Song Lyric Sunday. Words of love.

Jim Adams

Today It’s Sunday August 1, 2021 Jim Adams has set us the prompt. – Alluring, Beautiful, Charming, Graceful, Seductive for Song Lyric Sunday.

My first song on today’s merry-go-round is an old standard sung in her individual style by the great Annie Lennox. I always loved this song from when I first saw in an old black and white film, I was not alive when the song was written or the film was made. I was not born for another twenty years. …why the Annie Lennox version.. because I love her!

Keep Young and Beautiful” is a song by Al Dubin (lyrics) and Harry Warren (music), performed by Eddie Cantor and a chorus in the 1933 film Roman Scandals.

A recording by Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra was popular in 1934.

Annie Lennox recorded a cover of the song for her album Diva (1992).

While it does not appear in the original 1980 version, the song is used in act 1 for the 2001 Broadway revival of Warren and Dubin’s 42nd Street. The cast recording is performed by Mary TestaJonathan Freeman, and the ensemble.

The song was a favourite of Winston Churchill.


What’s cute about a little cutie?
It’s her beauty, not brains
Old father time will never harm you
If your charm still remains
After you grow old, baby
You don’t have to be a cold babyKeep young and beautiful
It’s your duty to be beautiful
Keep young, beautiful
If you want to be lovedDon’t fail to do your stuff
With a little powder and a puff
Keep young and beautiful if you want to be lovedIf you’re wise, exercise all the fat off
Take it off, off of here, off of there
When you’re seen anywhere with your hat off
Wear a Marcel wave in your hairTake care of all those charms
And you’ll always be in someone’s arms
Keep young and beautiful if you want to be lovedIf you’re wise, exercise all the fat off
Take it off, off of here, off of there (off of there)
When you’re seen anywhere with your hat off
Wear a Marcel wave in your hair, hahahaKeep young and beautiful
It’s your duty to be beautiful, that’s right girls
Keep young and beautiful
If you want to be lovedKeep young and beautiful
If you want to be loved
Boo pee doo, ahSource: LyricFind

Matthew James Redman (born 14 February 1974) is an English Christian worship leader, singer-songwriter and author. Redman has released 16 albums, written 8 books, and helped start three church-plants. He is best known for his two-time Grammy Award-winning single, “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)“. Co-written with Jonas Myrin, the single reached No. 1 on the US BillboardChristian Songs chart in 2012.

Redman was born and raised in Watford, England. The family had moved to a small commuter town named Chorleywood when he was around the age of two. His father died when he was just seven years old, and he and his brother were raised predominantly by his mother. His mother later remarried into an abusive relationship that took a great toll on the family. At the age of 10, he converted to Christianity after attending a mission service by Luis Palau at London’s QPR football stadium and was encouraged by Mike Pilavachi, an Anglican Church youth leader to lead worship in his teens.

He married Beth Redman, who is also a songwriter and author. The couple have five children and reside in California.

I chose Gracefully Fallen, simply because it’s a lovely song and fits the prompt.

Prince Charming” was a number-one single in the UK Singles Chart for four weeks in September 1981 for Adam and the Ants. Written by Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni, and featuring on the album of the same name, it was Adam and the Ants’ second number-one single in a row and was the fifth biggest hit of the year 1981.

Band member and producer Merrick (Chris Hughes), normally on drums, played a stirring riff on an open-tuned acoustic guitar throughout the song. Lead guitarist Pirroni mimed to this part on both an orchestral harp and a miniature harp in the promotional video. The music video was notable for its extravagant production compared to the videos being produced at the time.

It featured Adam Ant in a male Cinderella role, complete with moustached drag queen evil step-sisters. The sisters accept an invitation to “Come to the ball, and dance the Prince Charming”, leaving Adam home doing the chores.

Sitting at a table in an old-style kitchen, Adam is surrounded by his band members, who are encouraging him: “Don’t you ever/Don’t you ever/Stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome.” His Fairy Godmother, portrayed by Diana Dors, suddenly appears with five shirtless men dancing the “Prince Charming”. With a wave of her magic wand, she transforms Adam’s attire into flamboyant Regency clothes.

Adam makes a grand entrance onto the balcony at the ball, and swings down on a chandelier. He, the Ants, his Fairy Godmother, her male attendant and the invited guests of the ball dance the “Prince Charming”, which became a much imitated arm-crossing dance as the song rose up the charts. Choreographer Stephanie Coleman explained that each hand movement in the Prince Charming dance had a meaning (in order: Pride, Courage, Humour, Flair) each representing an element of Adam Ant’s personality. The video ends with Adam smashing a mirror, then singing the “Prince Charming, Prince Charming/Ridicule is nothing to be scared of” refrain as different characters: the Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood from the Dollars Trilogy), Alice Cooper, Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan (Rudolph Valentino from the silent film The Sheik),[6] and Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone from The Godfather (replaced in an alternative edit of the video by Ant’s own “Dandy highwayman” from the “Stand and Deliver” video.) The music video was one of Diana Dors’ last on-screen performances.

