Musical Theme: Grandmother Fire

Run from the fiery dance

by willowdot21


The red, the yellow, God they frighten me,

the heat, the fear is all that I can see.
Run, run, run for your live’s
get your husbands, children, grab your wives.
Pound, pound, stomp, stomp the sound of people running for their lives!
Go, go this is your only chance
to escape the fiery dance.
No time for saving your possessions,
no time to find the cat
he will be gone to safety you can be sure of that.
Go, go don’t look back ,
duck, duck hear those windows crack.
How did this happen what did we do….
nothing , nothing , is that really true.


Fire Arthur Brown

Julie Driscoll Brian Auger & Trinity – Wheels On Fire (1968)

Firework Katy Perry!

Fire on Bayalon Sineade OConnor

Johnny Cash   Ring of Fire

Light my fire  The Doors

Walk through the fire.   Peter Gabriel

Fire starter The Prodogy

Alquimia Tribal – Fire Tribal Fusion – Swords

Cirque Fire Dance – Srikanta Barefoot of Cirque du Soleil

Mark H fire dance demo; deathstars, poi, staff, and double staff

The human implications of Australian forest fires

Cities Burning

by willowdot21

London’s Burning

Stomp stomp there’s panic on the streets.

They are tearing through the alleys and taunting the police.

They are burning shops and peoples homes.

No matter how hard people have worked and made their businesses by working fingers to the bone.

Families frightened out of their minds,  running  across the roof tops escaping

flames, shocked and lost having left all they own behind.

Smash Smash they are breaking lots of glass

stealing trainers, clothes and handbags this is not the poor under class.

This is not political they have no high ideals.

They are not the poor underdogs who can’t afford their meals.

If you can carry a Blackberry phone and a fashionable track suit and designer trainers you own,

your on another track., you are in another zone.

Stamp stamp the sound of running feet they are all carrying 75 inch screens and DVD recorders by the score.

“Take what you can when you can” is the gang call of the suedo poor.

Flames, flames police cars have been torched

whole shops and all their contents have all been thoroughly scorched!

People without their livelihoods, people without their homes

all because these feral louts threw fire bombs and stones.

They rant and rave and scream and bleat that they are fighting for a cause ,

they have no hope they say, no jobs and no one for them cares.

There are the jobs and there are the chances we all get just the same

it just some of us make our own  way and don’t take benefits just for gain.

A good man lost his youngest son whilst on a vigilantes line,

he only wanted to call a holt  to the rioters forward drive.

Just because he stood for right ,

these ferals having fun, drove through his line killing three,

his youngest son was one.

If ever we needed a hero, a strong leader to come along,

we need them now ! We need the police to stand up and use measures hard and strong,

for what these evil robbing thieves are doing, is all wrong.

Feral Looters


Tasmania devastated by bushfires

21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bearspawprint
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 05:30:44

    Smashing!!! I shall have a slow listen to a couple of new versions, later in the week. For now I’ve read the text and your outstanding poetry. Hot Stuff!! XXXXX


  2. bearspawprint
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 08:42:42


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  6. 47whitebuffalo
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 19:30:14

    Willow! I love your Fire Dancers so much!
    Oh and Bear is sharing that beautiful Song to Brighid! MMMM. Great stuff.
    We shared a few songs. 🙂 I almost with Johnny Cash until I remembered that June actually wrote the song so I hunted up something of that with her doing it. Fun.


  7. bearspawprint
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 20:59:00

    LOL I wonder if Brown cooked his brains? is Julie Driskoll British? I don’t know her work. I love that you know so much about your home turf.:-) Sineade is always wonderful, even if they won’t let me listen to her video in this country. 😦 Oh and of course Johnny Cash and the Doors and we all like fire poi and batons and swords 🙂 I’m sure glad you included the terrible Austrailian fires … there is no way to say enough about the terror and danger of world Wildfires. Thank you. That Peer Gabriel video…some of that was actual real footage, not all was staged …. scary stuff. The Prodigy is new to me too (I think) and he is definitely twisted (like he said) and good at depicting twisted. …… Interesting … all …very interesting … and HOT!!


    • willowdot21
      Nov 22, 2013 @ 21:25:04

      The Prodigy were a group my eldest son followed for a while they are an English electronic music group formed by Liam Howlett in 1990. The current members include Liam Howlett, Keith Flint, Leo Crabtree, Rob Holliday and Maxim.Julie Driscoll is English , London Born and still singing and acting I think she uses her real name now, Julie Tippets
      here is one of my favourites from her.

      Peter Gabriel has always been a favourite of mine!!


    • willowdot21
      Nov 22, 2013 @ 21:30:51

      BTW Arthur Brown was always getting into trouble setting himself alight and also stripping naked on stage… a mad yorkshire man!! Great baritone voice.


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  9. Paul Wright
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 22:51:18

    love every thing you write so beautiful a delight to read and the feeling that go’s in to each
    word you and you’re family have a nice weekend Willow


  10. saminaiqbal27
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 23:04:53

    Wonderfulpoetry and music to go with it. Enjoyed it very much. Take care my friend.


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