NaBloPoMo : Little Mae and Bear

Little Mae slept  as  she had never slept before.

So many strange things  in her dreams  she saw!

The struggles of her  people ruled by the wicked witch of the East

How  her father’s beloved country is devoured  by a beast!

Polar Bear watches over little Mae as she fitfully sleeps

He her eyes flicker as twitches and and in her dreams  she weeps.

He felt her pain, he wished  that he could help her he wanted to take her pain.

The Winter Queen assured Polar Bear she would  awake  , be happy and things  will be right again.

At  last  little Mae  awoke  Polar Bear  ran to her side  she stroked  his fur  and hugged him

We  have  to go now  said Little Mae,  to save my people  from the witch we have  to and we can only  win!

And  so the restored Mae and Polar Bear  set forth

To avenge  Mae’s father and undo the evil wrought!


NaBloPoMo: Little Mae and Polar Bear



All  the forest  folk  decided to make Little Mae  a new  dress

They  coiffed her  hair  and  blended  colours so all who saw her were impressed!

Little Mae  was  so grateful  she  did not know what to say for they had made her smile on such a sad day.

The  day  that  she had, had  to bide her loving  father  farewell and watch  him fade  away!


The  Winter Queen  and Polar Bear  could not  believe  their  eyes

Little  Mae  was  slowly  growing  ,she would  soon be  her normal size.

Her hair  was growing  darker losing the bright  blond  fairy  sheen

Before  their very eyes  she was returning to the human Princess she had once been.


All this  extra  growing  was making Little  Mae so tired , she also began again to feel the cold

The  winter Queen  made  her a blanket  cape of the night sky , which  was  wondrous to behold   !

Let  her  sleep dear Polar Bear , let her have  some  rest  for  will need  all her  strength, her destiny to full fill.

Little Mae must regain  her father’s lands   and  release  her people and deal with the wicked witch , who did her father kill!



Just rip it out

Words  cut like sharp  knives

Make a mockery of lives

Pain inflicted deeper and deeper


You are  a self serving  worm, you have made them turn against me, never taken my part!

Why thank  you don’t  sit on the fence, I thought I had done my best,  just rip out my heart.

You turned  them against me  you are  always the goody you never take my part.

I have always supported  you always been at  your side , just rip out  my heart.

Selfish bitch, you always take their part, why always them? never taken my part.

I couldn’t change it now, I have tried, I love  you all, I tried keep everyone happy, failed. What the hell, just rip out my heart.


Selfish evil worm of a bitch

Destroy our life with words

I have no  fight left in me.


No I don’t  want it anymore it hurts too much.

NaBloPoMo: Little Mae and Polar Bear.

Little Mae played as the Winter Queen looked on

Polar Bear  relaxed  as he listened  to her song.

He told  the Queen  that he had taken  Little Mae

To the forest , she promised  there she’d stay.

Polar Bear told  the Queen  the witch  had killed the King.

So he took  Little Mae he thought  to run was  the best thing.

The witch  could not stop them but she put on them a spell

She  made  Little Mae fairy  sizes and made him a Bear as well.

Suddenly Bear jumped up  all ready  to attack

He rushed  forward toward his charge  he fears she is in danger.

He  sees a figure  all of lights, wait calls  the Queen That is no stranger.

That is her father’s  spirit  come to bid her farewell , he has broke part of the witches spell.

Polar Bear  and the Queen watch as the  figure of light

Joins  hand  with Little Mae  and  their  soul  unite

Tears run  down Little Maes  beautiful face

The  figure of light  wipes  them away then kisses her  with gentle grace.

Before Polar Bear  can  salute  his master he is gone without a trace.

Bear is  sad  but Little Mae  rushes over and hugs him, in his  fur, she buries her face.

No more  sadness says  the Winter Queen, no more  fear together

We will put things  to rights and banish  that wicked witch  forever.


NaBloMoPo Damn.

This  is awful  this is sad

Things  just  got  so bad,  they are  way past  bad!

I have  had  to say things  such  hurtful  things  to  me

It is  Bloody  Christmas  Cheer,  it always  kills me  you see.

I am too hurt and angry  to say  any more

But  I have  to post  because  of NaBloPoMo.

Now I don’t  want a  bloody fight  so I must  go.

Why are life  and  relationships  so hard, I want  to know.

Musical Theme: Secret fantasies and hopes!

I have always  felt I was  born  too soon. I have  always  wanted  to travel  the s

ar in the future. I also know  that  I have  always wanted  to be a heroine, a Captain Janeway  or Tara Thrace ( Starbuck) Princess Lea  to a lesser  extent!

