National Tell a Fairytale Day.

Now Cathleen Townsend wrote a post about it being National Tell a Fairytale Day in America today. Well I couldn’t let that go, even though I live in the UK!

So I reworked two Fairytales I rewrote a few years ago.

Here is number one a modernised and dark version of Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the beast the press would have a feast if they caught a whiff, if they knew the truth !

Image from Pixabay

She had met him at a party which was fancy dress she was wearing a 17th century ball gown and he was certainly dressed to impress.

She nearly passed him in the gloom but he leaped up and whisked her from the room.

At first she unsure of this man. Slowly he with flowery way he drew her into his plan.

Lavishly he courted her, he wined and dined her. Loving, was he with her and she began to forget her misgivings.

So caring and aware of her needs was he that she did not notice the tiny rules he asked of her, slowly stopping her from being free.

When she asked if they could have friends to visit he seemed hurt that his company was not enough, insulted that she needed distractions extra to his love.

She wanted to go shopping, he brought the shops to her. She told him she wanted to walk in the sun and breathe in some fresh air.

Again he got indignant why go without him she saw an angry flash in his eyes ….. she told herself, of mind it was a figment .

Weeks turned into months and she found that if she mentioned no friends or family all was fine. He was loving and caring, protective of her at all times toasting their love each evening as they dined.

Since that night when he had scared her with an angry flash a show of violence held back . She knew if that anger was unleashed her world with him would disappear in a flash.

Every third Thursday of the month he disappeared until the Saturday morning. She never knew exactly when he’d leave and his return was quiet, giving her no warning.

There is no harm, no one would suffer she could escape a while and enjoy company of her friend and even go out for supper. She waited until she knew that he had gone lest he returned unexpectedly.

The sun was so bright and she looked so pale as she passed people turned to stare, she left a trail. Smiling she realized she was still dressed in a 17th century garb.

She went straight to her flat and changed put on some make up so she looked less macabre.

She met her friends they were delighted to see her but when she told them of her life their eyes all showed fear! Why will he not let you invite us round why did he take your phone

Why does he not let you out so you can visit home?

She had no answer to their questions he loves me so was all she could reply.

Friday night she came home carefully hiding her clothes outside his gates.

Now next time she left she would change after she had left his estate.

That evening after dinner she asked him where he’d been he grew angry and displayed anger the like she’d never seen.

The next morning as she woke her room was full of flowers, her whole body hurt she was scratched and bruise and he thought he could fix it all with flowers?

Gently he entered her room and helped her out of bed he wept in her lap as she stroked his head. He begged her to forgive him this would never happen again she smile at him ….. they made love and she pretended as she winced with the pain.

It took weeks for her to recover and he showed much remorse but still he insisted they were to live a solitary life.

Sadly as her body healed her soul and mind began to wither she had no friends no family to share the ups and downs with her.

One afternoon sitting in the garden she asked if she go and visit home he turned and snarled at her, PARDON!

After that all was just a blur the table and the chairs where upturned and anything to hand and his fists started pounding into her.He left her there weeping.

His servants carried her to her room and gently tended her wounds and stemmed the bleeding.

She could not believe how he had turned , turned for nothing at all.

She felt a light go out in her mind and all her spirits fall.

Laying in her room for days she decided she had to leave.

She knew it would be the end of him but for that she could not grieve.

She told herself, you can’t live with a tyrant who reasons with his fists and boot soles and the words he used had ripped her apart and left her in holes!

It took time for her to recover and to devise a plan the gardener said he’d help her, he was a genuine man.

She waited till he took his usual trip on a Thursday night she took what she needed.

Out of the house that night she fled to full fill the plan she had seeded.

She made her way to her friends house, the friends she should of heeded.

She had laid her plans well

Her apartment was easy to sell.

Feeling so unsafe she stayed with her friend recovering slowly from her strange life she waited for her wounds to mend.

Her job was gone she’d been away too long, that was no surprise .She spent hours gazing through the window watching normal life she felt her spirits rise.

He came to visit more than once imploring her to return but she refused to see him all his advances she spurnd.

He rang and charmed , he rang and threatened. Her friend had her number changed .

He painted ‘whore’ across her friend’s car and posted threats through the door

He kept up a barrage of abuse he truly was deranged! Finally she had to leave all this harassment was more than she wanted her friend to receive.

The next few years she moved and moved, again lost contact with family and friends.

Each time she settled into a new job and found a place to stay he would find her and be a nuisance night and day.

She told the police but they never were much help, true they always listened.

She rued the night of that party she rued the night she met him. She had lost her life. Her friends all gone her career in the bin. One evening driving home she saw thought him, in the shadows of car park. Sitting in her locked car she waited his approach, at length she saw him advancing. Towards the back of the car his eyes glinting in the dark.

Like a huge cat he came in to her rear view mirror. Her heart was pounding every pore on her body was sweating.

Fear was a tangible smell in the car but she kept her mind clear she measured how close he was getting.

He had nearly reached the car her foot covered the accelerator one more step, he touched the car. That was it she threw the car into reverse and drove as fast as she could into the wall behind her. She watched as the look of anger turned to horror then to pain just to be sure drove forward and reversed in to the wall again and again.

A crowed gathered round the car someone dialled 999. The police and the paramedics both arrived at the same time.

The witnesses all said that she had deliberately killed the man they had seen it with their own eyes.

As they took her away she heard the paramedics pronounce him dead ‘at last’ she whispered to herself he will not follow me from this day.

They charged her, and at the trial she used his stalking as her defence but it did not go well and she went to jail to her it made no sense.
Slowly friends and family came back this truly lifted her spirits they arranged an appeal and won, she was move to a psychiatric unit.

It took years to repair the damage in fact she is recovering still but thankful to have her friends and family back. The thought of him haunts her still.

It was not his death, though that was an ugly thought, no it was the chance meeting that had let him into her life and all the grief he’d wrought! …………………

Hope never give up hope. If you give up hope you may as well give up living.

20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ritu
    Feb 26, 2018 @ 18:22:09

    Love your take sis!


  2. JT Twissel
    Feb 26, 2018 @ 18:46:40

    This dark indeed. But then the original fairy tales were very dark.


  3. cathleentownsend
    Feb 26, 2018 @ 20:55:51

    This one was much more somber, but bravo to you. Even being a fairy tale lover, I dislike the happy ending to Beauty and the Beast. The thought that you can tame a man who is a beast with romantic love is a dangerous one. Your ending is much better.


    • willowdot21
      Feb 26, 2018 @ 21:06:39

      Thanks Cathleen, like you I believe a little reality needed to be interjected. I live fairytales and have rewritten a few πŸ’œ I am grateful for the chance to join in πŸŒΉπŸ’œ


  4. Lynz Real Cooking
    Feb 27, 2018 @ 01:12:05



  5. robbiesinspiration
    Feb 28, 2018 @ 04:08:25

    A fairy tale with a very strong message. It is shocking how this kind of abuse of women still occurs and how little support such women do receive from the authorities.


  6. Teagan R. Geneviene
    Mar 04, 2018 @ 22:24:28

    I wish I had known about the day. Thanks for sharing your fabulous story. Hugs.


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