Christmas Fayre

Rush, rush, buy, buy, spend , spend get this, get that get it all

Grab those treats no matter how large or how small.

15 days to Christmas how much luca  can you splash.

How far can you thrash the cash?

Lots of booze too much food, expensive presents. You don’t need, Don’t you think all this show is  crude and full of greed.

Don’t forget the fairy lights

They sparkle on the Christmas Tree lighting up the nights.

Push that trolley girl, grab those deals spend all your lolly

Oh! it is all so happy it is all so full of light,

Open your eyes, love, see the plight.

google images

Makes no difference to this young lad

Lost and missing the family Christmas he never had.

He is tired and cold out on the streets no home no job  barely 20yrs old.

No peace or joy  for him out on the streets  so cold.

Or there is Kay she was born on a Christmas Day but that only seems to make it worse,

She was made to feel less important than a curse.

Her house was always short on  happiness  not to mention care

It was always worse at Christmas. Lost and unloved it’s not fair.

So many people homeless in the cold,

Hungry, dirty  poverty isn’t fussy some are   young   and some are old.

You will pass them in the street,

As you are rushing, off  your friends to meet.

You might give them a sideways look,

Slip them some change, there that is you off the hook.

As you enjoy your festive fayre stop and think of those poor souls, outside freezing, is that fair.



Lost and lonely at Christmas this happens every year,

It is not nice to know,it is not good to hear.

So avert your eyes so you don’t  Know

Or see that sadly every year the numbers grow.

Why does this happen why do they leave their home,

Is it fair that they feel it is safer  to be out on the streets alone.

Look around you, see what you have, lovely children , husband and  home

So spare a thought, or even better lend a hand

To these  people all alone. Give some time I promise you, you will feel grand.



Hurry hurry it is that time of year,

Buying presents planning meals, Christmas is drawing near.

Tinsel, fairies, Santa’s everywhere, tiny lights twinkle.

Hurry past her, close your eyes, tell yourself she’s okay

It is so easy to believe convenient lies and hope she will go away.

Don’t ever give her  a second thought.

What were the circumstances that, her to this corner brought.

How old is she? she does look young

but some of them play on that they work in gangs….Scum.

She does look cold, she needs a coat

She looks so hungry and tired. Is that a lump in your throat?

There are lots of souls like her around,

Sleeping in doorways and cardboard boxes in our cities and our towns.

Should you give her your coat or your change,  buy her a hot drink

You don’t want her to spend it on booze or drugs help her out, don’t you think?

This dilemma makes you feel sad well what can I say life can be bad!

She might be an angel she might be just be lost

But if you just helped her would that be too high a cost.

So spare a thought as you gather round your Christmas tree

With your Christmas treats for all your family,

For all those who are lost, sad, lonely, cold or in pain.

If you gave to a homeless charity you would not loose, just think of what you could gain .

Little note:  I know I have used this image more than once but this beautiful homeless man speaks more with his eyes than I could write on a million blogs! :)




I hope it won’t snow this Christmas it’s one of my biggest fears.

It was so bitter last year even thinking of it makes me shudder and shed a tear.

They won’t be eating Turkey with all the trim

Unless they find a charity shelter and they can get in.

The people at the shelters are angels from up above they give their time and plenty love.

They really are saviours they really do so much good.

They give warmth and comfort and Christmas dinner and even  Christmas pud.

OH! why are they out here I hear you say

There are lots of reasons, have you got all day? Dave got made redundant the bills he couldn’t pay So the bank stepped in and took his home away.

His wife could not stand the B&B that the social offered them

So she took the children off to live with her mum so Dave won’t see them again.

Jen, she was cheeky girl always having fun

Staying out late and playing up in the end it got too much for her mum!

After a big row one night  in the summer she asked Jen to go,

So she is struggling along out here now,when your homeless it is amazing how fast your friends all go.

Rob well his story is very sad,

It all started with his drinking then he discovered drugs he became violent and everything turned bad.

He fell out with his mother’s boyfriend who told him he had to go

And then threw him out into the January snow.

The reasons are legion you can take your pick,

People  who  loose  their jobs  because  they became  sick

From parents who can’t cope

To addictions that make you loose all hope,

Parents or family who beat you, family who will not stop at a touch

They want you to give them way too much.

This may all seem morbid this may all seem too sad

I hate to tell you all, things can be so very, very bad.

People young and old see their hopes and dreams unfold and vanish in clouds of smoke

As they end up on the streets lost and without any hope.

So enjoy your Christmas parties, your families and your Yule tide fare

But as you raise a toast remember the homeless ones out there .

EvDaDaDec : Apologies and reminders

My  dearest fellow  bloggers  and yes I do mean  you!

My  life has  gone into overdrive  and there is only  so much I can do!

Being  only  human and not of super  strength

I am only  able  to click the ‘like’  button  and not comment at  length.

I love  to read  your posts  and I promise  that is what I do

So  just  for now, accept  the ‘like’  and believe  that it is true!

I shall be reading  and getting through  as quick as can be

So as soon as  I am back on top of  all my work  you’ll receive comments  from  me.

I  know  you are all busy with Christmas/ Holidays on the way

So  try not  to over do things remember  there are just 24hrs in  a day.

One  more thing I would like to add and this is close to my heart

When you are spending  money ,Mammon was the reason this season had it’s start.

Remember  why the  feast is set , it is for the Christ child’s birth.

He  was born to save us all and that is why there should be  Peace ,Joy and Love on Earth.

And  so Peace and Joy  to you all!!

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