Musicalmarch Day 4 Imogen Heap

Our Blog Sis Ritu at  But  I smile anyway has come up with another challenge for us this month Musicalmarch.

Ritu  said  : “Nothing too serious or tedious.Just a chance to share some songs! If you fancy posting a song for any reason this March, tag it #musicalmarch🎵 and link back to one of my posts so I can listen to your special songs too!

Link to Ritu’s Post

Today is  day 4 of  Musicalmarch and  I never  made a  secret  of  the  fact  that  I  love  Imogen  Heap! When I  think  back  to  the  time  I  was in  hospital  after  breaking  my  back  ( the  second  time ) and  all I  can  say is  Immie saved  my  life. Her  music  and  talking  books  : Alex  Cross  books  written  by James Patterson, were  the  two  things  that  kept  me  sane. I  could only  lay  flat, I  could  not  move, I  was in  a  body  brace.

Also  when I  was learning  to  walk again  Immie’s  music  was  always  there  for  me. I  did  email Imogen  and  tell her  and  thank  her  and  she  wrote  me  back  a  beautiful and  kind  email back.

I have  put in a  few  excerpts from  when I  wrote  about   some  experiences  and  feeling  I  had  whilst in  hospital  with tracks  I  listen  too a  lot  at  that  time. The  last  track Life Line  was  written  later   but it  fits  the  way  the  male  nurse  I  talk about  helped me  and  the others on one of  the ward I was on.

8.30am ” Hello willow time to wash  dress you and change your bed”. I just smile I hate this , I understand it has to be done  and they do it well  but they talk over me about  their lives, have they have mistaken me for one of the old ladies in here  that cannot or will not comunicate . Shall I interupt their chatter or shall I…… there you go all clean and comfy now.  They walk away and I am alone again  time for Imogen I think !

12midday dinner arrives, Oh! I am in luck today  the young girl  is  here to help me. She is African  and so pretty she has a pretty nature too. She smiles and talks to me as she feeds  me , she listens to me , she really  does. I ask  her is she going to be a nurse , no  she  is going to be a pharmacist , shame she would  be a great nurse.

1pm  the cleaner is here  she is nice always smiling  but  she does not speak a word of English. She has  the most lovely eyes.


I ring for a bedpan  the nurse says ” surely  you have a catheter”   “yes” I said ” I do not need to pee”. It is  almost impossible  to use a bed pan when you are  laying  flat. This nurse  leaves  me on the bedpan  for over 20mins  then longer after I have rung  for her to help me.  I ask her  have I been , no she says walking away. ………. Why can’t I tell if I have been, why can’t I go, why can’t I feel . My stomach  really hurts, so does  my back hurt so much, I start to cry  then  the cloak of sleep surrounds  me again.

“Hello” , a new  voice, foreign , gentle sing song , what  nice eyes. “Are  you awake willow”   I am tempted  to not answer  but politeness gets the best of  me. “I  am here to help  you, would  you mind if I  gave  you a bed bath” I hesitate  because it does not seem right, a young  man asking me if I would  like a bed bath.  However I have not  had a good wash  let alone a bed bath since I was admitted, he is also  offering to change  my  pyjamas  and  the bed.  So far I have had a lick and  a promise and I am longing to feel fresh again.

What a change  from the usual  begrudging  treatment I had received so far. I was bathed put in clean pyjamas and in a freshly  changed bed I was exhausted  but comfortable. The young  nurse  told  me  he had  been at  the hospital  for about a year. His  kindness and respect made  me feel safe and at no time threatened.

Over  the next  week I learnt  a lot  about him,  he had  been in the French Foreign Legion, a Gendarme and now a Nurse. He used  to come into our ward  and chat  when he had  the time  and sometimes  if he was not too busy  he would  have a cup of  tea  with us.  More  than once when I was feeling really  low  he would make  me a bird or a flower  with paper. He was an extremely talented  and kind  young  man who lived life to the full and who was not afraid to put himself out to help others. He  made my life bearable I missed him when I was moved to yet another ward!

So where ever  you are, dear young french  male nurse, I want to let you know  you helpped  me  through a terrifying lonely time. Your large  and  small acts of kindness helped me through. So thank  you nurse  you made a difference.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jacquelineobyikocha
    Mar 04, 2017 @ 07:13:05

    That young girl sounds pleasant. I am not familiar with Imogen’s music and it was nice listening to something new.

    Let me invite you to my blog party. It just started. Here’s the link.


  2. Ritu
    Mar 04, 2017 @ 07:59:38

    I don’t really know Imogen Heap’s music, but I have heard you talk about her before. Some lovely music there sis! It can truly be healing ❤


  3. gigoid
    Mar 04, 2017 @ 12:08:13

    Great post, milady… The interludes between the songs were very powerful; I cried a couple times, in sorrow for your loneliness…. It’s good to be past it all, isn’t it? Yet, also good to remember; it keeps us humble…




  4. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Mar 04, 2017 @ 13:19:17

    Your story moves me, Willow. Glad that is all behind you now, though I recall you aren’t 100% because of pain. True, you make no secret you like Imogen. I’ve listened to her through your posts and enjoyed her as well. Thank you for sharing. ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. 1EarthUnited
    Mar 05, 2017 @ 07:49:17

    Thanks for sharing your powerful story Willow, Immie’s certainly a lifesaver. ❤


  6. Judy E Martin
    Mar 05, 2017 @ 18:32:41

    It sounds like you had a pretty tough time in hospital, Willow. I can’t imagine how awful it must have been lying totally flat and unable to do much at all.
    I am so pleased you had your music and that lovely French nurse !!


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