Come on I am ready for coffee!


Hello  everyone  welcome  to  the garden  we have a marquee  and  heaters, all the garden  furniture  has  been washed  and  I have put out cushions for your  comfort.

Well what  do  you  think  shall  we  chance  it . Now  as  always  we have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having  Coffee: I would ask  you what  has been going on in your world this week, has  anything  deeply affected  you, have  you need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry  on or  just  needed someone  to make  you laugh! If  yes  feel free to talk it out  here  with us. We will all help if  we can.

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster  

If  we were having Coffee:  Well it has been  a busy  week  and I have  quite  a lot  to report  but  firstly  let me  get  you  all settled  down  with  a drink  and something  to eat . So far  this  week  I have  been to the  gym  four  times (  not  as  much  as usual) I have today  off  because my trainer  is on holiday  in Crete  and  so I  don’t have  to go  to Core  Class …Excuse  me  while I  let  a whoop  of  joy! As  much as  I  take  my training  seriously  and I realize that  if  I  don’t  go my  back  will suffer  I am always  happy  to have a day off!

Monday  I had  to  go  to the  dentist  which  is  not much  fun  and hard  on the purse! We  do have NHS  dentists which  patients  do pay  for  but  at a much reduced  rate. It  is hard  to get on to  their  books  so  many people including us   have  to use  private  dentists  who  are much  more  expensive ! But  that is  life isn’t it.

If  we were having Coffee: On Wednesday  the husband  and I decided  to  go  for  a walk along  a  canal near  where  we live. The  weather  was lovely  and  we  saw  some cows  ducks, swans  and  lots of  narrow  boats. We  were  lucky  enough  to be  at  a lock  just  as  a narrow boat  approached  so  we sat  on  the bench  and watched  their  progress  through the lock.  We  had a chat  with  the people  on the  boat  who  said  they  had  been  living on the  boat  for  six  month  periods  but  were  seriously  thinking of  making it permanent. They had  both  given up  work  and if  they  were  not  too extravagant they  managed  very  well. They  had a little  dog   and  also  a 6 week old duck  which  they  had  adopted  the  day it had  hatched ( no  parents) and  were considering  renaming  the  boat  The  Dog  and Duck ! We had  to smile  as that  is a common  name  for a pub.


The Duck


Deep in the lock


A gull in flight


The Cows that tried to block our path


Two beautiful Swans


The lock filling up.

It  was  a lovely  day,  the  weather  was fantastic   and  we  enjoyed  the people  and  animals  we  met,  though  the  Cows were  rather large! But  I  just  firmly  asked  they  to  move  and  they  did …I  think they  were  just  showing off! After  we had  had our  walk  we had  a lovely  pub  lunch! It  was a wonderful  day out  with the husband,  who  all credit  to him  had  planned it  from  start  to  finish!

If  we  were having  Coffee : Its  time  to bore  you  with  the  weekly  garden  pictorial  update.





The Rockery


More of the rockery




Flowering Bush


The old white Rose tree


Our Raised Bed


Potatoes and Beans


Close up


Tomato soldiers


Beans in the pot


The roses out the front.

As  you  can see  everything is  growing  well …. please  note  I  know  the names of  all my  plants NOT!!

If  we  were having coffee : 

I  tell  you  that o  Thursday  my  friend  L  and  I  went over  to  visit  my  sort of  sister  ( best  friends for  49yrs) to  celebrate her up coming  birthday  later  this month. Last  Thursday  was  the only  day  we could  all get together  so  we  went  to  Windsor   and  had  afternoon  tea! Just Like  proper ladies!

After  tea  we had  a look round  the shops !! Again it was a lovely  day  so  had fun chatting  as  we walked!

Now If  we were having  coffee : I  don’t  want  you getting  the idea   that I am an airhead with nothing  better  to do  than swan around  having  lunch  and tea  (  as  much as I would  like  to)  I am  a normal busy  woman with lots of ups  and downs in my  life. Family  , friends, life in general  throws  all the usual grief  and trials  my  way  I just  choose  to  try and  keep  them off of  my  coffee  days  with  you my  friends. I  am aware of  all the awful  things  happening  around  the  world  and near  to home  here in England. I do  mention these  things on occasion   but  mostly  I  hope I  can entertain you  with  the happier  side of  life  like  these!

