The Danger of Christmas Treats

Now in  my  defence  although  I  am a  retired  guide  dog  and  highly  trained  I  am at  heart  a dog  and  a Labrador  at  that. We  Labradors love  our  food  and  we will honestly eat  any and  everything  .We  are  always  hungry.

Yesterday I  am afraid  to say  I  was  very  naughty . I had  just  come back  from  my  walk  with  the  male  two  legs  ( who  I  adore  above  all else) . I had  had  my  wash  down  and  been  towel  dried, it is  very  muddy over in  the fields. So  my  two legs  took me in and  gave me  two  treats  and  told  me  to stay in  my bed . Then  he  went out  to  clean up outside…..  I  could not  resist  the fabulous  smell  coming  from  the  kitchen. I took my  chance  and  snook out  and  there  were hundreds  of mince pies on  the  work top!

The  male  two legs had  been baking  all morning! The  smell was  magical, he had  been  soaking  the  fruit  and  brandy  all of  the  previous night! I don’t  know what happened   the  next  thing I  know  I was up on  two  legs  and  I had  a magical mince  pie in  my  mouth… I  did not  realize the  two legs  was  keeping  an eye on  me through  the  window! He  was  shouting  and  banging  on  the  window  I  wondered  what  the  problem  was  so  I  ate  the  mince  pie  as  quickly  as I  could before  anyone  took it  from me!

My beloved  male  two legs  was very  angry  with  me! He  shouted  at  me  and told  me I was a very  bad  girl…. he  never  does  that, never  shouts  at  me. Just  then  the  female  two  legs  ( the  one  known  as  willow) arrived  home  and  she  was  shocked   and  not  at  all pleased  with  me  either.

Well very  quickly  I heard  the  two, two legs  discussing  what had  happened  and  then  willow  two legs  rang  the Vet! Doh!  the vet! Then  the  next  thing I  know  we  are  are  dashing  out  to the car, and it  was dark  and  damp  and  we  had  to  go  through  what  they call the  rush hour.  The  male  two legs  seemed  very  agitated  and  worried  would  not  get  there in  time but  we  did.

Went  we  got in to  see  the vet he  was lovely  and  he  asked  the  two legs  lots of  questions. He  told  them  that  the  situation  was  very  serious  and, worst  case  scenario it  could  be lethal. Then  told  them  what  he  was going  to  do.  He  said  he  would  give me  an injection  to  make  me  sick!  Ummmn ! I don’t like  being  sick.  But he  did  and  oh! poor  me  I was  so sick for  about  half an hour. My  two, two legs  stayed  with  me  and  so  did  another two legs  dressed in  blue. The  vet  kept looking in to  see  how I was  doing  and  saying  “Sorry  darling ” … I  think he was.

After they  were sure that I had  finished  being  sick, the  vet  gave  me  another injection to  stop  me feeling  to  rough and  settle  my  tummy. Then  he  told  my  two, two  legs  that I  could  go home  but  they had  to  give  me  special  medicine every half  hour  , to  replace  electrolights…   whatever they are! OH!  worst of  all I  was  not  allowed  my  dinner, I  was  allowed half a  boiled chicken  breast but I  was hungry all night.

Well  the  male  two legs  found it  very hard  to  get  me  to  take  the  liquid from  the  syringe  the  female  was  better  but  she found it  stressful , I could  tell, and I was  stressed  too! The  female  two legs  stayed up  until  nearly half past one  to make  sure I  was okay.

This  morning  I was  feeling  better and  the  male  two  legs  gave me a tablet  from  the vet then after  half  an hour  I  got  my  breakfast,  not  chicken,  my  proper  breakfast! Later  I had  my  normal  walk! I  was  feeling  much better. I  showed  the  two legs  how  to  give  me  the  electrolights thingy , all they  needed to  do was put  the  dose  in  a saucer  then  hold it  up  for me. No  mess, no  fuss  no  stress!

Tomorrow I have  to  go  back  to  the  vets for  blood tests. My  two, two  legs  are  worried  because  the vet  told  them that I  could  have kidney or liver  damage or  even die, but  he  seemed  to  think I  should  be okay.  … who knew  these  mince  pies  were  so  dangerous! The  two  two legs  did  and  as careful  as  they had tried  to  be   I  had  snook  through  their  defenses ! They  have  vowed to be  even more  careful in  future…. no  extras  for  me I  guess!

So I cannot  stress enough  dear  animal  friends,  Stanny   at  SocialBridges and  Ani at Sue Vincent and  Rumpydog  and  all his  crew, and  all bloggers  with  cats  or  dogs  please  be  extra vigilant  about  Christmas  food. Read  here  what is  poisonous for us pets!

So  dear  friends  I am off  for  a  rest  now   and  I  shall speak again  soon . So I  wish  you  a  happy  and  safe  Christmas!  Love  Ruby. xxxx







16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ritu
    Dec 20, 2016 @ 20:32:48

    Oh bless you gorgeous pup! Glad you’re ok and that your two leggers managed to get you to the vet asap 😊


  2. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Dec 20, 2016 @ 20:51:14

    Poor, gorgeous thing, you. Glad you’re in the clear and feeling better. 😀 ❤


  3. rumpydog
    Dec 20, 2016 @ 23:03:05

    I am pulling for ya Ruby! I shared your blog post with my friends too!


  4. gigoid
    Dec 21, 2016 @ 00:09:24

    Hmm… great story, willow, & I’m glad Ruby is okay. I read the article re: holiday treats… After reading the first one, on grapes, my first thought was, “I’d guess the dog’s systems react to what is ON the grapes, not the grapes.” This is because in the past, I have had dogs who loved grapes, but, they would, if given one, peel it before eating it. I suspect the agribusinesses that now produce most of what can be found in stores spray the grapes with all kinds of stuff, which humans don’t react to like dogs. This would make it true in mince pies, for the same reason; humans can deal with more poisons than can our canine companions…

    Either way, I’m happy she’s all good now….



    • willowdot21
      Dec 21, 2016 @ 18:44:59

      I really don’t know Ned but it has been a worrying couple of days !! Anywho we had Ruby’s blood tested today and all was good!! We just have to keep an eye on her for another 48hrs!! Thanks for caring , you are such a lovely man!! xxxx


  5. Judy E Martin
    Dec 21, 2016 @ 14:47:22

    I am so sorry that you were unwell, Ruby. Thank God you were taken to the vets on time and looked after by your lovely humans. Thanks you for reminding the rest of us how dangerous human treats can be for us dogs. Take care. Love Roxy xxx 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


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