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Paul your Barista

Paul your Barista

Welcome to Willow’s weekly coffee and tea garden. My name is Paul, I’ll be your barista today and I’m happy to be here once again. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. Willow has plumped the cushions and started a cozy fire so we can warm yourselves while we have a cuppa and chat. As usual, I’d be pleased to bring a pot of whatever beverage you prefer – we have a wide range of teas and coffees to satisfy our world-wide readership. Also available is a large selection of spirits for addition to your cuppa or in its place. We can relax while we discuss the affairs of the week both personal and/or worldwide. How has your week been?

1000 voices speak for Compassion

This week (Feb.20, 2015) there was a special electronic gathering of WP bloggers called “1000 Voices Speak for Compassion”. Each blogger wrote a piece on compassion and they were well done. I first read of it over at Mamamickterry’s blog  Then I watched the video (above) she had posted and it struck home for me. Mama says it was produced by a medical services delivery company that is a customer of her company. Definitely worth a peek.

Would you like another cuppa, perhaps something a bit stronger? So, with Mama’s post in mind I was off to dialysis on Friday and I was a bit early so I stepped out to the smoking area for a puff. It was cold and there was only one other gentleman there, a man a bit younger than I – perhaps in his late 40’s to early 50’s. As I usually do, I asked if he was visiting as he was dressed in casual clothes like someone who was spending the day at home. As we smoked, he told me that he was a patient. He had an open Coke bottle in one hand and he held it up for me to see. It was about 1⁄4 full and was very flat because his hand was vibrating considerably. “Would you like a drink of flat Coke?” he asked in a joking tone. “It’s been almost 20 years now since I’ve had fizzy Coke from the bottom of the bottle.”He explained that he had early onset Parkinson’s disease and was diagnosed about 20 years ago. With medication and treatment he has managed to live relatively normal but required a lot of time in the hospital. As he told me that his muscles only shook when at rest, I thought about the video – to see this guy walk down the hall, you would never know that he had a serious illness – an illness that was going to kill him. He told me that the doctors had told him that he had about 20 more years to live, but the disease would progress considerably in that time. Treatments have gained a lot of years for Parkinson’s patients over the decades and may very well gain more in the coming decades. The disease is called “idiopathic” because there is no known cause. Oddly enough, one behaviour that reduces the progress is smoking. For reasons not understood, those who smoke are less likely to have the disease or symptoms.

Ballet Based Exercises can help reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms

Another cuppa? We have sweets and cake as well, so just help yourself. Anyway, my new acquaintance had some hard years ahead of him. As his nerve condition deteriorated, so too would dementia start to show itself. This is the same disease as Michael Fox has and his condition has not gotten as bad as fast as was predicted due to new treatments and medications. This gentleman had the same hope – that the progress of treatment would keep him from suffering as much as was being forecast. And yet, if I met him in the hallway I would have no idea that this man was even sick, let alone dying. It really drives home the idea of compassion, of caring about our fellow humans, of trying to see the world through the eyes of others, and of remaining non-judgmental.

We parted ways after about 10 minutes of visiting, he on his way to his room and me on my way to dialysis. I thought about him a lot since our chance meeting, and he has made me more sensitive to the plight of others. I wish him the very best and I hope that upcoming medical progress reduces the impact of his disease on his quality of life.

Dialysis went extremely well on all fronts – no machine alarms (it is very sensitive and an average treatment usually sees at least a half a dozen alarms), excellent blood pump speed, I slept through the whole session and felt rejuvenated at the end. I had very little fluid to remove (I’ve been behaving myself) and we got that off and a bit more – which allows me more flexibility in fluid consumption over the weekend. All is well – one day at a time.

That’s about all we have room for this week, so it’s time to settle in with another cuppa and watch the fire. Sweets anyone? Please join me in thanking Willow for her invitation to tea. We are all honored that you dropped by today to visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and the conversation and please look around at Willow’s other posts while you’re here. Willow is over there serving her guests and chatting it up. Let’s go see how she is today. Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you back here for sweets and beverages of your choice again next week.

