If We Were Having Coffee:Shocks and Hospitals

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster


Do join in

Come on  in  it is nice  to  sit  and  have a  chat  after  all  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  the past  few days.   I  can  still entertain  you  all  with tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

Cosy Tea

If we were having  coffee: Where would  I  start. It  all started  off  normally enough  then !

We  took  Hubby’s  Mum 95yrs old and her  only  remaining  sister in  law  91yrs  out  for lunch on Tuesday all was  lovely  both ladies  fit  and  chatting  non  stop …though both  getting  frail.

After  lunch  we  went  back  to  Hubby’s  mum’s house as her  sister in law   lives in London and  we thought  we  would take  her back  after  7pm  and miss  the  rush hour. Good  job  we  did because  at  about  5.30pm  Mum  had  a  mini  stroke she  had a  strange  grin on her  face  and  could  not talk. Well with in   sixty  seconds I  told  Hubby  to  ring  the  DR luckily  he  realized  I  meant ambulance! The first response  car  was there in 5mins and the  paramedic  was  excellent. Then  about  15mins  after she arrived  Mum  had a fit we had to get her on to the floor  and  in the  recovery  position.

The poor aunt   was in  bits  I had  been  cuddling her  but  had  to leave her  to help the para medic  with Mum. When  the Ambulance did arrive  it  was decided  to take her  to  a near by Acute  Stroke  unit, so  we  agreed  that I  would  go  in the Ambulance with Mum  and Hubby  would  take  his Aunt home then  join us  at the unit.

Mum   was  seen  at the unit   and  we  were all  amazed  that  she made an a fast  recovery  her  speech face  and  all  her limbs  back  to normal  within  hours. Though she was  and is still a little  flustered  and confused. They  decided  to  send  her  to   a hospital    which is  nearer  to  where  she  lives, also  she   was  due a  biopsy  the next  day  at  that  hospital and  because  she  was  worrying  about  that  she  should be  sent   there.

At 10pm  they  told us  they  could not  get transport  and  could  we take  her ourselves. Hubby’s  brother  was not  impressed  but  for Mum’s sake it was best  we just  agree,  so  Hubby  and I  took her. When  we arrived  hubby  went in and  explained  the  situation  while  stayed  with her in  the car. He refused  to  have her  sitting  in  the crowded waiting  room. Luckily  a senior  nurse  told him  to  bring  her  straight  through.

Long  story  short  we  left  at  1am  she got on  to a ward  at  4.30 am  but  we  had  to  go when we did as  we  were  so  tired and  apparently  she had  every  test known  to man or woman. We were  back  there  the  next   day  and  took her  for the  biopsy.

Again  long  story  short  we  bought her  home  Friday to  her  house  her  other  son  is staying with  her  until  Monday  then  we  will have  to sort  something out …. by  we I  mean Hubby  and I. The  sad  thing is  the  biopsy  she had  on  Wednesday  has  confirmed  her  lymphoma  has  return …. she had Lymphoma  10yrs  ago  and in spite of  being only  given  6months  to live  she recovered  with  treatment  and  went on  to have  another  10yrs  full of  cruises with  friends  and on  her own, and  holidays  and  days out  with us and  friends  never  knowingly  found  sitting  down.

This  news  has knocked  her  for  six , obviously. She has  asked  for treatment  as in  her  words she  would  like  some  more  time. So we are awaiting  the  medics opinion  so it  is just  fingers  crossed .


We have  been  seeing  Mum every day  since  she had  the  stroke, fit  and bad  news and  now  she  is  home  we are  making  sure  she is not  alone. Our  youngest  took the  Newbie  round  to see her  yesterday  afternoon  and  our  eldest  drove up  from from the  south coast  to  see her our  middle  son  due  to  work  has  been  phoning her. Her  ex daughter in law and her  daughter  have been to see her  and   her so  she is not  alone . In fact  she is  coming here  for a late dinner today.

If we were having  coffee: I  would  apologize  for  going on do  have another  cuppa  and  something  to  eat!

Have  some cake

With  all the  above  going on  blogging  has been rather hit  and  miss  and  though  occasionally  late  I have managed  to keep up  JusJoJan! to be  found at  LindaGHills blog.

Also  I have  to  say  that purely  by  chance  HelenEspinosa‘s  Song lyric  Sunday  is  so  apt  for  this  weeks  events  that  it  made  me  weep. Please  pop over  and  have a look and  you will see why!  look here  

I must  dash  now  loads  to do. Sorry  if I  am not  commenting as  much  but my like  does  mean a lot I promise. I shall be back  to  normal as and when.

