Blood on  my  hands, bright  red  and  warm

Where is  it  from , sticky  thick . Have  I caused  harm?

It  runs  slowly  down  my  fingers then drips on to the sand.

Where  am I , alone  here  with  blood on my  hand.


You  are  guilty it  is  your  fault all your  doing

The  machine of  war  keeps  turning  all hell ensuing

You can carry  all the blame, look at  this  world  you have  built

Never  mind  the blood on your  hands  there are  gallons  more  you’ve  spilt.


Who  are  you to  blame  me,

Show  yourself , reveal  your face  let  me  see.

Why  me,  what  have I  done  to have  blood on my  hands.

I have  done  nothing , I do not  wage  war I don’t  make  stands.


You  are  guilty it  is  your  fault all your  doing

The  machine of  war  keeps  turning  all hell ensuing

You can carry  all the blame, look at  this  world  you have  built

Never  mind  the blood on your  hands  there are  gallons  more  you’ve  spilt.


I am  no one  just  an ordinary  woman, I have  never  hurt  anyone

I have  never have I  killed  so why  is there blood on my hands

Why am I here, this empty place, dirty under  this  sun

I need  to  wash  this blood  from  my  hands.


You  are  guilty it  is  your  fault all your  doing

The  machine of  war  keeps  turning  all hell ensuing

You can carry  all the blame, look at  this  world  you have  built

Never  mind  the blood on your  hands  there are  gallons  more  you’ve  spilt.


I am your conscience, your  last  chance

Take off  your  blindfolds  and  stop  the devils  dance

Love  each other, share  what  you have   for a  change 

Before it is  too late , have compassion. That is not  so strange.


38 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 17:53:07



  2. Lisa
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 17:56:34

    Reblogged this on Underground Energy.


  3. Souldiergirl
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 18:29:00

    this is beautiful


  4. Paul
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 19:17:00

    Well done Willow! (don’t get too dark on us now…)


  5. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 20:09:24

    Overpowering, Willow. Wow. ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. TanGental
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 20:19:51

    I love the repetition; it adds to the overall force.


  7. Something Else Entirely
    Mar 02, 2015 @ 03:45:29

    I have more empathy and compassion than you could possibly know. What is this about? Is it a threat of some sort? Are you the person who was involved with my estranged ‘housewife”? Even if so, I hold no malice towards you and I am quite confused by your very….bloody poem-especially after receiving death threats last week. Was that you as well? Not that I wil ‘rat’ you out, it is not my way, not to mention I am eight hours away. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else? If you need to talk, I will listen, but just as a disclaimer, while safe with me, it is probably not wise to send such violent posts to other people on here. Cheers-M


    • willowdot21
      Mar 02, 2015 @ 11:58:50

      Hello M well, hum, I am not entirely sure if you are pulling my leg or not. I have decided to assume you are not teasing and explain that this a poem about the guilt we all ( as humankind) carry for the wars, poverty and famine and desecration of our planet. I am saying we all have blood on our hands and we should listen to our consciences, being totally idealistic I know , as the world will never change humans are too selfish.
      So no, this was a personal slight on you I do not know you or your ‘estranged housewife’. I have never threatened anyone in my life so this is not a personal death treat, lets be clear it is no treat death or any kind to anyone. I hope most people will see this as a poem, …. I suspect you are laughing now …anyway have a great week!


  8. Gray Dawster
    Mar 02, 2015 @ 07:27:27

    Nice work Willowdot 🙂
    Have a lovely Monday
    my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxx


  9. Isil-Tah
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 02:03:16

    Is this pic copyrighted?


  10. Dr. Rex
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 19:49:45

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Bloody hands … quite apropos!! … 253+ mass shootings since Jan. 2019 …


    • willowdot21
      Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:07:21

      Well this just goes to show nothing changes, I wrote thid in 2015 and it’s still relevant. Thank you for the reblog 💜


      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:08:09

        In total agreement!! You are most welcome … 🙏🏽 … thx for writing your poem!! 💞

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:12:06

        It’s such a sad world , we seem like we are all headed to hell in a hand cart . Such awful things happening here in the UK too. 💜

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:16:00

        I can barely begin to imagine. I’m from Puerto Rico, the USA colony … there’s significant conflict in my tiny country. I’ve
        always felt a connection to the UK … don’t know why.

        I feel the world is ‘upside down’ … there are evil forces wanting to upend things. Quite concerning.

        Brexit, Boris, Nigel … never imagined!! 😳

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:19:06

        I know and now machete attacks on police, shootings and stabbings are daily occurances here …so very very sad. I hope you stay safe and well

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:22:05

        I’m safe! I’m well. I’m home … going back to Florida late this month. Then traveling back and forth.
        You stay safe too!! 🇬🇧

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:27:16

        Who’d think we would be this shocked by the violence on our so called civilized streets .

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:46:59

        Never in my lifetime! I’m very happy I am the age I am … not too much to go! If I were a youngster, millennial … it’d be disheartening! 😢 … yet things are accelerating. May be a witness to destruction, etc!

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:49:50

        Yes it is so sad, I fear for my grandchildren, I fear for my children too. I am getting on too, but I fear the future still.

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:52:08

        Yes! I understand … kids and grands … their future!! 😢

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:56:33

        It’s so dark .

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 20:58:22

        It seems to be dark everywhere. I wonder if it was always like this and we didn’t know. We know now bc the world is smaller due to instant news, techno and the web.

        Look at us … you in the UK, me in PR!! So many miles apart!!

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 21:04:10

        Yes indeed I do believe it have always be so but not quite as bad. There has always been evil but as you say these days it is out there immediately world wide. As you say nothing is divided you and I , not miles, time or space! Still I feel things are getting worse .

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 21:13:25

        My dear friend … sending a tight, Taíno, Hispanic hug! 🤗

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 21:21:05

        Thank you and I send you back as near to the same as I can manage, and I must bid you good night as it is gone 11pm and I am tired . Be safe on those streets.😏

      • Dr. Rex
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 21:24:25

        TY!! No worries … I’m far away from those streets!! Good night … 💤

      • willowdot21
        Aug 08, 2019 @ 21:25:53

        Good night as far as I know, I am too 💜

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