The Queen’s Favourite Tea Cake: Souped-up Chocolate Biscuit Cake

What is Parkinson’s Infographic

And of course  the


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Love Is In Da Blog, SoCs, Acrostic Relative/Relativity

LindaGHill said :“As a special feature for February’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, The Bee and I have decided to collaborate! As you may know, on her site – Just Fooling Around with Bee – a month-long blog-hop is going on in recognition of Love, called “Love Is In Da Blog.” The week 3 prompt is Family Love. So as not to box in your Friday prompts too much, I’ve decided to play around with it a bit, while still keeping in the spirit of collaboration. Here we go:

Just  Fooling  around  with Bee said: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “relative/relativity”. It can pertain to a person, a thing, a theory, or a concept. Play with it and have fun!



Relative,  Relativity

Reaching out into space across  the Universe

Evenly our spirts  touch, is this blessing  or a curse.

Light has carried  us  as we have sped though pace and time

Always we have been moving  closer to each other 

Travellers  ever searching  for the  one true lover

Imposing laws upon ourselves not knowing  the 

Very  point of our  being is all mapped out 

Infinitesimal  are  we, for us  the cosmos give not a clout

Time and space and light, on we fly

Yearning  for  that one special moment  before  we die.


Relaxing in your  company  is where I

Ever want  to be. 

Learning  from you has made  me try

All things, you have given me strength and  made  me, me!

Teacher, friend, sister, brother , cousin,  mother, dad

In all things  you have grounded  me, like fruit from the 

Vine I have ripened under  your care

Elastic , invisible ties of love bind us all together.




This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 





This post is part of SoCS:”


Love Is In Da Blog: Granparents

Juat  fooling  around  with Bee said :No matter where your experience comes from with your grandparents allow yourself today to delve into your memories of your grandparents and let them come alive for us. Chose any way or form you like and I am looking forward to read your posts.


I only  remember  meeting   one  set  of grandparents  and on only  one  occaision. I  believe  it  was  my  mother’s  parents  as  we had  gone  to Oxford  to see  them. The  house as I see it in my  mind  was dark, brown painwork  and cream walls. No  doubt  all my  brothers  and sisters  who are older  than  me  will be throwing  their hands up  in shock  but  in all honesty  that  is  the impression  I have  to this  day.

Unfortunately for  me the  situation was going to get worse. I remember  sitting  on  a chair  and not  being  quite  high  enough  to reach  the table. The  dinner  was chicken, boiled chiken.To  this  day I hate  boiled  chicken, I did not  want  to eat  it , I did not  want  to smell it….. I still  don’t.

I cannot  be sure  but  I  think I  got into big  trouble for  being naughty  and not  wanting  to eat  my  dinner.Sadly  that is  the only  memory I have  of my real  grandparents.

Luckily  for  me  I  have  wonderful  memories  of Oxford. Aunty  Glad  and Uncle  Jack, they  were  the grandparents  to  my  cousin Lyndy ( who  was actually  my  cousin’s  daughter  but I  did not  clock on to  that  until I was older). Uncle Jack  was  my Mothers  brother he  was  a round  and happy  chap and  Aunty  Glad  was a thin  and wiry little  lady. I remember  there  was always  two  weeks in the summer holidays  when I was sent  to stay  with them all. I loved  have  my  cousin  on hand, Lyndy  was an only  child of a  single  Mum, and I was  the youngest  of  six  by  ten years  so we were almost both like only  children, and so  close in age  ( My Mum  having  me  in her late  forties  and  my  cousin  having  Lyndy when she was still  very young. ) We had a whale  of  a time . I remember playing out  late, something I could only  do in the garden at  home on  my  own but  at Lyndy’s we played in the street and with her  friends.

Aunty Glad had  what seemed like a huge  field of  a  garden  with  gooseberry  bushes  and rasberries and I remember  helping Uncle  Reg  pick  the fruit and  preparing  them in the kitchen with Aunty Glad! I loved  sharing  a room with Lyndy  we used  to talk and  plan  the  next  days excitement.

