley.

Dinner over, Morgana sat on the sofa cigarette in one had and a Bacardi and coke in the other T.V. on , her eyes were feeling rather heavy, all that screen work she thought to herself as she drifted off.
Morgause relieved her of her drink and cigarette and covered her with the fleecy blanket she had taken out of the toy box and slipped a hot water bottle next to her to keep her cosy. Merlin looked up from the floor where he was surrounded by wrapping paper and asked. “Oh! is Morgs a tad tired give her a shove I fancy a game of charades.”
“No” relied Morgause “she’s exhausted, she had to work really hard sorting that frozen virus it took her ages” Stepping away from her sleeping sister she took a drag of the cigarette, this made her cough “goodness knows what she sees in these things” she said throwing it into the fire, she then took a large swig of the Bacardi, “That’s better” she said sitting down next to Merlin, “let’s play”.

Morgana was fast be asleep as Morgause and Merlin played charades. She was exhausted but her brain was not relaxed enough to sleep peacefully so she drifted into a dream.
She found herself standing on some decking by a pond surrounded by twinkling fairy lights. It was winter and a tad chilly, so she made her way towards what looked like a cosy lodge type building.

Inside it was warm and cosy. Morgarna curled herself up in a huge armchair by the fire. A handsome waiter asked if he could get her anything. She asked him for a hot chocolateand Brandy.

a warm cosy fire
chocolate to kill the chill
and warm the spirit.

Now Morgana fell into a deep sleep, content and happy. In her mind she was in a cosy retreat safe from any jobs Merlin might have up his sleeve or any tricks her mischievous sister might be about to play on her. This was bliss the perfect place to rest.

“Get off me ” Someone was shaking Morgana she opened her eyes expecting to see the cosy surroundings she had fallen asleep in. Instead Merlin and Morgause were looking at her.
“Come on sleepyhead you’ve had a couple of hours kip. We’re off to the pub for a lock in and you’re coming too.” Merlin smiled, “You can’t sleep all Christmas!”
“Are we going in your car” asked Margarna sleepily. “No we are not” replied Merlin “I’ve only just got it fixed after you trashed it for me!”
Reluctantly Morgana dragged her mind back to the reality she was living in at the moment, put on some lippy, lit a cigarette and said, “okay let’s get this party started! “


Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 90 (ART) in the B rhyme line.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

Nature paints a picture daily
Rainbow of colours blown apart
Thrown upon the alter of art
Sping blossom bounces in gayly
Her pastel colours sway palely
Summer sails in all green and blue
Autumn’s russet and golden too.
Winter comes with a frozen lakes
Silver frosts and dainty snowflakes.
Our landscape refreshes daily.


One-Liner Wednesday.

new years quotes

image from here.

Winston Churchill

this is part of LindaGHill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

As Another Year Ends.

It’s a strange time of year, between Christmas and New Year. …Cold, wet and dark. The tree lights are on in our house and it’s cosy. The year is dying, slipping away, the new year is awaiting it’s turn to breath new life into nature.

© willowdot21

It’s been another harsh year, we have lost two leading lights of our wordpress community. The beautiful Sue Vincent who can be found at Sue Vincent Daily Echo

© Sue Vincent.

and Mary Smith who can be found at Mary Smith’s Place.

©Mary Smith

What are the odds that these two amazing women would, at the same point in time both develope a rare and fierce lung cancer? They even joked about making a pair as one had it on the left and one on the right . Sadly as of Christmas day they are both gone from this world.
I hope they are together enjoying a good chat and a drink. Keeping eachother company.


Family wise it’s been up and down, we’ve all held close despite not living on top of each other we have all supported eachother by phone and video, we’ve even got together lockdown and travel rules permitting. We had a small family birthday party for hubby in May, youngest son did a BBQ it was a great success and we followed Covid rules.

Hubby sorted his mother’s estate, she died of Covid in 2020 not long after her 100th birthday. We managed to buy a house for our middle son, with agreement and help from our other two sons. Middle son is now settled and happy, as are the other two lads.

Eldest son and middle son have both had Covid and recovered though still feeling the effect of long Covid. The whole family except the grandchildren have all been double vaccinated and had our boosters plus our ordinary flu Jabs.

