September Music 1

For the month of September I am going to choose a piece of music or song and write a poem or alternative version. Jane Dougherty is doing a September Stanza here. And Kat Myrman is doing September a poem a day Here

Day One Lacrimosa by Mozart.

Tears Tanka.

Tears fall , I am lost

The angel weeps tears of stone

Judgement day dawns cold

The good and the bad are judged

Tears fall on the young and old.

Escapist’s Colouring Club! 01/09/2018.

Well look I have made a real effort and finished August’s LindaGHill‘s Escapist’s Colouring Club!

Here it is start, in-between and finish.

If you would like to come and join us at the Escapist’s Colouring Club the Rules and Pingback are here.

The Escapist’s Colouring Club. 1/09/2018

It the first of September again and that means show and tell for LindaGHill‘s Escapist’s Colouring Club!

Once again I am not finished but neither is Linda and she even had Alex help her!

Well here is my task for picture for August before I began it.

Here it is today not quite finished!

And here is next month’s task.

If you would like to come and join us at the Escapist’s Colouring Club the Rules and Pingback are here.

Happy Colouring everyone ūüėĀūüíú

Review of August Stanza and Stanza 31 . 2nd version.

Somehow I  deleted  my  review  of  August Stanza  so  here  we  go  again ! This is  set of August  Stanzas , a link poem  of  31 stanzas each one  starts  with  the last word  from  the  previous stanza.

Thank you  to Jane  for  the idea  and  thank  you to  Jane  and  Kat   for  letting  me tag along .

As I  said  I did post  this  yesterday  but  managed  to delete it  this  morning!! So I have redone it  and  the last  stanza  is  similar  but  different  because I cant  remember  what I  wrote  the first time!!


Image from Pixabay


Strong focused

Fighting, striving, living

He needs to win




Image from Pixabay

Hero she mouthed

You have saved me from distress.

The dragon is dead

So we moved into the West

And rode toward the sunset.



I mage from Pixabay

Sunset, golden in hue and warm

Precursor of the dark night

Which stays with us until dawn

Terrors are ready to take flight.

Dark wings and fangs search prey

Will we rejoice or sorrow in their plight.

Can they survive to see another day .


Acrostic Haiku

Day breaks with new hope

All looks hopeful all looks right

Yesterday is gone.



Gone the lost hopes of past years

Hope is beckoning

Reborn from the ash of fears.



Fears dancing around them

Bravely they train and stem

Taking chance by the hem, taught no tears.


Ottava Rima

Tears streaming down her beautiful face she smiled

Taking his hand in hers she kissed it gently.

He wiped away the tracks that, her face defiled.

At once she felt the urgencey of fear flee

Caution to the wind as their passion went wild.

Their joyous endeavours echoed round the lee.

Those that sought to find them were soon alerted.

They cut them down mid act and left them for dead.


Rhyming Couplets

Image from Pixabay


Dead the light gone out

Lost forever without a doubt


With all hope banished, gone

What’s left but pain to feed upon



Image from Pixabay

Upon who’s orders are we bound,upon who’s doors for answers pound.

Are we so lost, never to find our way.

Have we no emotions left, lost today.

Upon who’s orders are we bound,upon who’s doors for answers pound.

That sweet innocence in life we slay.

Manon is God, see good die, fall away.

Upon who’s orders are we bound,upon who’s doors for answers pound.

No hope left for us, the end’s here, all’s dust.


Blank Verse but as an extra it starts with ten syllables descending to one.

Image from Pixabay

Curruption taints all as it spreads around.

Unleashed it cannot ever be contained.

Readily it covers its tracks

Redoubling it smears and stains

Uncaring of the truth

Politics smacks of

Tricks, back handers





 a rant from the heart.

Image from Pixabay


Not for want of trying, I

Have spread my wings,to learn to fly.

Not for want of doing right

I’ve raged and screamed against the night

Not only for myself

I’ve questioned the distribution of wealth .

Not for my grandchildren but also me

I tried to set the opposed free

And scrape the plastic from the sea.

Not just on a whim



Image from Pixabay






And so they did avail,and prevail

On those they did impale and derail.



Image found here


Derail, a sudden silence fell

All twisted metal and acid smoke

The every day decsended into hell

Fear in the throats and all will choke.


All twisted metal and acrid smoke

Body parts strewn around

Fear in the throats and all will choke.

From explosion to silence, no sound.


Death comes to claim spoils

Body parts strewn around

Fire ignites and oil boils

From explosion to silence, no sound.


Body parts strewn around

From explosion to silence, no sound

The every day decsended into hell

Derail, a sudden silence fell


Image from Pixabay

Fall, to tumble to take, a trip

To loose your footing, teeter, slip

You need to walk with eyes open

So as you do not slip again.


What lies hidden, what lies in wait

To catch you out, some evil fate.