Lyndy  use  to spend  the other  two weeks of  the holidays  with  me up  in London. I  know  she loved staying  with us  in our  small and often crowded  house. I  think  Uncle  Reg  and Aunty Glad were  more  like grandparents  to  me  because  by  the  time I was able  to apreciate  them,  all mine  were dead.

Now  my Mum  also  had  two  very  good friends one of  whom was Aunty Betty. A wonderful  woman who  never  stopped  talking  at  great  speed. She  was a tall woman  and had a heart  of  gold. She  was married  to Uncle  Dick  who was a quiet man of  medium stature. He  too was lovely. My Mum and Aunty  Betty  where childhood friends and were bridesmaids  to each  other.

They  had a huge house, they  let one  floor out to students  from the Universities.  I always remember  there  was a bathroom in the  dinning  room! Yes it was strange  a  huge wood  and  glass erection  with  curtains. The  sides of  the walls did not reach  the ceiling …OH! it  was strange! Aunty  Betty  taught me  how  to bake  and make  lemonade, knit and hundreds of  other  things.

I used  to share a  room at  the top of  the house with Aunty Betty’s  only daughter who  was ten years older than me  and I thought  she was so glamourous ( there hangs a story  but not  for now or  even on this blog). The  best thing about  the room was  the view from the window in the eves I could  see all of  the Oxford  Spires  and in late sun , moonlight  or even sunrise they did  glitter. Right in the centre of  the  view  was Old Tom  the bell tower. I loved  to hear  his chimes.

Sadly now Uncle Dick, Aunty  Betty are  long gone. Their  Daughter is  somewhere in America  she cut  herself  off  from us  all.

My Mum was not  very  well when I was  a child  which  one  of  the reasons  for  my  Summer  and Easter  Holidays in Oxford.  Mum was in hospital  more  than once  and often during  school time. Now  I could  not  go  to Oxford  and miss  school however  much I  would of  liked to. So I went  half a  mile  up  the road  and around  the corner  to  stay  with Aunty George! Her real name was Anne  but  for some reason  she was called Aunty George. Now  she  and Mr George and  their  three  grown up  children  lived in a  beautiful house very similar  to the one  pictured  here!

Whenever I had  to stay there I slepped in the  girls  room and  the  girls  who  were in the upper  and lower  sixth  at  the school I was attending  though I was in the  junior part  of  the school, would take  me to and from school on the bus!

Aunty George  had  a huge  kitchen and a scullery, she  even had a twintub washing  machine! We did not have a washing machine of  any type in our  house. It was a lovely  house  and they were lovely  people. I used to love  going to  church  with the girls on Sunday. They  were in the choir and I joined  too. I loved  to sing and to hear  the two girls beautiful  voices.

Memories, I  may not of  known my  own grandparents  but I had  plenty  of  surrogates!


Nearly Grandparent Haiku

Glad  to help  and teach

To step in and fill the breach

Loving  memories


Just a thought I pray I  get the chance  to be a good grandma to my Newbie


This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 




1000 Voices Speak For Compassion: What is Compassion

1000 Voices Speak For Compassion

Yvonne Spencer mentioned this idea to me in a tweet this week. This is the question she posed after ruminating on some of the troubles blighting the world today.

How cool would it be if we could get 1000 bloggers on the same day to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement etc.? (Date to be decided.[it’s suggested 20th February 2015])
We could call it 1000 Voices For Compassion.
Who’s in?

Well I am. Here’s a a link  to Yvonne’s Blog and post  here 

What is compassion?

It is the capacity to want to help others, to feel for others. It is in short what should separate us from the animals. Sadly compassion seems to be spread very thin these days. Thousands starving and dying of thirst, disease and  war. What are we doing, we turn down our TVs and look away. They even have a name for this, Charity Fatigue.

Comfort me in  my  hour of need

Open your eyes and ears to me take heed

Mindfulness is needed here in the world

Pain and grief are like weapons  hurled.

All the  woes of  this vale of tears

Scream loudly in our ears

Sacred heart  give us hope

In you we trust , help us  cope.

OH! help us  to help each other

Now in our hour of need to love our sister and brother.