If we  were  having  Coffee:  I would  have  to  say  we  are  all  sill  waiting  patiently   for  our  dear  Paul  Curran   to  rejoin us here at  the  coffee  share   but  until he is  well enough  and up  and  running again  we  shall  have  to  bide our  time!

For  now  everyone  Be  well  and  happy!

If we were having Coffee Original idea  from parttimemonster.

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s
Love to you all


Song Lyric Sunday: “Us” Regina Spektor

This  weeks   Song Lyric  Sunday , inspired  by Helen Espinosa  at  This thing  called  life one word at a  time    Is Us by  Regina Spektor

Rules and Pingback

I love Regina Spektor   she is a Russian  singer  songwriter  and  she  writes  such  stories!!  I was introduced  to her  by  my  youngest  son  years  ago and I have loved her ever since. I have picked one of her  songs  which  usually  cheers  me up  full of  double meanings  and poking  fun  at  world leaders  and politicians. The  video is  also  brilliant  and  so I  do hope  you like it!



They made a statue of us
And it put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs have fun, have fun

They’ll name a city after us
And later say it’s all our fault
Then they’ll give us a talking to
Then they’ll give us a talking to
Because they’ve got years of experience
We’re living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
We’re living in a den of thieves
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious

We wear our scarves just like a noose
But not ’cause we want eternal sleep
And though our parts are slightly used
New ones are slave labor you can keep

We’re living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
We’re living in a den of thieves
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious

They made a statue of us
They made a statue of us
The tourists come and stare at us
The sculptor’s marble sends regards
They made a statue of us
They made a statue of us
Our noses have begun to rust
We’re living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
Were living in a den of thieves

And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious

My favourite  line: They made a statue of us Our noses have begun to rust!  Brilliant!

Just Jot It January: Clumsy





Always walking  into  things even with my glasses

Stepping aside to be polite and bumping a waiter  as he passes.

Doing  the  dishes  is  a challenge too, even drying up

Just  loading the  dishwasher  can result in the  death of a cup.

Talking too much  and saying  the  wrong thing has always  been  my  forte.

As a child and  even now  I  get  scolded  for being naughty.

Rhubarb  juice on the  worktop which needed  special treatment

The husband was not pleased,up the wall and across the ceiling he went.

Clumsy is as  clumsy  does  I am sure  that “they” must say

But clumsy is not  much  fun if  you get into trouble  every day!




Just Jot It January : Stream Of Consciousness Saturday : AN

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY and Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Today 30th January Your prompt is: “an-”  Use it as a word or find a word that starts with the letters “an” and make it your post’s theme. Have fun! Linda herself gave us the prompt find her here
Pingback SoCs and jusjojan

light-pillars-5The light in the sky was brighter than a star and it was not a plane. No one knew what it was but they knew it was coming their way.
Anthony sat on his front lawn with his binoculars spell bound. His wife Anthea   brought him out a blanket and a flask of hot chocolate.
Soon the local and national TV  stations arrived to see the light which was now hovering over the village. It was referred to as the Annestown’s Anomaly.
Anthony was the first to spot the light and he was very pleased with himself.  It had been his next door neighbour Ted who had alerted the media. This strangely annoyed Anthony he really did not want all these people with their lights and microphones buzzing around.

At around  1.50am  the  anomaly  began  to  glow  and pulsate, the  media  all became  very  twitchy  and  excited  Anthony  suddenly  felt  he  knew  what  was happening.  It was then the  anomaly  started to pulse more  and  began  to  make  a  strange  clicking sound. Anthony  and Anthea  drew  closer  together. In a flash  the  light  was  gone  and  with  it  Anthony  and Anthea were  gone too.

None of  the media  or  press  noticed  that  Anthony  and Anthea  had  disappeared in fact  none  of  the  neighbours  noticed  their  absence for  weeks.  

Anthony and  Anthea  were  blissfully  happy  seeking out  new event horizons  and  going  where no humans had  gone before!



               Anomaly  Haiku

Two dark  sky  watchers

Off to universes new

Anomaly true





Just Jot It January: Ghost

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 29th January the  prompt is Ghost and is  supplied  by ghostmmnc




Hurry Home 

Dark  the  night  as  the lonely  soul takes  flight

Cold the wind that moans.Huddled together in fright

Caught by  the  night  children out alone on  the  moor

She  watches  their  progress  as  she has  done before.


Large  is  the  moon with it’s  silver  grey  light

As it runs  from  the  sun  and her  gold rays so bright.