Is there a hidden danger there

To catch you out, so have a care.



Care weighs heavy on me. The light struggles with the dark clouds. I sit in the lounge as the clock ticks and the rain hits the window. I breath slowly trying to rid the fear and pain within. Events from the evening before fill my mind. Words taken out of context only tell half story. I care when I should not, it will be taken up and thrown back at me.

Care for caring’s sake

Rips my soul, exposed it ache

It’s my soul that breaks




Break these chains that bind

Evil should never prosper

To suffering avert your eyes pretend your blind.


Can we help eachother, be kind

Stop the wars and hate we foster

Break these chains that bind.


All the poor upon our streets we find

We should help them not condemn.

To suffering avert your eyes pretend your blind.


You need to open your mind

Reach out to foes and friends

Break the ties that bind.


Politicians the truth you need to find

And to the down trodden make amends

Don’t avert your eyes pretending you’re blind.


Let’s rise up and join as one

To work as one ’til the four horsemen are gone.

Break these chains that bind

To suffering don’t pretend your blind.


Kennings Poem.

Image from Pixabay


Blind unseeing

Imagination freeing

Darkness surrounding

No sight


Careful searching

Seat perching

Eyes hands

Have plans


Faces unseen

Hearing keen

Touch feeling

Eyes unseeing


White stick

Dog harness

Not really

Diss – abled


Unseeing eyes.

Use imagination

Unable – not.

Just blind.



Image from Pixabay

Blind to all that is kind

Deaf to all that’s tuneful

Dumb, can’t speak your mind.

Untouched by all that’s soulful.

You are lost, completely without hope

Struggling on from day today

You need to learn to cope

This angst is here to stay.


You have to grow you need to mature

To blossom and to flower

So you can be strong and endure

We rely on you to reach out and take the power.

Take on this mantle you’ve been given

So struggle on from day to day

To fail will not be forgiven

This angst is here to stay.


So are you ready for the task

Your whole life has readied you for this

Open you eyes remove the mask

To clear your senses from the mist

You have help, you cannot resist.

Struggling on from day to day

Pointless to persist

This angst is here to stay.


Are you still deaf and blind

Struggling from day to day

Your fate cannot be refined

This angst will not go away


Image from Pixabay


Afar, distant

To travel away

Going far off, leaving me behind

Abandon forget ignore

Hurtful unloved




Image from Pixabay



Just empty spaces

Nothing there

Not a soul

I am totally alone

Devoid of all life



Image from Pixabay

Life full and bouncy joy

As when Helen saw Troy

Her beauty won the boy, it caused strife.




Stress plays a large part in our lives.
Even if you blame it on your husbands and wives.
You will never beat it It remains undefeated
Unlike a computer you cannot delete it.


Strife, no one can escape it’s true

But there are things you can do.

Kind words each day and a smile

Can help keep it at bay for a while.

Or at least make it less of a trial.


a pattern poem, just off the top of my head! (It is ten lines long starting at one syllable growing to five then descending from five to one syllable.)


To test

To invest

In the future

Grow and mature



Changing spell

A try



Today’s poem is a play on Lady Macbeth’s speech from the Shakespearean play Macbeth. Losely Shakespearean Dialogue. With a tip of hat to Geoff at TanGental.

Out out damned spot

Have I scrubbed you or not.

My fingers raw and bleeding

I think some bleach is what we’re needing.

Out, out damned spot

What is this stain we’ve got

You have been through the machine twice

Do I have to do you thrice

Out, out damned spot

I am so stressed about your blot

I have had enough, so get thee to a bin

I care not if to waste is a sin

Out, out damned spot

My nerves are shot!

You may have me today

But it was you who got thrown away.



Away summer blows

Chill nips my fingers and toes

Thousands of rain drops

Fall onto the roofs plip plop

Tomorrow may be summer.ūüíú


Irregular Ode

Summer her name and her nature too

Attired like an Iris in gold and blue

Like a breath of fresh air her perfume begiles

She is a bouquet of soft words and smiles.

Her hair like golden flax challenges the sun

Her voice will bring you silver dreams she has spun.

She is my love, my light and my life.

To make her my bride is my challenge in life.


SoC (a stream of Consciousness poem)


What is

Life, is it

Really as it

Appears to be or

Is it like a thousand

Grains of sand upon a beach

Washed and moved by the living tide

Lit by the sun, the moon and the stars

What is life, is it real or is it dream.



Image from Pixabay

Dream time

The spirits speak

Aboriginal Mists

Clouds and earth have stories to tell




Visions of love bloom

Hearts break like morning too soon

Lovers take flight zoom.



Now  last but not least August Stanza 31



Zoom August is gone

Swallow gone leaving it’s sweet song

Golden Autumn blunders in

Soon bitter winds will sing







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