I do  not  know  who  this  man is but  I have used his  face more  than once when  writing  about  compassion. There  is  something  in his  eyes that  reach out  telling  his  story pain, grief  rejection it is  all there!

I used  his  face  last  at Christmas while I was  talking  about  Crisis at Christmas .  Crisis is  the National Charity  for single  hopeless people. They  are dedicated  to  helping  people  and  giving  them a chane  to change  their life’s for the better, to give  them hope.

The  Charity  works  all year  round of  course  but  they  also do  Crisis at Christmas.  Volenteers spend a  fortnight  cooking  for , providing  a  warm place  to stay  for those  lost and lonely people. They  give  them new  clothes , a  hair cut  if  they want  and  also help  them  to change  their  lives if  they  want  to. They  help  with  finding somewhere  to live  or a job  interview .

They  show  real  compassion  they  help  and  they are unpaid and  they  really  make  a  difference.

Jen, she was cheeky girl always having fun

Staying out late and playing up in the end it got too much for her mum!

After a big row one night  in the summer she asked Jen to go,

So she is struggling along out here now,

When you are homeless it is amazing how fast your friends all go.

Rob,  well his story is very sad,

It all started with his drinking then he discovered drugs

He became violent and everything turned bad.

He fell out with his mother’s boyfriend who told him he had to go

And then threw him out into the January snow.

The reasons are legion you can take your pick,

People  who  loose  their jobs  because  they became  sick

From parents who can’t cope

To addictions that make you loose all hope,

Parents or family who beat you, family who will not stop at a touch

They want, you to give them, it all gets way too much.


Mess in the alley

It’s finally stopped raining but your jeans are soaking wet

and if it were not for the tricks men make you turn you’d be worried about the cold that you could get.

The day is nearly over descending in to grey

you’re better off staying here now you are already wet and they need not see for what they pay.

You are feeling very twitchy it is hours since your last fix

your stomach is turning somersaults and your mood is between and betwixt.

You watch people passing the end of your little patch

some with shopping some with children all with lives you’d love to snatch.

School children walking home ipods in their ears

you pick up their discarded cigarettes and wistfully long for their, undone homework fears.

Life is so simple for them and some are older than you.

They would spill their guts and run a mile had they had to do some of the things you do.

If you did not feel so dizzy you really would stand up you need to tart your face up and put on a smile

the punters will be out soon soyou need to be ready in a while.

You hope and pray that you can score tonight the cramps are getting worse

and your legs are not up to running so there is no point in pinching some old dears purse.

You marvel at the fact that these men will still use you,

you look a mess and smell even worse but still you thank God that they do.

Why is your head thumping, you’ve not felt that way before

have you got enough cash for a sandwich you’ve some money in your back pocket of that you’re pretty sure.

Why can’t you stand up you push your hand down on the floor.

God what is this, is it blood it is, it is all over your hands and more.

Your legs have turn to jelly and you have never felt so cold

your chest feels tight and your guts hurt you so, you need to move you feel a hundred years old.

There is someone coming , you reach out for help,

they see the blood, they are so shocked they let out a yelp.

They haven’t stopped they have left you here what are you to do

Your life’s blood is leaving you fast and as you shed a tear

it all begins to go black suddenly, yet you feel no fear.

“Some one call an ambulance, but I think it is too late .

How could she just be left here and in such a state.”


Surely  we can feel compassion  for the awful  things we see in this  world. Not only  the young and old people  we see destitute  on our  streets. There  are  people all over  the world  suffering , women, men  children  in wars, ebola struck areas, prisoners  of  depotic people all over  the world.

What  can  we  do, buy  someone  homeless a sandwich, coffee, help  people . Be  empathic , love  care  learn true  compassion.

Tiny little fingers in the dust,

Huge eyes so sad begging for your crust.

You are so hungry you need it for you

But this is your child, who you can’t deny, true?

Hunger gnawing at your bones like cancer spreading fast.

You worry if you’ll be strong enough to find water, as what you have just will not last.

No one is going to help you, your sons and daughters gone for soldiers.

These two left will escape that fate as they will not grow much older.

