EvDaDaDec: Mae and Polar Bear. 31/12/12

Deep within her castle . The evil witch of the East reached out her soul.

Over fields of snow and mountains high she soared though not whole.

She traveled straight to her enemies camp and into Polar bears mind!

At once Polar Bear awoke not as himself but as the wicked Witch.

Before anyone could move she grabbed  the child and was gone, her plan perfect, carried out without  a glitch.

Poor Polar Bear fell to the ground his body was still as still

For  with  the child  the Witch  had taken , also, Polar Bear’s  free will.

He lay there in a coma , this is what our  precious Mae  had  seen.

This horror was the reason that her screams had awoken her from her dream.

Mae  was inconsolable her fears were running riot
But however much she dreaded the worst, her terrors she had to quiet.

Ewen stood before her he had listened to what  she had seen

There is no hope of turning back  now, whispered the Winter Queen.

So with heavy  heart and sickening fear Mae mounted,  Vlad, her ride

Ewen  and his Sister  too astride their snow white bears moved swiftly  to her side.

They  sent out the Ravens  but sadly they new Mae’s dream was true.

Win or loose they had to fight the East Witch  there was nothing else that they could do.

Fly away faithful birds find for us the news

Of  the fate of Polar Bear and Mae’s half  brother too.

The party made their way up into the mountains

Step  by step they, not easy they made small gains.

The mountains were treacherous and they met many dangers on their way

Many tales of that journey I could tell but time is short so it must wait  for another day.

On they went through the fiercest storm the world had ever seen.

Some of Ewen’s brave men were lost, their lives given for Mae , the child and the Winter Queen.


New Musical Theme: The New Year all this old and New.

Death Has a rest, a short one.

He was tired, he was taken unaware.

Death was exhausted it had been a heavy year.

He was not sure at first but their gentle voices confirmed his fear.

Here was Hope and the New Year ,

Yes and they were seeping  love and kindness he felt weak at the knees and close to tears.

Come ,they said, and sit with us you look so tired and gaunt

He knew they would not be denied their chat, they would not be put off by a nasty taunt.

Feeling strangely grateful, not a feeling he knew well.

He took the weight off his bony feet which as usual hurt like hell.

Walking on those cobbled stones played havoc with his joints

It must be how a ballerina feels after dancing years on points!

They lit a fire because he looked cold,

Death hated to admit it but he was frozen to the bone and feeling so very old.

Well what use is a thin cowled cloak in minus zero.

For goodness sake he was not a super hero.

New Year, tiny, innocent and fresh eyes wide and her smile too, dressed

In warmly was she ever to be able to cope with the coming 12 months of mess.

She was so beautiful and so close to her friend Hope who was plump now

Hassle free this end of the year to do well they proudly vow

Their predecessors had not long left, Old Mother time and Hopelessness.

But right now he was happy to sit for a while and bask in their warmth, it was like a sweet caress.

It has been such a busy year, his three brothers, War, Famine and Pestilence had been very busy

As ever it was his job to collect the souls was enough to make you dizzy.

So many shootings and knifings , gangs and young people doing dreadful things

It almost pained him ..wait was that, an emotion swing!!

This will not get the dead collected he said as he bade them good night

Heading off to London to collect a sixteen year old lad from a fatal street fight.

Sad he muttered as he helped the lad from the gutter.

Was that a tear he asked himself, shocked.

No it must be rain, his tear ducts were long gone  never to be unlocked .

As he watched Hope and New Year set off on their path he sighed a huge sigh

He wanted to laugh he knew they would be old, haggard and changed soon and it  made him cry?

Reassuring his charge that all would be well, what? he felt another emotion,was that fear?

Again it has been hovering over his head getting ever so near.

So he took the boy who hardly had lived

While Hope and New Year took Pandora’s Box and opened the lid.


Hail Philosopher of  the Colours.

Hail Philosopher of the colours. A rainbow man no doubt, afresh the canvas waits for you to shade in light and dark.
The old and tired grays and purples of things best forgot will lurk in corners and await their chance to burst forth.
If not imprisoned properly they will seep out and discolour the brightest vista and most happy moment, they show no remorse.
Just try harder as I do to block their poisonous course. The fresh and open page, the as yet perfect pallet will not stay that way for long.

