Closing time : Nonet


Closing was  the  best time at the bar

She had  time  to  think , sip her drink

Watch the smoke from her cigar

No more suggestive winks

Silence cloaks her whole

Tired of  watching

The lost soul








Stream of Consciousness Saturday: CLASS

Linda said “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “class.” Use any meaning of the word in your post. Enjoy!”

Pingback and rules

Every Saturday  I  go  to  Core  Class! What  is  Core Class ? It  is  a quarter  of an hour  of  torture! There can  be  anywhere  from  three  to  fourteen  of  us there.

The  mats  are  set  out  with  a instruction  sheet  by  each  mat ( basically  so  we  all know  which  torture  we have  to  endure on  each mat) there are  also  big  balls  and weights  to  contend with.

We  have  a young  and  fit  instructor called  Shane  and  he  shows  no  mercy! After  a few warm up  stretches  we  begin, 45 seconds  of  exercise  we  are  supposed to have  15 seconds  rest  but  what  does  Shane  say  after  each  exercise “Rest  and  move on! ” We  have  all asked  him  how are we expected  to  rest  when  we have to move on? He  doesn’t care he just  smiles.

You  can’t get away with  any  slackness  at  Core class Shane  walks  round  making  sure  we  are all making  enough  effort  to  suit  his  high  standards!  Well we  struggle  round  working as  hard  as  we can  wondering  why  we  are  paying  for  this  torture! We are  all delighted  when  we  come  to  the  final  exercise  followed  by  some  gentle stretches!

And  that  is  Core Class, I  could  tell  you  about  Pilates  Class  but  I  shall  save  that  for  another  time!

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