Got to love Adam and the Ants !

Yang Yang (simplified Chinese: 杨洋; traditional Chinese: 楊洋, born 9 September 1991) is a Chinese actor. He made his acting debut in the Chinese television drama The Dream of Red Mansions (2010). Since then, he has received recognition for his roles in television dramas The Lost Tomb (2015), The Whirlwind Girl (2015), Love O2O (2016), Martial Universe (2018), The King’s Avatar (2019) and films The Left Ear (2015), I Belonged to You (2016), Once Upon a Time (2017).

Why did I pick this one, just because it’s so cute 💜 English lyric in video.

Sibling Rivalry is a studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers. The album was released on October 3, 2000, by Pyramid Records and Rhino Entertainment.

The album was the band’s first studio recording since Brotherhood, in 1991. It was also the only Doobie Brothers studio album to feature a lead vocal by multi-instrumentalist John McFee and full lead vocals by drummer Keith Knudsen, both of whom had rejoined the group in 1993 after an eleven-year absence.

The group photograph in the inner booklet featured touring sidesmen Guy Allison (keyboards, backing vocals), Marc Russo (saxophone) and Skylark (bass, backing vocals). Allison and Russo also featured on the album, the former co-writing three tracks while occasional touring bassist John Cowan also featured and contributed the song Can’t Stand to Lose written with Poco‘s Rusty Young.

Angels of madness, is track number six on this to my mind brilliant album and contains the word Seductive.

“Angels Of Madness”

There are no questions left to ask
Through your eyes I can see, our future now lies in the past
It can’t be measured in simple time
Each stolen moment shared, a theft divine

And I
Drift through the shadows of a memory
Silently echoing the words i’ll never hear again

While the
Angels of madness hold you in their arms
Seductive lies disguised as truth
As you fade in their dark caress
Still I reach through empty nights for you
Love is no sin
Your night will end

Reflections they won’t let you see
They weave a tapestry from broken threads of shattered dreams
You hold a mirror to yourself
And shine the light of blame on someone else

And I
Float through the echoes of the silence
Lost in the shadow of the face i’ll never see again

While the
Angels of madness hold you in their arms
Seductive lies they told as truth
As you fade in their dark caress
Still I reach through empty nights for you
Love is no sin
Your night will end

Through the shadows I can see
They’re holdin’ you, baby
As you fade in their dark caress
Still I reach through empty nights for you
Love is no sin
Your night will end.

AtoZ Lyrics


Author: willowdot21

Female, wife, full time mother and Grandmother. I am not as happy go lucky as I used to be but I am still bubbling along on simmer! I have three handsome sons all grown and flown.The youngest married with a beautiful wife and two sons of his own. Eleven years ago I was working, running a home, driving and socializing then bang in a split second all that was gone. I had an accident at home. I broke my back, not for the first time, I had broken it 10 years previously as well. Unfortunately this time I had broken it really badly and it was truly messed up so I had to have two operations. I was told before each operation that the outcome could mean I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Still as some guy once wrote "I am still standing " yes "better than I ever was " not quite but with the help of a walking stick and as long as I do not stand or sit in one position for too long, I am still standing! Update I no longer use the walking stick . I had lots of friends before the accident but when things like this happen, you loose most of them. Their lives move on and mine stood still and so they left me behind ...I know that is just the way life is but it hurt and always will. Then I looked around and saw those who were still there for me, these friends are the roses in my garden they need to be tended well. They are the diamonds in the dust, I will of been married 50yrs plus this year . Pain and boredom are my enemies now, I have to find different ways to approach life, use my pain befriend it almost...yer right , well that is what they tell me at the pain clinic ROFLMAO ...... if only I could! I have found an outlet for my fears, frustrations and night terrors . I have started writing poetry if that name can be applied to my writing. I hope I do not come over as a moaning winger. I hope I am past all that. I also hope that you might see how the poetry is moving from very dark through the grey and hopefully in to light ?? I need to update this a little here. I have worked very hard over the years since my accident, I go to the gym regularly, I have a Pilates class and a core class once a week . The guys at the gym and my Pilates teacher cajoled, teased, bullied and encouraged me to abandon my walking stick! :) My back is no longer straight it is C shaped because of the injury and I have lost two and a half inches in height but my Pilates and Core teachers have helped me to stand up as straight and as strongly as possible. Pain and depression are still hanging on my arm but I have weapons to use against them and if I say so myself I cope well. I have made lots of new friends, real diamonds. I am also very grateful for all the support and help I have encountered here on Wordpress. Hugs and welcome to everyone who visits.

9 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday. Words of love.”

  1. Willow nobody can find music like you. I liked all of your choices today, but my favorite one was the Doobie Brothers. Thanks for putting so much effort into this again.

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