Sword of Runes Chapter 4

So the boy Andrew grew to be a man a brave and true gentle man.

Lady Susan and the Faery Queen  have taught him all they can.

They accompanied him on his journey of knowledge to Glastonbury

They supported him, watched him grow into a hero. On the Tor his childhood they did bury.


The sword was forged in magic white

Forged  for good  to to protect the light

Evil watched and planned it move

Evil’s Dark Knight of Doom  had much to prove.


By sweat of  brow and heat of fire.

Andrew fought the ingot to make the sword Nature had inspired.

Blackened  by the the fires of the forge  he wrought the sword of life.

Evil, from the shaows watched

raised his hate up a noch as it planned to cause Earth strife.


The sword was forged in magic white

Forged  for good  to to protect the light

Evil watched and planned it move

Evil’s Dark Knight of Doom  had much to prove.


Lady Susan the wise  had watch our  hero flourish  before her eyes.

Leona fair, the Faery Queen  had taught him well all but taught him how to fly.

Now  he must  be ready to face the Evil Knight of Doom.

Evil smiles he is ready his prodigy  is  primed and will ride out soon.

The sword was forged in magic white

Forged  for good  to to protect the light

Evil watched and planned it move

Evil’s Dark Knight of Doom  had much to prove.








Sword of Runes chapter 3

In darkness kept, starved of light,
Was bred the evil child of the night.
It grew despite great cruelty,
It’s screams unheard as it struggled to be free.


Evil trained this , it’s prodigy so when the time came
It would reak grief and strife upon the earth, all good to defame.
No one knew of this abomination except evil and Mother Earth.
That is why she had enlisted Lady Susan’s help before her loved boy’s birth.

That is why the boy, Andrew was taught in nature’s ways.
And why Leona, Faery Queen had protected him all his days.
So now the evil stirs and rises up a the Dark Evil Knight of Doom.
Let us hope Bold Andrew is ready for his quest for it is to begin very soon.

Sword of Runes , chapter 2

And so the sword was made,

Bold  Andrew stepped out upon the path that fate had laid.

Not  knowing that his  way was dark, dangerous and beset with  treachery

He set out to upon his quest with hope in his heart and willingness to make all evil flee.


Lady Susan had raised  her beautiful child

To be honest, bold and true to the ways of the wild.

She honoured nature  for she knew this boy of hers  had been marked

To defend the world,with the sword he alone would forge from magic sparked.


While  the child grew to a man with guidance from his Mother

The Darkness grew an evil one , The Dark evil knight of Doom.. None other!

Leona the faery Queen taught young Andrew  her magic ways

She and Lady Susan, the wise, made sure he did not waste his learning days.


Though maybe not completely worldly wise the time for Andrew  arrived

His Sword was made by his own hand  and sweat. The trials of the forge he had survived.

The Darkness was gathering the threats began to arrive  Leona and Susan felt the cold chills.

It was time to set their prodigy forth, ready and armed to to champion the world and to rid it of all ills.


And so the sword was made,

Bold  Andrew stepped out upon the path that fate had laid.

Not  knowing that his  way was dark, dangerous and beset with  treachery

He set out to upon his quest with hope in his heart and willingness to make all evil flee.

Sword of Runes

Brave young Andrew had a goal

To be like  all the Knights of old!

So he set forth to Somerset to Glastonbury Tor

To forge a sword of magic strength to be his for evermore.


Forged of steel a millenia old  with a magic rune design

Smelt in the fires of an acient Smith magic and lore entwined.

His  Mother Susan the wise acompanied him on his quest

The fair Leona, faery Queen  betroved of  heart there also at his behest.


To hide  their high born nobleness and lofty heritage

A humble cottage  their dewilling was so with the locals they could merge.

So now we wait with excitement growing

How fairs the bold Andrew is his sword a glowing.


With honest sweat upon his brow

Lessons leaned from the crusty Smitthy now.

Hail brave Knight , Sir Andrew the bold

We wait, breath baited  your weapon to behold!


The captive soul


For years it fought against it’s thether

Yet the harder it fought the more it would wither.