Sadly  all I can  do  is dream of  being  a starship  or star fighter  pilot …………..

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I wish

I wanted to fly a star fighter I wanted Starbuck’s uniform.

I wanted to fight the Cylons  watch their ships in flames over Orion at dawn.

I wanted to fly beyond the speed of light to curse swear and fight.

I wanted to play with hexagonal cards and drink liqueur and  stay up late  at  night.

I wanted to straith the Cylon’s rebirthing ship with diagonal fire.

I wanted to argue with my superiors and blow smoke in their faces.

I wanted to disarm Caprica  six she was the sexiest of skin jobs, boy did she get on my wick!

I need to lead a fleet of earnest pilots who would follow me to their death.

They would be my responsibility and I would protect them with my final breath.

I would never let them know that, though, I’d need to be aloof  and mean,

yes even if I loved them so, I’d not let that be seen.

I’d be so cool

I would love to look sexy in my vest and flight suit minus my top

I would love to excited the lads and bop bop bop!

I’d be happy teaching flight techniques

and how fire missiles and cannon and just how to stop a Centurion with a strategic oil leaks!

I would make your hair stand on end and your face truly blush

with the expletives I could throw at you if you annoy me out of my mouth they’d rush.

I would love to be the one who held the whole planet’s lives with in my hands,

Even if at first I had no idea that I was part of the gods secret plans.

The Angel of Death

I would take it on the chin to come back from the dead to everyone’s delight.

To be told I was the angel of  death by a mouthy skin!and after such a long flight.

I Would be so happy to be the heroine who leads her people to a new life.

Just to disappear and leave them on a green new planet  to start a new life.

For them to discover that to be their guardian angel was the point of my life.

Angel of life

Battle Star Galacttica

Carl Sagan’s  Cosmos

Their Ships have Souls

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I must of fallen asleep

for when I awoke I was in a castle keep.

As I looked out the windows to my delight I saw my pet crows out in flight.

I just could not believe my eyes I had missed them so.

They are my close confidants on Jupiter since I’d been left alone they had grown so very close.

I did not know this place this weird and lonely mountain range

the grey sky heavy with snow and my dearest crows here all of this is strange.

Behind me I hear a noise, it makes jump I turn around to greet my mother.

She is pleased that I knew she was there, to teach me to use my gifts she had taken care.

Why is she here  I ask though my heart is glad to see her face

I have missed her since she passed on to a better place.

‘Come’ she bade me ‘we have not much time,

the others are waiting  you are now part of the sisterhood divine’.

I approached a table long, it was surrounded by faces I knew,

sisters, my ancestors I could not help myself  I did not  know what  to do.

I silently called my favourite crow to my side.

As she gently alighted on my shoulder the relief I could not hide

she made me bolder.I took my place at the bottom of the table,

I was the youngest there to judge the power of  them all I was just not able.

The eldest present then arose and cried I have seen the future,

I have seen the enemy I have seen the end, all of the races of man had died.

She then shared her vision with us all it was as if the door of hell was opened wide

and I had to steady my crow to stop her fall.

Sweat as cold as ice enveloped me

I was appalled and terrified at what I could see.

My hands were taken from both sides my mother and grandma gave me strength

I sighed the whole sisterhood joined with me and show me more of that I did not want to see.

Once more I awoke but this time back on the ship with vessels

all around silently through space endless dark and cold we forged along

to meet the enemy to behold the vision I had just seen……………… I tell you now I was less than keen.

Space Exploration – Deep Space Disasters Documentary

Ambient Space music Julien H Mulder – Fragments


Beneath this hard exterior there’s no soft marshmallow goo,  there beats a heart of stone.

There’s never been any support for me so what I’ve achieved I’ve done on my own.

My parent’s never cared for me much so I never make any deep ties.

The only true love in my life is my star ship and the skies!

There is one man who could ever touch my soul but fate always intervenes ,

When I get together with Will Adarma  there’s usually ugly drunken scenes.

I think he only sees me as one of the lads,  so make out I don’t give a frack.

But I really fancy him, so ladies watch out or you’ll get my weapon in your back.

We have to save the worlds from the evil Cylon attack

We had them beaten once , but they evolved and now they’re  coming back.

They have morphed  to chrome and blood all covered with skin.

They are clever now, they infiltrated Caprica  with spies

They blew up our worlds so we took the fleet and again flew into the skies.

In Space we regrouped and planned, and I got to work closely with my man.

I will lead what’s left of our pilots and beloved ships

I am the best star fighter pilot but the fracks won’t give me shoulder  pips.