In June I got a reminder from wordpress that I have been with them for ten years. Blogging has been my constant, it’s kept me sane and healthy.

© willowdot21


In August hubby and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary our lads organised the whole thing for us all we had to do was to turn up and meet family and friends …even our best man! And we all recognised eachother!

September saw our youngest grandson start school so they are now both scholars.


Also September was my Birthday and we had afternoon tea out with friends.

© willowdot21

October saw me helping my friend’s daughter tame her Witches for Halloween, each year their garden gets dressed and opened to the public to raise money for charity….again Covid rules abided by!

© willowdot21.

Mid November we found a lump in Ruby’s leg our vet took a biopsy and it turned out to be cancer. They referred us to the Noel Fitzpatrick Vetinary Hospital in Guildford. It was a shock and something we were dreading. Well we took Ruby to the hospital and they kept her in and operated the next day. We had to change her dressing four times a day for three days the for seven days we had to take her to the hospital daily for seven days…. anyway stiches are out now and fingers crossed the histological is good so we are hopeful 💜. We are still sleeping downstairs with her, we take it in turns.

© willowdot21.

And so to Christmas which was lovely and very busy, youngest son, wife and the grand children arrived at ten am and we had a huge present opening. They were on their way to our daughter in law’s parents for dinner. We cooked two sets of Christmas dinner, one at 11.30am for middle son who had to go to work, then eldest son, hubby and I ate at 13.45 and it was tasty…eldest son is vegetarian so that was almost like cooking another separate meal .

© willowdot21.

BoxingDay, we had had everyone in and out and it was lovely to see them all after a year of hardly seeing them at all.

So now we approach the New Year and I don’t like New Year at the best of times.. There is so much expectation of a brave new world that never appeares, of hopes of better times dashed. No I have hoped for a magical change for nothing to happen, nothing to improve so I no long expect it. You may of noticed I have not mentioned our government well that’s because I no longer trust them they are all self-seeking liars.

As for Covid …well it’s not showing any sign of going anywhere yet a while. That said I do want to wish you all a very, safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2022 and I really hope things are good for you all.

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 390 BLEND(ed/s) and Slush.

Photo by Wesley Carvalho on

all my thoughts blended
as I fly the universe
my brain turned to slush.


K.L. Caley’s #writephoto Toybox.


It was as cold inside the building as it was outside but it was so dark. Morgarna and Morgause followed the wall along a passage, finally they saw a door ajar on their right with was a light flooding out.
As they reached the door they felt warmth and heard voices. The voices were two young men sitting infront of a bank of four computer screens.
“Well guys what have you done? ” asked Morgause as they crept up behind them!
The lads spun round looking really scared.
“How have you two managed to freeze time?” Asked Morgarna.
Both lads looked sheepish, “We didn’t mean to it just sort of happened.”

“Luckily for you Morgarna here here knows all about these computer thingies…. Unlike me with my head still stuck in the dark ages!”
The two lads looked at eachother then at the two sisters and said ” Go on then have the driving seat…we are shot!”
Morgarna slipped on her *Mi Mu Gloves and became one with the machine.

After about an hour Morgarna found the nasty little virus hidden in the software. “Gotcha” she muttered. “Hey Morgause it’s the work of D’eath you know that time traveling miscreant. I killed him, down in Sussex a couple of months ago, real time that is, and this little time stoper obviously hid a virus which has been sitting here waiting for a chance to freeze time.
Her words were met with silence…. Morgause and the boys had been at the wacky bacci and the emptied the bottle of she’d bought with her for sustainence!

Outside things were fast moving in the right direction time was moving again the seasons changed and soon everything was back to normal.
Carrying Morgause and their winter coats Morgarna was muttering expletives as she looked for the Anomaly. The two guys were asking them to stay but Morgarna needed a drink …a large one!
There was the Anomaly…. They jumped

As they landed in the lab, they came face to face with a beautiful toy box, very designer, full of blankets, ice lolly molds, a jar of hot chocolate and a cuddly teddy.
“Oh! Well” the girls said as one, as they gazed at the Christmas tree and decorations. “It’s the toy chest” they both squealed together!
“Yes” shouted Merlin from the kitchen where he was knee deep in turkey and sprouts, “Merry Christmas”

Toybox – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a traditional toy box filled with teddies, blankets, hot water bottles and a jar of hot chocolate. Yummy!