It  caused itself so much pain,

Yearning for a freedom it never could gain.

Finally exhausted it decided one day

To no longer try to break away.

It decided that it should be what it should be.

So the soul stopped fighting, relaxed. Immediately it was set free.



Nature at Large

Nature's might

Nature’s might

I know I missed Earth Day  on 22nd April  but I really wanted  to share this!

I noticed a crack in the Tarmac  at  the base  of a  lampost that I pass  most days.  The  crack  grew  and then to my amazement a  mushroom appeared! Tarmac rock hard  and solid, mushroom soft , very soft.

Nature is so strong  stronger than anything man made.


I allow you to live here

I even allow you to think you are in charge.

You have mistreated me and now for you I fear.

I should of reined you in not let you run at  large.

You  have taken all  my  gifts and squandered them

My treasures  are  not infinite, so empty now I bleed.

You  have raped me and burned my surface, caused mayhem,

I fear I cannot forever support you, listen it is your co operation I need.



Listen to the message.

Listen to the message.

We need to stop  and listen to Mother Earth she is stronger than us  and if we carry on  in our selfish ways she desroy us all.

She may do it quickly and violently  or slowly quietly  just stop  supporting us. Either way  she will win  because  no matter  what  “man” thinks we are here because  she allows us to be.



Rejoice, Rejoice

They thought all was lost they thought  that  he was gone.

They walked sadly to his tomb  feel hopeless, everthing was wrong.

The sun was shining, like any other day

Yet  what they found  left them with no  words to say.


“He is no longer here” a smiling  young  man said

“He is alive  so rejoice.  Your friend, your son is no longer  dead!”

Unbelieving  they all stood and stared at  the empty space

“Where is he” asked the  woman , “I need to see his face”


No one had stolen him,  there had been a guard outside

Yet  he was gone , his tomb empty . All rules of life defied.

“Go” said  the young man “go tell all who believed in him

He is Risen  and gone to his father. He died to cleanse your sins.”


They went forth into the world and gladly  spread  the news.

And their beloved Jeus did appear  to them to expell their  blues.

He died  for us, an awful painful death. He sacrificed for us the  most  that  he could give.

He washed away mandkind’s sins so in his beautiful light all of us could live.



I am so sorry I have been abscent for  a while and have not been able  to read  your posts  but  you  are  all in  my  thoughts!

So to all of  you Happy Easter  be Blessed  and Happy.

I hope to be back properly  soon.

Love  willow xxxxxx

Now you are a Dad

Now  you have a son

Your work has  just  begun

You have  a lot  to learn

But  that  should  not  course you concern.


You’ll rush home  from work

To bath Max. You will not shirk

Your  duties as a father  that I know

You will delight  in him as you watch  him grow.


Now there will be feeding,  burping and nappies  to change

Pacing  the floor at night, at first  that will be strange.

It may  not plain  sailing it  may  not  be  all fun

But  it is  they stuff of life  so make  the most of Max my Son.







The Newbie has arrived

I have become a Grandma , OH! what can I say

A miricle has happend  a new generation born today.

Of  my blood’s blood is  born a boy

A beautiful ,wonderful   bundle of joy

My  boy has  come of age he has become a man

There are not words enough to say how happy I am.


Today our son and his wife have given us the most precious gift, new life. The little Newbie I have spoken of for the last nine months.

There are not words special enough to express how happy  and grateful that we feel.

Thank you all for baring  with me. I have one piece  of advice for them , words I hope I have fullfilled. 


Don’t call me Red.

Red is startling, red is bright

Edits  the colour  of my life.

Defines all that I am.


Heat   is my  colour

Always  stunning to view

Interesting never duller

Red hair beautiful true.




You can call me ginger

Or  carrot top

I smile at ginger minger

but it hurts ….. please stop.

Names don’t define me  I am more

Your names hurt like picking a sore.



RED  is  my hair green are  my eyes

LIGHT are my thoughts like butterflies.

GREEN the thoughts you have  for me.

LIGHT weight the side of me , you see.

AMBER  freckles creased by my smile

LIGHT up day by not ribbing me  for a while.




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