It’s true I like a drink, gambling and a good cigar

I am damn good in bed I’ll give you a good time what ever rank you are!

I am the best pilot as I have said before

I shall find the Cylon’s mothership and give the frackers what for!

I’ll rip the skin off Number Six and I’ll show her no quarter.

She beat the living crap out of me and then denied me even water.

I’ll lead you all to safety find you all another world

For I am really an angel that keeps her wings unfurled!

I am that star you see at night  when it is darkest before the dawn.

I am the one who will shoot straightest so none of you need be forlorn.

I am the mighty Starbuck , Kara Thrace is my real name .

But what ever you call  me I shall save you all the fracking same!



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The Planet Eaters

They came, the planet eaters, they trundled on and on

they came upon us quietly so at first we did not notice anything was wrong.

The were tall and they were frightening with a wiry and metal shape,

they crept up on us silently and left us wide eyed with mouth agape.

Where once was green meadow is now just dust and sand.

Where flowers bloomed and trees grew is left, just barren land.

People stood in horror they could not believe their eyes.

Those who stood in their path were killed, onlookers shuddered at their cries.

Soon the animals disappeared none left to be found

no birds in the sky, no fish in the sea nor bug from underground.

Supplies of food and petrol became something to fight for

and without electricity and gas there soon began a war.

Neighbour fort neighbour family betrayed their own

and very soon no where was safe and no where was even home.

The people did not last long a few went underground

but the planet eaters killed them as they burrowed under ground.

They drained the world completely of every visage of life

nothing left but dust where once all things live were rife.

Relaxation Music – Blue Planet

Check out

Here is hoping  this works!

NaBloPoMo: Christmas Lies Bleeding

It  is gathering , it is growing  as it does  this time of year.

It is clawing my guts  out  as it shuffles up to me near.

It is spitting in  my face  and  screaming in my ear.

I am being wrenched  apart happy Christmas  my dear

Nobody ever does anything for  you.. do you really believe that  crap. Do you really think its  true.

Na  it couldn’t  be anything  you do…….. could it?


It always  happens at Christmas I have  to ask you why . Why  take it up and screw it up  , step on it, kick it … watch it bleed  to death, gasp  for air  and die!

Go on, Go on, make your selfish demands on me , make  me  make the choices I never want ..never  set me fucking free.

Bleed me  cut  cut  throw me in the gutter . Make  me choose what I do not want, what the fuck  does it matter.

No doubt  you will relent  ungraciously  then be  the biggest  martyr you can  and blame your grief on me.


Yes I bloody hate Christmas.  All it brings  is grief, arguments  and hurt.

Under  the pretence  of rejoicing many a  poor soul is being dragged  through  the dirt!

The  adverts on the TV  show  the perfect families  enjoying the festive fayre.

It makes me want to choke  I don’t believe it, and I  think it so unfair

To ram  these lies of “happy happy times” right  down our throats . It is just another bloody day

All the things  that are wrong  are still there  and  they  will not  magically  go away!

NaBloPoMo :Little Mae and Polar Bear.


Tonight I am so tired that I can hardly stand.
But I must post because the NaBloPoMo torch is in my hand.
For now Little Mae is safe with Polar Bear.
He watches her tenderly and she feels safe within his care.

The Winter Queen has them safe and sound.
She believes that even though evil and darkness are all around.
Little Mae is safe within her care.
So for now I must let them lie and hope in safety they can keep.
As tomorrow is another day which I shall address after I have had some sleep.
Night night xxxxxxxxx

NaBloPoMo : Little Mae and Polar Bear

The Winter Queen of  everywhere  was  a beautiful  soul

Although  she  rules  the dead season  she is the one  that makes  all  things whole!

She  had  heard of Polar Bear  and his beautiful  charge  little Mae.

And  so  while with the forest folk they  were busy  gathering  the Winter Queen came by their way.


At once  she  recognised  the tiny  girl and  saw through the shape of the bear that did protect her.

She was sister  to Little  Mae’s Father, she knew  the evil  magic  weaved by a spiteful defector.

At once  she stopped to speak  first  to Polar Bear

Do you remember who you are , where you come from and what  your  charge was when you were there?



Yes answered  Polar  Bear I was body guard  to my  mighty king

He entrusted  to my  care he daughter  Little Mae  his most treasured thing.

The dark witch of the East came and threatened my master

She wanted  to be his Queen  but he did not in any way trust  her.


The winter Queen  encouraged the bear to tell her more

She  said  she needed  to know everything  so he was to tell her what he heard and what he saw.

The witch  from the East  used  every spell she  knew

She  was determined  to be   Queen and to get rid of Little Mae  too!



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