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Bee at  Just  fooling  around  with Bee  said :

Fridays will all be about blog love. Celebrate a blog or just a post, that you love. That can be one of yours or someone else’s. It can be a blog about love or just a blog you love. As long as you give it some credit and share it with us it will be fine! This is also a great possibility to use the WordPress reblog button.


Pinckback 2

And that says everything about today’s post. Go crazy with giving out blog love to all those who inspire you, entertain you, inform you, challenge you…..


Again  this  is  so  difficult but only  because  I  do  not  want  to  leave  anyone  feeling I  do not  appreciate  them. So today  I  am going  to  spotlight  The  Grumpiest but  most lovable  Curmudgeon on word press. I  give  you  the  one,  the only   Ned at  gigoid .


This amazing  chap  has ranted and raved  himself into  my  head. He  talks  so much  sense  and  has  taught  me a  lot. Ned Pearls  and I  love  that , Ned  discusses  and  that interests  me  and  stretches  my  mind. I  just never  know  what  he is  going to say  next.

Ned  has  taken us  on  holiday  with  him  and  taken  us  around  the places  he  visits…I  think  he  has  a love of Ireland  obviously  a  man of  taste .

This  what  gigoid   has  to  say  about  himself  and  you can visit   his about  page here 



day2 London 009
    Ned Moore, aka gigoid, (pictured above with a Charlie C. mime, on Portobello Road, in London, UK …. gigoid’s the one with the straight stick, and no white clothing at all….), is a 65 year-old, (!!!… When did that happen?….), retired dilettante, who would rather read than eat, most days. His first blog, “gigoid’s folly”, has been emailed out to folks he knows for about 15 years now. He still considers it his best defense against angst, and the ever-present specter of sheer insanity…..

Due to rigorous curmudgeon training requirements, he has discontinued his Facebook presence, but still indulges in the occasional Twitter session…The user-name, “gigoid”, is never capitalized, as it is only the symbolic representation of my avatar, my online presence, and thus, is not to be considered a “Proper”, or even “Given” name…. It is at least two degrees, if not more, removed from Reality, and feels no need to connect with it too strongly, lest it prevent the full application of imagination….Sadly, though he loves to read, and write, time for both chosen tasks is limited, by physical issues that preclude long sessions at the computer…. He works in spurts, then uses the powers of a Time Lord to post quickly, read a bit, answer comments, and find material about which to write, and/or, rant, which is a habit, and a task he has chosen as a Duty…. He can no longer pursue revolution (which only means, change, after all….) actively, so, he does so the best he can, with keyboard, and the indomitable will to do what es needed, in order to continue the fight for survival…. for all of us.

As is his usual habit, gigoid has hereby demonstrated a fair bit of pomposity, hasn’t he? He also has a problem speaking in the first person, as is patently clear by now… Basically, he doesn’t care….

Oh, by the way….. He has also written articles for, a site for authors to submit work, which then shops that work out to other sites, with published posts at the following sites, at least….


and a host of others…. he’s forgotten most of them….


gigoid has his own personal philosophy…. naturally. After all, what’s good enough for Sartre, Kierkegaard, Socrates, and Plato is good enough for him/me….. This is it:


The wisdom of pearls….(The world is my oyster; which way to the pearls?)


1)  I think I am; that’s close enough.

2) The nature of the Universe is Change. 

Unpredictable, innovative transformation of Reality is the Norm.

If you have a problem with this, you’re in for a rough ride in Life.

3) Thou art God, you know.  Let’s do lunch.

4) Excellence is its own reward.

5) Girls think differently.  So do boys.  Don’t fight it.

6) Axiom #2 X axiom #5 = And God so loved the world, He said, “Quit whining!”

7) Do your Duty.   Respect Life.   Honor the Truth.   Share your Love.

8)  Go back.  Everything you need to know is in the first seven axioms.

~~ gigoid ~~


In the interests of full disclosure, here is a recent picture of gigoid’s face, such as it is….

Me at 65

Blessed Be, and welcome to Exploring Consensual Reality….
Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest  Carole, Mark, and Theresa…
and everyone else, too…
When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.
Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

Okay, ffolkes, he’s done…. go read some of the stuff he’s written… some of it, if not all, is much better than this, so, you can’t lose in that respect…. Go on now….



Your   will my will

Now  I  have  told  you  about  gigoid  please   go  and  visit  this  wonderful, writer , raconteur call him  what  you  will…. but please  be polite! Be  prepared  to  be  informed lambasted and  entertained, take  your brains and  maybe  some braun!

Here is  one of  his recent posts the  cat  featured  at  the  top is  the  gorgeous  Miss Lielou  apologies if  I  got  the cat’s  name  wrong ! Ned  let  me  know  and I  will correct  it!!

Curving  Around Square Corners…. Do visit it is  a great  read!

I could happily  write  more  but I have  to  go out now  so  please  go  and investigate!

Thank you  Sir  you have  brought  me  much interest  and pleasure!


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gigoid
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 13:45:37

    Awww, shucks…. thank you, my lady…. The love you’ve shown me is returned to you tenfold…. as you know…..

    Blessed Be, Sister mine….

    gigoid, the dubious



  2. Lynz Real Cooking
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 15:53:34

    Wow now this sounds like a cool blog! I will pop over there! Thanks Willow!


  3. zumpoems
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 18:03:56

    Thanks for the links. Like today’s quote on his blog: “Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.” (Terry Pratchett)


  4. Bee Halton
    Feb 13, 2016 @ 07:36:49

    Oh my another brilliant blog introduction. I will check him out once my life is a little bit calmer. Thanks!


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