Your milk dried up, your belly empty.

It hurts so much to walk but walk you must, you can’t stop.

The baby at your breast has long since ceased  crying.

This sweet young child clinging to your skirt is dying.

Where is the help  that was promised where is the aid that you need.

You have walked days now with no hope of helping your children not even to feed.

The baby needs medicine the western doctors dispense 

You have to flee from your home just were is the sense.

War at your left side famine at your righ,

 Politicians and corrupt leaders uncaring of your plight.

Had you stayed they would of killed you or worse …

OH! my poor children your birth is your curse.

Standing at the top of the hill

You can see a straggling encampment a red cross flag flying still.

You put down the baby his soul already flown

To your husbands arms now, at least not alone.

You need to rest  but your aim is in reach .

You lay in the dust next to your babes, close your eyes  just ignore the flies.

Tiny little fingers in the dust , huge eyes so sad finally closed.

Where is  the help that was promised where is the aid.

War on your left side famine at your right

They no longer threaten you Death has arrive to erase your plight.

1000 Voices Speak For Compassion

Love is in Da Blog : Diamonds in the Dust

Just Fooling Around  With  Bee said : But enough of the wonderful memories. Let’s celebrate our extended families and the love they give us in any form you prefer!

Diamonds in the Dust

Not always there in person but always by your side 

To always lend that helping hand. To be a loving special guide.

To understand when no one does to place in you their trust.

When all is lost and all are gone they are the diamonds in the dust.


 Money’s lost and you’ve missed the bus, there is just one person you can phone.

When you can talk and you can walk they’ll discretely drop you home.

 They’ll pick you up and hose you down and make sure you are sober.

 To find the shoe that you have lost all stones they will turn over.

 They help you out asking for nothing in return when all eslse  is bust

They are the diamonds in the dust


To smile with you and delight in your pleasure and celebrate your minor wins

To celebrate what  you treasure they defend you when all consign  you to the  bins 

True to you they always stay no matter if you are far away,

With them it is never “Out of sight and out of mind” to support  you is a must

They don’t forget they are always kind those diamonds in the dust.


So when you stand alone without a helping hand.

Hope is gone and all seems lost  the  fires of  fear  are fanned.

The ones who never left your side, who always waved your banner

Still stand for you at any cost they are  as  fullfilling  as  heaven’s manner.

So remember as you sieve your life

The good the bad all the damn strife,

As you separate the wheat from the chaff as they blow away in a winds gust.

The ones that stay and never sway are the diamonds in the dust.


This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 


Love is in Da Blog: Brothers and Sisters

Just Fooling  Around  With  Bee said: So today we celebrate the love between sisters and brothers in any way you feel it should be celebrated!

Sister Winter  Brother Ice 

And so gently and silently the roots made their way ever closer to where she lay.

The earth above was hard with snow yet she lay safe and warm just feet below.

Breathing in and breathing out her body rising and falling she is alive no doubt.

A wreath of mistletoe adorns her head she is warm and cosy in her dress of red.

In here arms he gently sleeps he is huge and soft, dangerous, but her safe he keeps.

Sister Winter gently sleeps. Brother Ice  keeps her  in his care, opens one eye and peeps.

Spring is surely on her way her snow drops and crocus buds are already out to play.

Brother Ice  spends the winter season  travelling with Sister Winter it is his point it is his reason.

He loves her deeply like no other he will protect her with his life ,

Travelling on through ice and snow

Together across the wastelands together they go.

Gentle care Brother Ice will always show Sister Winter for in truth he loves  her so.


Brothers  and sisters look out  for each other. We argue  and fall out and  then  we grow back together. We  help  each other  we stand  back  and let  each  other  make  our  bad  mistakes, we applaud  the loudests  at  each others  triumphs. We  feel each others  pain … each other  are   the words ! We are  there  for each other  when needed  and gone  when not. We  may  not  be perfect  but  we love each other !

Bossy but no always so 

There for each other

Love  for us. will always grow    

This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 









Love is in Da Blog: Fathers

Just Fooling  Around  With Bee said: That is why today we celebrate the fathers in our lives no matter if they are related or not.

