Just Jot it January. 5/01/14

Just Jot it January. The rules are easy!


My  friend has gone to Iceland leaving me behind

My friend has gone  to Iceland I think this rather unkind!

My tummy is a grumbling and head is still so sore

I thought I might feel better  by, now but I feel worse than before.

My vampire bear  is sulking

He is sharpening his fangs  and practicing  skulking!

My  friend has gone to Iceland leaving me behind

My friend has gone  to Iceland I think this rather unkind!

Dreaming? ~ Calling Dreams and Dreamers ~ Music Theme for 5 January 2014


Now  before I start in earnest the  first  video is dedicated to Phil Everly who died yesterday, 4th January. 

Everly Brothers


The Queen of Dreams


Tossed upon the Sea of Dream’s

Is the fairest of all fairy queens.

The most amazing sight you have seen

Hair of red loosed, rosary beads of green

From her head and down her hair

Slips the crown that she is used to wear.

Say you  what is this to us, but have a care

Our lives depend on how she will fair

On the sea of dreams out there.

She is the fairy queen of dreams

She nurtures our hopes and all our schemes.

She it is who stills our screams

When evil haunts us in our wildest dreams.

Then gently leads us to quieter scenes.

So listen close and have a care for if she drowns out there

Upon the sea of dreams  we’ll not be safe asleep anywhere.

There must be a hero in dream land somewhere

Who can rush out and rescue the likes of her.

We need our fairy queen so very very fair.



Dr Martin Luther’s  speech

West  Life

Sweet dreams Eurythmics


The Dream Chatcher


Every night while we all sleep

Across the lake her nets she casts deep

But it is not fish but our dreams

Our hopes, needs and all our schemes.

Secret birds of the night

Spy her whilst on their endless flight.

Why does she spend every night

Endeavoring our dreams to hold tight.

She is waif like she is fair ,

She is heart broken and full of disrepair .

Why does she always cast her net at night

Shying away from us all and avoiding all light.

Secret birds of the night

Spy her whilst on their endless flight.

Why does she spend every night

Endeavoring our dreams to hold tight.

Once like us she walked in the light

This was before she was condemned to endless night.

She had a lover who she worshiped and adored

Yet he betrayed and left her though she wept and implored.

Secret birds of the night

Spy her whilst on their endless flight.

Why does she spend every night

Endeavoring our dreams to hold tight.

Anger and jealousy beset her she could not live

She could not breath or think without her lover

In rage she sort him out and she did discover

He was wrapped in the legs and arms of another.

Secret birds of the night

Spy her whilst on their endless flight.

Why does she spend every night

Endeavoring our dreams to hold tight.

She cut them deep, she bled them dry

And as she did all she could do was cry.

She screamed at the Sun to no longer shine on her

She begged the Night to keep her and never let this hurt reoccur

Secret birds of the night

Spy her whilst on their endless flight.

Why does she spend every night

Endeavoring our dreams to hold tight.

The God of love and goodness took pity on her

Set her to fishing for dreams and hopes her soul to repair.

So this endless task is hers,  never to be free

Of all the hopes and dreams that escape from you and me

Secret birds of the night

Spy her whilst on their endless flight.

Why does she spend every night

Endeavoring our dreams to hold tight.



Mama Cass Elliot

California Dreaming Mamas and  the Papas


Cloud House


Gently springing through the clouds skipping stones

Escape at last  the hustle bustle and the mobile phones.

Finally all weights are lifted from your shoulders

Your are free now to enjoy dreams let your heart grow bolder.

Worries, leave  them all behind, forget harsh words they are so unkind

Cut the ties that keep you back  and undo the ribbons that you to the earth do bind

Smile and lift your arms up heavenward and float into the midnight sky

Lease your dreams and wishes now and up to your cloud house fly

From the tree to the door skip those stones, there are four.

Wave to the two geese in the yellow sky

And envy the ride in the balloon  as it sails by.

Relinquish those worries and watch your spirits soar!



Dreams Fleetwood Mac

Nightmare  before Christmas Burton’s  original poem


The night creepers


They are fogging my mind, clawing at my eyes making me blind.

Ripping through my brain exposing my soul and raping my mind.

Clouding my vision and pinning me down, kicking away my pedestal and  stealing my crown.

Clawing and scratching , fumbling and pawing, delving into my dreams knocking me to the ground.

Relentless perusing me never giving up.  Bleeding me dry gnawing my bones

Drowning me slowly holding me down dragging my nakedness over the stones

Pounding , pounding  grinding away.  Sucking out my marrow  by night and by day.

Slowly they are removing the soul out of me.

Pinning me down making sure I shall never, ever be free.



Nightmare on Elm Street

Midsummer’s night’s dream Ballet by Menselssohn


Dream Bubble


The sky is almost indigo with wispy clouds  outside my cage,

Inside there are bubbles that I blow,blow, blow.Sitting here I burn incandescent with rage,rage, rage.

Oh! how many bubbles I do not know but inside each, taught emotions grow,grow,grow.

How many thoughts can you sow unto barren cold ground?? They cannot grow, grow, grow.

My black hair flows in the wind that through my cage blows, blows, blows

A red trim in my hair flows.

I am wearing a black bask with ostrich feather trim trim trim.

It makes my bust look good and my waist thin, thin, thin!

Sitting here on my silver swing,

I look at my sexy purple leather knee high boots, boots, boots.

I count the bubbles, grief, loss, anger, pain and irritation.

Some of the bubbles are bursting and water drips from them like irrigation.

Below my cage the ocean ebbs and flows

Deep and dark and with the liquid from my bubbles it grow, grows, grows.

Lets blow some more bubbles  greed, avarice,lust,

Why yes those three are a must, must,must.

I am tired of sitting here on my own.

Lonely grows she who sits here on the swing throne, throne, throne.

A few more bubbles pride, prejudice loathing, enough, now like my bubbles I shall  roam,roam, roam




The Dream


The other night while flying high across the cold black winter’s sky I saw a cluster of stars, they winked at me from afar. I was curious to see just why they winked  when they saw me.

The tiny cluster of stars which were grouped together just south of Mars were celebrating with delight the shiny furnament of night.

The twinkling sparkling dancing light leapt from side to side across the night. I joined in and leapt and played and lazily from star to planet I flipped and swayed. Spinning through the universe the view from Rhea is diverse. Looking out into the distance I noticed a planet which looked so blue .

Such vibrant colours it promised me ,

I could not resist I had to go and see.

As I grew near it was clear to see the blue, blue planet looked sad to me.

Gently reaching out

I asked how all it sadness had come about.

With all it worries on its shoulders

It told me how its’ people had let it moulder

They have worked it too hard and emptied it out

And broken its back it was exhausted of that there is  no doubt.

I was grief stricken and could  not understand how could this of come about.

They had broken a hole in its ozone  and now it’s Sun was burning it’s land

Shifting the seasons as  famine and death walked fast

Hand in hand. Why would they do this to you I asked.

Why would they repay you with grief , why

Why  would they condemn their planet to die.

Why do they not understand

That what they have, had was a gift given from God’s own hand.

How could they have laid this poor planet so low.

It broke my heart but I needed to know.

The answer is not a pretty one ,

Greed, war and ignorance have strutted too long

Now the resources of this planet are  nearly all gone.

I awoke with a start but I instantly knew

That what my dream was telling me was true.

We are loosing our planet our mother earth

We have used her and abused her and forgotten her worth.

I really don’t know if it is too late .

If it is the outcome is too fearful to contemplate.



Zager and Eveans in thr Year 2525


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