Black and Pink , whatya think?

My hair is pink and black ,

What do you make of that!

You may think I am a prat

I even bought  a Trilby hat!


I just suddenly felt really edgy

It was when I hit sixty

I didn’t want to be a veggie

I needed to be nifty !!


So what was I to do

I needed to make  my mark

No I did not want a tattoo

Still I wanted something to make me spark!


Today while out shopping

I was asked why have you gone black and pink

Is it because I can, I’m not out just to be shocking

No, I thought, for once in my life I want to be show stopping.


Is it because I am older  that suddenly I have become bolder

I really do not know I just wanted my hair to glow

I am sick of never being seen,  I am here watch me smolder.

I just want to live, we make our fates I know.


That’s not me in the picture  but the hairstyle is almost the same and I have gone pink and black. So for now there is no turning back.

Oh! and will you think me naughty  if  tell you my oldest son, tomorrow will be forty!

I have tried!

I have tried and I have sadly failed .

The weight of all this makes it impossible for me to inhale.

I am drowning , sinking going down for the third time

I swear to you I have earnestly tried I can’t cope and I know that that is a crime.

Everywhere I look  more email , more poetry and prose

Drowning by the minute , if I close my eyes it grows.

Please forgive me everyone I just have to draw a line

I just cannot answer or comment on all your posts I feel a swine!

So please do not judge me too harshly for I have really tried

To keep on top of all your posts . But I am drowning I can’t comply!

I have to draw a line and start again

Please accept , please forgive me, don’t complain!


Sorry I just can’t cope

There is too much mail and I am such a dope .

I love you all!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reality or Fallacy ?

Reality, reality….. Is it the truth or is it just a fallacy

Is this all fact that I witness or is it just what you want me to see ?

Am I living and breathing  and why to quail at your threat of leaving.

Do you pull all the strings  is it you  that gives my heart wings

Am I no longer free do you twist my heart then laugh with glee?


Like a moth drawn to a flame I long for and need your pain

Tied up and screwed, thirst awoken by what of you I have imbued .

Trapped now my luck flipped, no hope  my wings clipped

You hold the key, body and soul you own me

Too late to reverse. Your love? Is it a blessing or a curse?




Sadly my Holiday is over , time to unpack and get back to normal! This was a special holiday, a girly one away from husbands, families and stress…………….. I wish we had gone for longer.

But I have have missed you all as I have  not had  access to the internet until yesterday  so I am way behind with my mail! So please forgive me it will take me ages to get up to date!

Hugs to you all willowdot21

Gossima Threads

It’s Erotica Week over at the Community Storyboard! The “Submission” post can be found here
I decided to have a go and submitted this one I wrote back in Feb 2013


The endless night stretches out in time I reach out and gently pull the gossima  thread that me binds. I feel the void between us, cavernous and black. Cold it is and deep. I pull the thread and ache, feeling the love I lack. My hands go searching for delight as my mind slips away into the night.

Stars caress me as I pass I feel their touch awake a tingle deep inside my fingers searching, searching hands grope and grasp. Loneliness exiled for a few sweet moments longing banish for a short sweet while . Limbs stretched to north and south sweet murmurs escaping from my mouth.

Senses heighten every inch of skin tingles eyes wide and lips blood  filled and full. In and out  the gossima thread is pulled. Oh! such aching torment my feelings swell  my body changing pounding pulsing  swelling breasts and nipples hard. My mind…

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Hail to Autumn , Summers Gone.

And gently as the sun goes down

The smoke from bonfires all around.

The hedgehog and the squirrel gone to ground

Grandpa shows the lad the acorns and pine combs he has found.

Twirls of mist at morn and dusk chill the bones

Lights on for breakfast and for tea  in cozy looking homes.

The leaves swirl and dance, children curled up by the fire their noses in tombs.

Fairies dancing in the fire glad they are not outside, it’s getting chilly for the garden gnomes.

The grass is sodden and the  flowers in the garden droop and bend

Fathers and sons bonfires build and another summer is at an end .

All Souls and Halloween are in view lots of spooky things to do for Vlad and his friends.

Frosts and fog sweep and unfurl through the streets across the fields , down to the river and around the bend.,%20Pixies

Summer had picked up her skirts and in a flash was gone

Taking with her the warm  and flighty summer song

It’s got  cold and damp, and we’ve lost an hour but nothings wrong

Autumn Annie has returned, now that lovely flowering summer has gone.

The Queen of Dreams

Tossed upon the Sea of Dream’s

Is the fairest of all fairy queens.

The most amazing sight you have seen

Hair of red loosed, rosary beads of green

From her head and down her hair

Slips the crown that she is used to wear.

Say you  what is this to us, but have a care

Our lives depend on how she will fair

On the sea of dreams out there.

She is the fairy queen of dreams

She nurtures our hopes and all our schemes.

She it is who stills our screams

When evil haunts us in our wildest dreams.

Then gently leads us to quieter scenes.

So listen close and have a care for if she drowns out there

Upon the sea of dreams  we’ll not be safe asleep anywhere.

There must be a hero in dream land somewhere

Who can rush out and rescue the likes of her.

We need our fairy queen so very very fair.


I stood before before you naked as the day that I was born

The look on your face cut me so deep I took shelter , I hid forlorn.

Nothing to cover me, no veil no tricks had I up my sleeve

All I was, was what you saw . Words  fell from my lips they screamed to be believed.

I did not have enough hands to cover my body or my disgrace

I felt such shame for my shape I put my hands up to my face.

Cold was I and wretched my body quaking from the cold

All eyes were turned to my nakedness I felt them burning me the young and the old.

They saw my every crack and crevice  they searched my every contour

It was as if they could see every move I had made with lovers that had gone before.

Their gaze bore into me searing, devouring burning like hell’s fire

But worse I read their filthy thoughts as they let loose their unhealthy desire.

On and on they crept until they reached my soul.

Even though I begged and pleaded they took and used me and devoured my body whole.

I thought you might show mercy, I thought you might save my soul .

But you just sat back and enjoyed the sight of me being taken, used and defiled as the demons devoured my body and soul.

I stood before before you naked as the day that I was born

The look on your face cut me so deep, I took shelter , I hid forlorn.

Nothing to cover me, no veil no tricks had I up my sleeve

All I was, was what you saw . Words  fell from my lips, they screamed to be believed.


He stands in the shadows

He’s standing there in the  shadows and he is watching me and you

Waiting to see if we if we are doing as we should do.Do we even know what to do.

He is crying in the shadows hiding

He sees that we are, deaf to his tidings.

He sees brother killing brother

Lost sisters grieving for lovers

Children dying reaching out for their mothers.

Why is he watching  why does he not speak.

Is he letting them suffer, suffer in vein setting the strong to kill the weak.

He sees the huge eagle on one side He picks up the dice and hurls them, he weeps as they collide.

His children are fighting, have they ever stopped .

They’re squabbling  and and arguing about the bombs they have dropped.

They lie about who did it and who did not …………

For the innocents caught in the crossfire they care not a jot.

He’s standing there in the  shadows and he is watching me and you

Waiting to see if we if we are doing as we should, do we even know what to do.


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