This  is  another  of  my  older  poems , my  favourite  poems, written  about  my  Dad.


A tribute to my Father  1905 – 1976


He was a quiet man, he was a helpful caring man.

Handsome in his youth a dashing man,a fighter for rights.

A union man, a fighting for the under dog, man. An “I’ll do it if I can man” .

He met my Mum, a wooing man, a handsome flashing eyed Irishman.

A black haired almost wild man, a stand up for what I am man.

A good man to trust your life to and my Mum did,

my Dad

He was an out in the open man. What see is what you get man, nothing  hid.

He worked hard he was a family man. A sturdy, bring home the wages man,

A giver, comforter a lover man. A home maker man someone to carry the can man.

A there until the end man.

He was a stern man, when you had done wrong, though he was a quick to praise man.

A happy to teach you a lessen in a song man. A teacher man,sometimes a preacher man

An always there when it counted man. He was a father of the bride man, and he handed all his daughters away.

He was the man who supported his sons when they became the married men.


He was a support man, and adviser man the lover of lilies of the valley man.

He was reunited with my Mum man when they saw us all gone.

He was a plain man to the end man, not a flourish and bouquet,

Nor a black magic man,an honest to the end man.

He was a deaf man, but he heard what was important man!

At the end, a blind man, in stature a tiny man in truth a giant man.

A truly missed man , a wish you where here man.

He is a gone but not a forgotten man.


Don’t ever think  I didn’t listen or  learn from you

Although you are gone I will remember  you tught  me true

Do I  miss you, do I  love  you  . Yes I do.


And  a poem I wote  for my  son  on the birth of  his first son.


Now  you have a son

Your work has  just  begun

You have  a lot  to learn

But  that  should  not  course you concern.


You’ll rush home  from work

To bath him. You will not shirk

Your  duties as a father  that I know

You will delight  in him as you watch  him grow.


Now there will be feeding,  burping and nappies  to change

Pacing  the floor at night, at first  that will be strange.

It may  not  be plain  sailing it  may  not  be  all fun

But  it is  they stuff of life  so make  the most of him my Son.



This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 



Love is in Da Blog: Mother Love Acrostic

Just Fooling Around  With  Bee said: This post is dedicated to all of them: Birth-mothers, step-mothers, mother-in-laws, aunts, friends, therapists, doctors, bosses…. you name them.

This prompt is a free one: Chose whichever form suits you but show some love to the mothers in your life.


Mother Love 


Mother love is selfless and deeper than the 

Ocean, boundless and undemanding  always 

There when you need it. No judgement or side taken

However far or expensive to pocket or heart. Love is  

Everlasting, open handed  and without question.

Ready always to be sweep in and  scoop you up and love you.


Loyal and true always at the end of a phone

Open minded to your problems never judging or

Vengeful unless called to be on your behalf

Even though you may not deserve it , it’s there Mother Love.



This   song  reminds  me of  when my  mother  died  I miss her  so much I am crying  as I write!

Here is  a poem I wrote about  my  mum  many of  you will of  seen it before  but  this is about  mothers isn’t it?



My Mother

Gentle she was, a young woman of means, beautiful in her Marcel Wave she was.

A hair dresser with her own shop a teaser of hair and tresses.

Then the quiet Irish man took her eye and her heart.

Not impressed were her parents with the young Irish trade unionist from the motor trade.

Time eventually brought them round to accept the vows the young couple had made.

Grief she bore when her fist born died at six months

brave she was to have more. Three girls then two boys , and two more angels lost in-between.

Then after all was finished me, making six.

Hard she worked to bring us up and support her quiet man who was there for her too.

Kind she was, good and open hearted she was.

The door always open to family and waifs and strays

big hearted she was to all who past through our door.

Always there she was, with words of wisdom and comfort.

Her beautiful heart shone through her eyes.

Patient she was  but there was temper there if needed,

she was not strong or mean but if needed her children and her man she would defend to the death!

Beautiful she was in features and in heart

there was not task she would not finish if she had made a start.

