What Day is it Anyway. Monday 11th, through Thursday 14th May.

Why is Linda hosting this post.

She said.”Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are going to be hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

Why am I writing this post ? 

Because it’s day ? since we have been told by Bossa to stay home and socially distance ourselves. We are all in different circumstances and yet we are all in the same boat.

Holding on for a Hero, yes we are, we are hoping for a cure/ vaccine or even test to tell us if we have, or have had the virus. The trouble is no one knows enough about this Covid19 so until our hero arrives anytime in the next twenty years we are all spitting in the wind….. Or maybe not as we might get arrested.

Yes clear as Mud.

So back to ground hog day. Up stupid o’clock, let Ruby out fed, medicate and gave Ruby water, do house work, prepare breakfast, hubby up sensible o’clock. Hubby walks Ruby .

Monday 11th

I honestly can’t really remember what happened, I didn’t write it down! If I recall I did the ironing, we walked Ruby, I did housework and we will have checked up at least twice on MIL!

Hubby rang the hospital about MIL and spoke to the doctor. Their concern at moment is MIL’s swollen hand. It’s not a trauma and think it might be gout as the uric acid level is high. She has never before had gout in that area, normally her big toe but they are exploring it. They have taken blood and will speak to the consultant re the hand/knuckle. Apparently if the body is under stress you make more uric acid. She is also slightly dehydrated and are managing that as well as a urine infection. MIL must be very tough because she is coping with all these issues as well as Covid 19. They are hoping the covid test will be negative later in the week so they can release her.

I also would of checked out on some friends and my sisters. Still struggling with the confusing new rules I spoke to our youngest son about the grandchildren. He put my mind at rest. I cooked a good old fry up with eggs, bacon, black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms and fried bread it was delicious.

Hubby rang about Mil that evening apart from still having Covid, a UTI and gout in the hand she’s okay. The doctor said they will be moving her out of the acute ward to a smaller hospital nearer her home. This could happen in next few days. He said they might not test again as although she is still covid positive the other hospital might test again.

Tuesday 12th.

So back to ground hog day. Up stupid o’clock, let Ruby out fed, medicate and gave Ruby water, do house work, prepare breakfast, hubby up sensible o’clock. Hubby walks Ruby .

Housework, hubby went shopping, for us and our middle son. After lunch hubby decided to start pointing the brick wall in the drive.

Middle son rang, due to new confusing rules could he come round for a coffee, we could all sit in the garden . We decided yes he could.

© willowdot21

He stayed an hour, said it was really love to see us. He took his clean washing and shopping home which saved us a trip. It was lovely to see him. We checked the Rules we had got them wrong! We stayed outside right, but in our garden and not a park wrong? , He saw us both…wrong should only have seen one of us ? We stayed over 2metres apart ..right.

We walked Ruby.

Wednesday 13th

So back to ground hog day. Up stupid o’clock, let Ruby out fed, medicate and gave Ruby water, do house work, prepare breakfast, hubby up sensible o’clock. Hubby walks Ruby .

10.30am Pilates via Zoom, really good lesson hubby and Ruby still pointing the wall.

Hospital rang hubby at 11am to say MIL was moving to a smaller hospital nearer her home. After an hour Hubby rang the new hospital and was told she had settled in OK. As she has Covid she is in isolation.

Housework, did some blogging than we walked Ruby. When we got back hubby took some chocolates and a card to the nurses and drs who had been looking after MIL before her transfer.

We had fishcakes for dinner. Hubby checked up on MIL, not so good. She had a bad evening because she could not sleep with the lights in her new room in isolation. The nurse said that MIL had said she would report them all. They moved her and she was asleep now. We decided the move of hospital would have unsettled her.

Thursday 14th

So back to ground hog day. Up stupid o’clock, let Ruby out fed, medicate and gave Ruby water, do house work, prepare breakfast, hubby up sensible o’clock. Hubby walks Ruby .

Housework, then 10.30 zoom coffee and chat with best friend, sort the world out! I cooked two Lazanges and a Bolegnse, so it’s two for the freezer and one for tonight.

© willowdot21

Hubby spoke to the same nurse that he spoken to the night before and was told MIL woke at 5, had had a cup of tea and was more content. I think the move of hospital would have unsettled her.

Hubby and Ruby did even more pointing! Took Ruby for a walk. Rang hospital, hubby tried to talk to MIL on phone she was upset and could not hear him. Then he rang back and with help of two great male nurses, one in the isolation room with MIL and one outside on the phone , they sorted her hearing aids out…that was a tad frustrating and tiring but they got there in the end!

Tonight it is Clap for the NHS and Keyworkers at 8pm so we will be out there and I will be out there with my saucepan lids 💜.

This is part of LindaGHill’s WDIIA.

Time for a happy song, by the way all the songs on this post have been by my favourite Imogen Heap.

PS. Good news we have been invited round to our youngest son’s front gate to see our son and his family on Saturday. …We are definitely allowed to do that. So excited. 💜

Thursday photo prompt: Dance #writephoto

This week’s prompt ~ Dance

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a pale sun piercing the mists above a green path through a golden field, leading into the centre of a circle of stones.

Join the dance of ages,

Of soothsayers and sages.

As history writes the pages

The stones meet the dawn with praises.

As the sun burns through the mist

Gia touches each stone to give grist

To life’s turns and twist

She warms each one sun kissed.

As night begins to fall

The stones begin to dance and call

This the magic and nature of them all

By day they stand by night they join the ball.


This, ( I hope) joyous ode to Gia raises my soul. Part of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Challenge.

writephoto prompt!

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