*Mi Mu Gloves.

THIS IS PART OF K.L.#writephoto

MarySmith’sPlace ~ #CancerDiary#46 #TheLastPost

The very sad news of our friend Mary Smith’s passing.

The post that no one wanted to read.

Please read here.

Song Lyric Sunday. The Ugly side of humanity.

Jim Adams

It’s Sunday and time for Jim Adams Song Lyric Sunday. This weeks prompt was suggested by Amy Braun, ☆ai love music☆ aisasami.

December 26, 2021 – Anger, Frustration, Furious, Irritated, Mad, Provoked, Revenge

Okay this week I have picked three songs that perfectly reflect all of the above emotions. The Beast is a situation I know well you think a day or evening out out has gone well , on the way home you feel the ice cold of negative feelings taking over. You get in the door and it all explodes!

The moment I said it. Another situation where a simple sentence, word or even look can trigger absolute misery. There’s no clawing back from this situation.

Finally Just for now, it’s all about Christmas and it’s brilliantly writing to show how awful Christmas can be sometimes. The pits.

Imogen heap my favourite singer songwriter musician.

Imogen Jennifer Heap (born 9 December 1977) is an English singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. Her work has been considered pioneering in pop and electropop music.

Heap classically trained in piano, cello and clarinet starting at a young age. She began writing songs at the age of 13 and, while attending boarding school, taught herself music production. After being discovered by manager Mickey Modern while attending the BRIT School, Heap signed to independent record label Almo Sounds at the age of 18 and later began working with experimental pop band Acacia. She released her debut album, an alternative rock record, I Megaphone, in 1998. In early 2002, Heap and English record producer Guy Sigsworth formed the electronic duo Frou Frou and released their only album to date, Details (2002).

Her second studio album, Speak for yourself was released in 2005 on her own label, Megaphonic Records, and was certified gold in the United States and Canada. The album spawned three singles: “Headlock“, “Goodnight and Go“, which became her highest-charting single as a lead artist on the UK Singles Chart, and “Hide and Seek“, which was certified gold in the United States and gained popularity after being used in the Fox teen drama television series The O.C.. Heap’s third studio album, Ellipse (2009), peaked in the top five of the Billboard 200 chart and received mostly positive reviews. This was followed by her fourth studio album, Sparks (2014). In 2017, she reunited with Sigsworth as part of Frou Frou.

Heap developed the Mi.Mu Gloves, a line of musical gloves, as well as a blockchain-based music-sharing program, Mycelia. She also composed the music for the West End/Broadway play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Over the course of her career, she has received two Grammy Awards, one Ivor Novello Award and one Drama Desk Award. In July 2019, Heap was awarded an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music.

Bonus Track on Revenge.

CeeLo Green and Fuck You. An ultimate revenge song…No apologies for the lyrics.

Fuck You” (stylized as “Fuck You!” or “F**k You!“), known as “Forget You” or “FU” for the clean versions, is a song by American recording artist CeeLo Green. It was written as a collaboration among Green, Bruno Marsthe Smeezingtons, and Brody Brown, and produced by the Smeezingtons. It was released on August 19, 2010, as the first single from Green’s third solo studio album, The Lady Killer (2010). “Fuck You” received acclaim from music critics, and was an international commercial success, making the top-10 in thirteen countries, including topping charts in the United Kingdom, and number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Well HAPPY SUNDAY everyone. I hope you are all well and have had a wonderful Christmas 💜

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCSS Dec. 25/26, 2021. YUM.

Badge by Shelley Krupa.

Oh by gum
Christmas has come
So much to eat
It’s all such a treat.
Christmas dinner is so yum
So wonderful to see
All our loved ones round the tree.
I am wishing everyone a lovely day
With yummy love all our blues are blown away 💜💜

© willowdot21
© willowdot21

This is part of LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

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