Cried for her daughters she did as her man gave them away

and when her sons went too she had a proud day.

Together alone again by themselves again.

Happy she was full of the business of her quiet man.

Yet she was always ready to talk and help and ease our pain.

Cleaver she was but not school or college wise she was wise in life and love and truth and need.

Lonely she was when her man was taken ,

wept she did as she wanted to join him.

Lost she was without the quiet man .

Heart broken she became though she threw herself in to caring for grandchildren.

Gone she was before her body, her mind and soul went to him.

Lost to us she was, a smile here and there maybe a flash of recognition.

Unknowing of all around her she was,sad eyed frighted lamb lonely lonely.

Tiny she was when she went sadly lost to us long before .

Gone into her mind to find her quiet man.

Tears we shed for her,we wept in grief and I in anger because so long had she been gone and I had wanted to talk to her,

but gone she really was.

Anemones her favourite flowers were they always remind me of her.

I forgave her for leaving me and now accept she had to go

as by the side of her quiet man was where she had to be.

Never to be forgotten.







This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 



Hello  and  welcome  come in it is lovely  to see you all here. Sorry  about  yesterday  but  Paul was  not  feeling  tip  top  due  to his Dialisis treatment over in Canada and I had  to  go  and have  a Gastroscopy. So  neither  Paul  or  I felt up  to doing  our  Sunday  bout of  entertaining.

But  we  both  love  to have  you all visit  so  we are  here  today, Monday  to  invite  you all in.  So the fires are lit  the cushions are plumped up and  we have  the coffee and tea on  the go  and the cakes and sweets are all set out.  We  have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having  Coffee: I would ask  you what  has been going on in your world this week, has  anything  deeply affected  you, have  you need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry  on or  just  needed someone  to make  you laugh! If  yes  feel free to talk it out  here  with us. We will all help if  we can.

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster   and it is growing like Topsie!

What  a week it has been  and  If we were having Coffee: I would  tell  you all about it. Where  shall I start , of course I have been to the gym  with  my  gym  buddy  and  her  latest  Newbie  ( number 5 ) has arrived  and it is a boy! She  and  her  whole  family  are delighted!

If we were having Coffee: I would  tell you  the husband  is having a better  social  life  than  me right now. He  was out  to lunch on Thursday  with  an old  work  colleague  then in the evening  we  were  out  for a  meal  with  friends . We  had a lovely  time  in an old pub  that  does  amazing  grub!

Friday  the husband  was off away  with  some other  work friends  they  had a trip  to the south  coast, a  meal out   then the next  morning  they had  breakfast out  then took a walk  along  the seafront! Was I  jealous….. not a bit I had  the house  and the TV pusher  to myself!! Yes!

If we were having Coffee: Saturday  was a read letter  day  for  me. I went  to  my  usual  core  class  and  was delighted  to find  it falling into to place. Yes  it  was hard  and yes it  hurt  but  I really  felt  I was in command  of  my  body! I had  to drag  myself  home   but  then after a  coffee  I texted  my  Pilates  and Gym  instructor  and  told  them  both  that I  felt  I had  nailed it!! Thanks  to the two of  them. They  both  gallantly  said it  was more  to do with  my  determination  than  their  hard  work . I decided it  must  be  half  and  half !

Now  can I  off you  another  drink  or  some  cakes  or  biscuits?

Coffee cake and biscuits

If we were having Coffee: I would  say  today  is  the day of  the week  that  that I have been dreading day  of  the  big G (Gastroscopy ) So  it  was up  early  off to the hospital and  then  the procedure. Luckily  it  is  not  a long  process   but  it rather uncomfortable. They  spray  your  throat  with  anesthetic  then  put  a camera  down your  oasphaus, gullet  and stomach. They  took a biopsy  for a  test and had  a look around , thankfully  all was  looking  well, no  ulcers no  blockages! Thankfully it is  over  and apart  from a soar throat I am fine  but tired!

If we were having Coffee:I have been very  busy  with Love Is In Da Blog at Just fooling  Around  With Bee  Boy  has  she  set us  some  hard  tasks   but I have  never  been  one  to shrink from a challenge.  Do pop along and have a look at  her  blog  and all the entries!