So bound up  and lost is  she in a hell  all her  own

Yet  still  she  needs  to  guide  those  innocent  children  home.

Gentle Ghost

Wandering ghost  so  sad  what  did  you  do  that  was  so  bad

Maybe  nothing but regret  for the  children  you never had.

Did  you  go  to your grave  you  wishes  undone  and unfulfilled

That  now  you  spend  your time  watching over  innocents and  doing  no  ill.


Just Jot It January: Serendipity Haiku

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 28th January the  prompt is Serendipity and  is  provided  by  Jan at JT Twissel





Serendipity  Haiku  Dog

Shivering  in  rain

Cold dog found given new name



Serendipity Haiku Lost and  found

Her purse  lost on bus


Baby photos, cards and cash

All handed back safe


Serendipity Haiku Rainbow Wedding


Waking to more rain

Caught in glare of the sun’s ray

Rainbow wedding day







Just Jot It January: Mendaciloquent

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 27th January the  prompt is Mendaciloquent and it is  brought  to  us  by   Coralee at Musefully Mendaciloquent.


She  looked and  him with  her  huge innocent  eyes. He  had  her  now, trapped in his gaze, licking  his  lips  with his  silver  tongue he  began.

“Come”  he  said “a little  closer let me  take in  your  ample curves  and  charms.” As she  moved in  she  felt him  sliding up  her  inner  thigh, around her  waist. He  nestled  his head  in her  bosom and looked  straight in to  her eyes.

“Try this”  he  said  offering her  the  wondrous red sphere. ” Look at it’s beauty  see how it catches  the  sun’s light. Magical and  wondrous . You must  try  this  it  will do  you no  harm  it will set  you  free.”

Oh! this  was  all so  strange she  had never  felt like  this, parts of  her  body were  pulsing  and  thumping   she felt  so strange. It never  felt like  this  when her  partner  touched  her. He  with  the  silver  tongue  and  silver  voice was  making her  feel  strange  and  though  she  new it  was wrong  she  liked to  listen  to his  voice, she wanted  to  eat that  which  he  held!

“Come” he said  try  this  it  will make  you  feel  so  good, you  will see  everything  clearer you  will  fly  you  will know  all  there is  to  know. Her  eyes  widened  and  she  felt  strange unknown  feelings  coursing through  her body  she  wanted  to  cry, scream,  laugh  yes,  yes  she wanted  more.

“Come”  he said  try  this  you  will love it  and  nothing will ever  be  the same. Surely  you cannot  doubt  me  would I  harm  you?” he was  whispering  in her  ear  his  hot breath on  her  neck  making her  tingle.

“But” she said” The  Other  One  told us  never to  touch  this  fruit , never  never.” Her  voice trailed off  as he  gently  pressed  the  sweet smelling  fruit to  her  mouth. She  felt  a longing, a hunger  things  she had  never  felt before.

“Come”  he said  “He  only  wishes  to  deprive  you  of  all this ecstasy, go  on  try it  you  will never look back.” She  thought  about  the  One  and  she  tried to resist  but  he  was  saying  such  wonderful  things in her  ear  she  want  them  she  needed  this  feeling to  go on  to get  better,  she  wanted  more  more  ….. her  breath  was  catching in  her  throat  and  she could not keep still.

She  bit.  Her  world  exploded all this  things  rushed  at  her  and she did  take flight  her  body  made  her  scream and  groan it was  wonderful ……………….. then it  stopped  more  she wanted  more.

He with  the  silver  words  and  silver  voice smiled  at her  and  said ” Here  take  this  and  go  and  share it  it  with  your  man …All  will be  well, all  will be  good  believe  me  I  know  what I am  doing, would I lie  to  you  you. Go find  your  man  share  this  wonder!”

She went in  search of  her man  but  she felt  empty.  New  feelings  she had  never  felt before  were  flooding  into her head. She  felt  naked  and  ashamed   but  she  did not  know  what  these  feeling  were. She  covered  herself  with  leaves .

She  stood in  a  clearing  shaking  and  called Adam, Adam come  and  try  this  it is  beautiful …..she  was  afraid . She  heard   Mendaciloquent laughing.

The  rest  is  History…. Believe  me  ?




Just Jot IT January : Oneness Acrostic

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 26th January the  prompt is Oneness brought to us  by writersdream9.




Twins of love

Only together  did  they function well

Never  did  they stray  too far from the other

Ever close  they  stayed as if under some  spell

No need  for  outsiders, not  a  friend nor  lover

Each born  half hour apart but still they were two

Sealed their  hearts and  souls in oneness

Simply  they  were together forever they knew.




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