Little monsters

Right  Lets  go  and visit  Paul  and his  friends  they are  all having  fun here  too lets  see  what  , interesting,  thought provoking   and happy  stories  Paul  has  for us  today. Do  all stay  and  be comfortable   we love  to see  you  all.

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s







27 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 02:05:43

    Awesome picture Willow- your garden looks great. I can tell your tomatoes that I knew them when they were but seedlings – and now look big they are. Ha! I actually really enjoy the pictures of your garden as he seasons change Willow. Sounds like you’ve been busy – and tea at Windsor! Over here Windsor and the castle are the stuff of tales of Kings and Queens. It seems so funny to talk about it like a real place where there are tea shops and garbage truck..
    Great post Willow.


    • willowdot21
      Jun 07, 2015 @ 07:42:50

      Hi Paul yes you know the tomatoes intimately! The garden is a source of joy and interest to us and I do like to share that. Well Windsor is just a town with a Big Castle and guards and parades the Queen is often there but we don’t see her dropping into the shops. It is a lovely place to visit though it gets very busy. Have a great week Paul. xxxxx


  2. loricarlson66
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 03:43:57

    Great post Willow! I love all of the pictures of your little outing and your garden is beautiful! I enjoyed having coffee with you 🙂


  3. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 11:34:23

    I love Mrs. Squirrel’s purse. Wherever did she buy it? 😀
    Love your garden. You have a lovely yard. Thank you for the lovely walk, cows and all. Have a lovely Sunday, Willow. ❤ ❤


    • willowdot21
      Jun 07, 2015 @ 12:25:00

      I have asked Mrs Squirrel but she is being tight lipped about where she got it ( I wondered if she had got it from a charity shop?) You are always welcome on our walks and I hope you too have a good and happy week too! ❤ ❤


  4. gigoid
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 15:28:27


    Nice one, my lady…. I liked your photos, well enough I’m going to steal 3 of them to use over on my blog, for the opening pix, if’n you don’t mind… I’ll tell them whose pics they are, so they can join y’all for coffee some time, too…

    Bad cupcakes! Sugar bad! Begone!….

    (Sorry, gotta stay on my diet; lost 55 so far but still 25 to go, so, no cupcakes for gigoid….)


    See ya!….

    gigoid, the dubious


    • willowdot21
      Jun 07, 2015 @ 16:57:37

      Welcome sir welcome you are most welcome. Did you not know all the food is calorie free!! You can use the photos of course 😉 I am so pleased that you came by have a good week, keep the splendid work you are doing with the diet. Keep smiling and keep writing 🙂 ❤


  5. socialbridge
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 18:46:05

    Had a good chuckle about the Dog and Duck!


  6. Diana
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 19:01:20

    Love the photos! Glad that it seems you’ve had a good week. 🙂


  7. Bernice
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 19:19:45

    I can’t imagine how someone survives without working. The photos are great and I love all the little garden plants that are growing!


    • willowdot21
      Jun 07, 2015 @ 19:24:18

      Well we only spoke to these people for about 15mins but reading through the lines I think they must of retired early probably with settlements or good pensions, they may of had a property to sell or rent out . They said they had to be frugal but I think they were really happy!! 🙂


  8. Corina
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 22:10:01

    Your garden pictures are never boring. I always love to see them. I don’t garden and thus have no garden so I enjoy seeing other people’s gardens!


  9. Trackback: Oh, swell…. More starving adolescent ferrets…. | gigoid
    • willowdot21
      Jun 09, 2015 @ 14:22:57

      Great read as ever , I certainly agree with the saying that: When war breaks out truth is the first casualty! I would like to add : Closely followed by humanity! xxxx


  10. 1EarthUnited
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 04:57:09

    Willow there’s no need to justify having tea! What’s life without having proper tea with friends, it’s a necessary tradition. I appreciate you taking the time to entertain us with calorie-free treats, and for being such a lovely gracious host. Your blog serves as a welcomed respite from the harsher realities of life. I love your amazing garden, and look forward to sharing your weekly joy. Blessed be! 🙂


  11. Trackback: Even podiatrists hate bunions…. | gigoid
  12. Trackback: But, proctor, we’re not done sifting yet… | gigoid

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