If we were having Coffee: I would  like  to remind  you  about  the

A Thousand Voices Speak For Compassion

I heard about it first  on TanGental’s page here   and also on Gene’Os page  here . The idea  is to get 1000 bloggers on the same day to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement etc.? (Date to be decided.(it’s suggested 20th February 2015) We could call it 1000 Voices For Compassion.Who’s in? I really  would  like to be  but I need to think really  hard  about  what  to write about  but I am  going to think about it  and I am going to take part … If  anyone  has any  suggestions I would  be very grateful to hear them!

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s

If We Were Having Coffee Guest Post– Feb.16/2015 Interesting Tipbits

Interesting Tipbits

Welcome to Willow’s weekly coffee and tea garden. My name is Paul, I’ll be your barista today and I’m happy to be here once again. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. Willow has plumped the cushions and started a cozy fire so we can warm ourselves while we have a cuppa and chat. As usual, I’d be pleased to bring a pot of whatever be

verage you prefer – we have a wide range of teas and coffees to satisfy our world-wide readership. Also available is a large selection of spirits for addition to your cuppa or in its place. We can relax while we discuss the affairs of the week both personal and/or worldwide. How has your week been?

As much as I dislike talking too much about the weather, it is noteworthy here today – currently at -21 C and dropping to -27 C with a wind chill of -38 C (at -40 Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same). The sun is out but as far as benefits, all that does is make it easier to see those who froze and fell into snow banks (just joking we are all bundled up and sticking inside). That is very cold even for here, wind chills colder than -40 are very rare here and very dangerous – it takes only seconds for skin to freeze. I can clearly recall some years ago unloading a fuel tanker at night with temps around -50 and even with eyeglasses and safety goggles, my eye lashes were freezing together when I blinked. That said, I’m sitting here nice and toasty right now, typing away and am looking forward to our chat in front of Willow’s fireplace today with a cuppa and a sweet. I had a rough week with dialysis and Willow had an appointment Sunday, so we decided to publish one day later than usual. I hope you still found us for a cuppa and a sweet.

We are having a number of small national issues this week, just the usual when you run a country – a train carrying crude oil in northern Canada derailed 100 cars and caught fire. It is so far out in the bush and it is so cold that they are not sure how they are going to put it out. The crew detached the engines, which were unharmed and left the burning train there. I suppose it will warm up the beavers and squirrels and likely go out by itself eventually. If sales of hotdogs and buns increase, you can be assured the forest animals are having a party. Oh, would you like a hot cuppa (or something stronger) and a sweet?

The interesting and rather unusual news over here is actually about a European. The German chancellor – Angela Merkel – is being lauded for her diplomacy in holding the European Union together. She’s been bopping around the world in the last few weeks (here too, not sure why) making diplomatic maneuvers that appear to have paid off. She has brokered a cease fire in Ukraine and has been dealing with Greece’s current/ongoing debt issues. Her down to earth handling of political and economic issues has gained her a 70% approval rating in her third term (11 years now) – an unheard of approval rating for any long term politician.

Merkel is known for her steadfast belief that the EU is better facing the future together than apart. She also is very pragmatic, knowing, for instance that the Ukrainian issue will be a long term problem and the best she can do is achieve a cease fire to allow negotiations. Germany has become the strongest and most influential member of the EU under Merkel and now sways a great deal of economic and political clout with respect to the direction the EU takes in the future. Indeed from North America, Ms. Merkel appears to be one of the sole but solid forces keeping the EU on track and in unity. We wish here the best in the future. Speaking of which, although she can do another term in Germany, there are rumors circulating that she is interested in a big UN job that comes open in 2016. We shall see.

That’s about all we have room for this week, so it’s time to settle in with another cuppa and watch the fire. Sweets anyone? Please join me in thanking Willow for her invitation to tea. We are all honored that you dropped by today to visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and the conversation and please look around at Willow’s other posts while you’re here. Willow is over there serving her guests and chatting it up. Let’s go see how she is today. Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you back here for tea again next week.

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s

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