In fact if you look closely you will see the corruption has begun.

Perhaps it never stopped? You can see all shades and colours hinted there, all darks and lights are slowly seeping through.In grief we turn and realize we can’t escape the old year’s ties.

Run, run as fast your brain can carry, you will not win but do not tarry.

Keep up the show and laugh and joke. For in reality your horrors surround you like smoke. Don’t slow, don’t appeal for help if you don’t flee you will choke.
Your path is set, your time is measured you cannot change the course. No helping hand is really there just hear the fortunes sing despair.
There is no change at stroke of midnight, there is no new, for time and date are man-made as is the human curse.
Just a long, long road we have to travel until we reach the end. Don’t waste effort on what has been or what has yet to come.
Grab each joy and use it to extreme. There is no future nor is there past they are gone or not yet here. The now is what you command; the only way to survive is live each moment make a stand.

Spread light and warmth, pass truth and love around.
As for good things use them now don’t let them slip away for dark is waiting in the wings. Remember, waiting to spill onto your unsuspecting page.


Queen     It’s A Beautiful Day


This will be our Year. The Zombies

New Year New Hope.


And now we stand on the brink of the New Year.

Exposed,open hearted, eyes wide hiding our fear.

Take that first step into no man’s land

be brave and strong I am here at hand.

Who knows where tomorrow will take us.

Will it be joy or will it be sorrow or will the monotony shake us?

The leap of fate can for no man wait so come lets fly before it is too late.


New Year!

Life is like a merry go round

you swirl right up then you plummet back down.

The minutes tick tock and the horses  prance

and life goes on like a magic dance.

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.

Look at the puppet who is she,

is she the doll or is the doll me?

Or am I the puppet master

I do not know which is which as I spin and dance faster

and fall into a ditch..

The minutes disappear as the hours fly by,

days turn to weeks then months as the year dies.

Suddenly we find ourselves at the very last tick,

time has run out and the candle is at the end of it’s wick.

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.

Looking out to the horizon it cannot be seen

as it slowly advances  like a killing machine.

Devouring all in it way, leaving wreckage behind

I warned you did I not, time is cruel and unkind.

It ravages the landscape and dirties the towns

it sours your looks, spoils your figure and turns smiles into frowns.

If your not watching it plays tricks on you ,

it messes with your head and laughs at the things that you do.

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.

So once again we arrive at the edge of time

what is the point, but for the dates, what is before us is no different to what is behind!

What is the point of all this tadoo

tomorrow is tomorrow what ever you do.

The world should of stopped last year December twenty one

but we are still here so is the weather though I’m not sure about the sun.

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.

The world this New Years Eve is heavily in debt ,

there are wars a plenty, famine , disease and pain it will all be here tomorrow I bet.

So lift up your glasses and be of good cheer what was plaguing you today, tomorrow ……….  it will still be all here.

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.

You may remember last new years eve  Death took a rest  when he met with the New Year and Hope he basked in their naive  presence for a while shared their feelings and they made him happy , not something he experiences every day, they made him smile. Then time moved on and circumstances changed and Hope and the New Year grew older and tired. Hope became Hopeless and the New Year became the Old, worn out, used, bitter and cold.

So light your fireworks drink your toast

cling on to those you love the most.

Wave good bye to the ageing year and bravely step forth into a brand New Year.

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.

Life is like a merry go round

you swirl right up then you plummet back down.

The minutes tick tock and the horses  prance

and life goes on like a magic dance.

Dance with the devil it’s the end of the year,

another will be along soon so you’ve nothing to fear!

Time is a devil time is a thief

it creeps up behind you, BOO! then speeds off away as you try to turn over a new leaf.




Black veiled Brides : New Year’s Day



Susan Boyle


So to you all my dear friends, old new and even those not met yet I wish you health joy and love for 2014.

I thank you all for your support and care and I hope I have been as much support to you all as you all have to me!

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