Guest Post By Paul. If we were having coffee.

Hello everyone! Now  this is a new  departure  for  me so fingers crossed  that  all goes well .    Pause  for  sharp intake  of  breath  and nervous shuffle  from  those  among you  with  more  delicate dispositions! 

What , I hear  you all asking , is  she up to now? 


Photo by  willow

Photo by willow

I have stared  a  new  weekly  challenge   called  If we were having  coffee  which is  meant  to go out  every  Sunday  ( sometimes  and I am late   and it  goes  out on Monday!)  . The  original idea  came  from Diana   AKA    part time monster   .

Okay  now  you know  what I am talking  about.  I want to introduced  to you   Paul   If you have , and I hope  you have,  followed  the link  on Paul’s  name  you will find   out that Paul  has a Gavatar  but not blog!

Through  no  fault  of his own Paul ‘s  laptop  will not play  at blogs nicely.  This means  he cannot  contribute any  posts  but  he  does  read our  work and comment ! 

Well,  Paul  left  a comment on  my  blog    on 20th July  which  was worthy  of a blog , as I have noticed many of  his comments  are.  So Paul and I have  agreed  that  he will email  me an  “If we were having coffee”  in time  for  me to post it on Sunday,

  So welcome  to Paul.       Pause  for applause! 

Today is  Tuesday, well it is here,  but so as not  to beat about  the bush  anymore   here is Paul‘s comment  promoted  to 



If we were having coffee I would tell you that:

Your new Grandbaby is amazing Willow. I thought that smiling and sleeping through the night were behaviours that occurred later on. He sure is awesome.

I’ll have that cuppa now, if you don’t mind. This week was relatively good for me. No bad news. I managed to get my medications (vitamins and such) and I feel much better. Dialysis went well this week – little pain and good runs with few interruptions. I picked up some bread and have enough to get me through to my next disability cheque.

The ceiling is still leaking bad when it rains hard but the manager has promised to get it fixed. He has also promised to replace the wallboard and ceiling where it is molding from all the water. Here’s hoping he keeps his word.

No luck on the job front, but it’s been over 2 years of trying now and with my age and health issues, I doubt anyone will want to hire me. Like I said, no more bad news this week, and that is good.

I’ll have another cuppa if you will – thirsty today. Ha! I popped over to Grandmalin to wish her my best – from one cancer survivor to another. She seems in a good mood today, but as she noted, some days are better than others. I guess we have to appreciate what we have and be grateful. It seems to be a part of the answer.

I’m sad that your in-laws are upsetting you. I don’t know what to say. At least your hubby will be better shortly – bad luck getting food poisoning. I’ve had it before when travelling and it is terrible – please give him my best. When he is better perhaps it will take some of the in-law pressure off of you. Meanwhile you have your new Grandbaby to coo over (at least in photos). I never did have any children so it is a pleasure I’ll never have. Enjoy.

And how is your garden coming? Do you get many butterflys visiting? It must be very relaxing to have your coffee in the garden surrounded by all that beauty.

Well, I’ve had my two cups of coffee and have to go now, it is a long way home. 😀 I really enjoyed our chat and I hope we get to do it again sometime. You should make this coffee time a regular feature – just to keep in touch. Take Care and I’ll see you next time Willow.


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul
    Jul 22, 2014 @ 12:23:01

    Thank you very much Willow for allowing me this opportunity to guest on your blog. I will strive to intrigue your readers to the high standard you’ve set. – Paul.


  2. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Jul 22, 2014 @ 15:48:22

    Nice to meet you Paul. Sorry life hasn’t been co-operating this last while. 😦
    This has been a delightful conversation over coffee. What an awesome idea, Willow, to do a weekly spot.


    • willowdot21
      Jul 22, 2014 @ 15:53:49

      He is good isn’t he !


    • Paul
      Jul 22, 2014 @ 16:12:21

      Hi LCTC! I appreciate your comment. Well, life’s fine. There is little or no pain, I have full control of my faculties, I have enough to eat, and I can peek out into the world and exchange ideas with others on blogs. There is lots to wish for, but conversely there’s been many many worse days when I would have given everything for the relative calm of today. Ha! it’s kind of like one of those mountain climbing shows where the climbers are forced to stop for the night on the face of a cliff and they assemble these little tents that hang from the rock face, and they climb in and spend the night sleeping while swinging from cables attached to the rock face. Ha! My life kind of feels a bit like that right now. I try not to look down too much. 😀

      I think we will have a wonderful time meeting for coffee on Sundays. I’m looking forward to it and hope you will join us. There is so much interesting in everyone’s life – stuff that we each take for granted but that is new to the rest of us. See you there!


  3. ~ Sadie ~
    Feb 28, 2015 @ 22:37:05

    Yep – APPLAUSE! I’m a little late to these posts, but enjoying them all the same 🙂


  4. Paul
    Feb 28, 2015 @ 23:45:30

    Hi Sadie! I was confused there for a minute – I didn’t remember writing this – Ha! thanks so much for dropping by- it is an honor to see you again. I am pleased that you are enjoying these posts.


  5. julie
    Apr 29, 2015 @ 15:47:09

    PAUL!!! And you called me an old dog! (on the blog X made for me) I have never followed willowdot home, but I must admit, I like the name and was very tempted… Also a great idea!


    • willowdot21
      Apr 29, 2015 @ 16:33:11

      Welcome Julie have a seat and a coffee Paul is on his way. Xxxx


    • Paul
      Apr 29, 2015 @ 17:01:08

      Julie, Julie, Julie! How are ya? I see you’ve found Willow’s site. I do a weekly Sunday guest post (I have missed a few due to illness) and would welcome you to join us. We serve tea and coffee and adult beverages – anything you like, we’ll stock it. And the sweets are all calorie free! Cake, cookies (Willow calls them biscuits), your choice. And while we relax we chat about the week’s happenings = personal, national, international, whatever. Take a look around – Willow does amazing poetry and commentary. hanks so much for the visit, ya’ll come back, ya hear?


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