Cloud House

Gently springing through the clouds skipping stones

Escape at last  the hustle bustle and the mobile phones.

Finally all weights are lifted from your shoulders

Your are free now to enjoy dreams let your heart grow bolder.

Worries, leave  them all behind, forget harsh words they are so unkind

Cut the ties that keep you back  and undo the ribbons that you to the earth do bind

Smile and lift your arms up heavenward and float into the midnight sky

Lease your dreams and wishes now and up to your cloud house fly

From the tree to the door skip those stones, there are four.

Wave to the two geese in the yellow sky

And envy the ride in the balloon  as it sails by.

Relinquish those worries and watch your spirits soar!

The Argument.

I know that it is  raining  I can see that it wet

But you are my familiar  and not a blooming pet!

I have asked you nicely I have even said please

Now go and get me food or I shall infest you with flees.


Excuse me, Lady  Mistress, this does not seem quite right

Just where in my contract does it say I have to work for you at night!

You have run me ragged every minute of today

I am tired now and my feathers are wet and here in the warm I need to stay.


Pardon me, my fine feathered friend pardon me my beauty

I am not requesting  that you get me food I am demanding that you do your duty.

I am the one in charge not you , I am the tortured soul of a Vampire

You do as I bid  and brook me not.Go, go on, What are waiting for, wet weather attire.


Well Mistress that would not go amiss for I am not a duck,

And if I get lost  you will miss out and that would be such bad luck.

Be Gone Get out and find me fresh blood

And if you play your cards right I shall dip you in the stream on your return to remove the mud.



Farewell to Earth

It was hard to leave, hard to understand

Some tried hard to save our Earth

The others ignored the facts out of hand.

Where once was green and plenty all was now dust and dearth.

I was not alone there  were others of us there

Set upon this lonely moon

Destined , now to travel who knows where.

Afraid and frightened I sat marooned


(A Sonnet to a dying Earth. Eight lines A,B. A,B A,B A,B )


Alone among the Dandelions and Daisies I would play

Friends from inside my head were with  whom I shared my day.

They would never let me down, never a cruel word said

Real friends did not exist yet so I took refuse in my head.


Brothers and sisters I had but they were too old for me

So much younger than them, I was like an only child  you see.

Jingle Bells and Ossie too finding things for me to to do

Bill Bailey  always being naughty not forgetting Curly Sue.


Always the odd one out at school never quite fitting in

I took to hiding in my imagination saving my paper thin skin.

Teachers all thought  me the fool never paying attention

But I was learning from my friends thing too wonderful to mention.


When everyone only saw  school books, lessons, rain or cloudy skies

I saw rainbows, fairies  castles and magic coloured  butterflies .

Whenever lessons got too dull I could always slip away

However cruel the other children could be in my mind I could always play.


Now don’t feel sorry , don’t feel sad for this child who friends never had

For what I learned in those lonely years I will always be glad.

The beauty and wonder I could find whilst hiding deep within my mind

Showed more beauty and knowledge than in the real world I would ever find.

The Purple Octopus

Creeping through the drainpipes, escaping up into the light

They are coming to take over, they are sick of endless night!

They are amazed by all the colours  and blinded by the sun

They have discovered wine and pencils … Oh! they are having fun.

The yellow of the flowers attracts like bees to a honeypot

They can’t believe how tall the trees are, they want  to climb them  but so far they have not!

Blue skies seem to please them, could it remind them of their former home.

When they had lived in the sea , safe , in the time before they had to roam.

It was better when they roamed the seas we knew where we were  then

Before we spoiled everything   . It was as it should be Ying and Yang a perfect Zen.

It is not the same now, everything has changed. It was our own fault

We pushed them all too far and now nothing is the same. Sadly now its too late to call a halt.

Could we get them back in the sea again , I really don’t think so

I think we have done enough damage  ………….. and it is time for us to go.


Artwork  by Emma Butler can be found at

Brown Eyes

Big brown eyes, since a baby you have pull at the strings of my being.

Big  brown eyes, such secrets , such pain, What are you seeing ?

Big brown eyes such fear  and angst . What can I do to sooth you

Big brown eyes  what can I do to help? There must be something I can do.


I know it eats at you, I know it is gnawing at you even now

How  can I help, how can I protect you , mother you,  keep my  vow.

I held you tiny in  my arms  and told you I was there for you to rely on

I slept with you on  my chest but ready at a second to defend you from every wrong.

Brown eyes ….. sweet brown eyes why is it so hard

Brown eyes why , why is your life  marred

Brown eyes why can’t I now save you from all harm ,

Brown eyes I thought I could keep you safe in my arms


Now your grown and I have failed, I have not protected you

No I have failed, sweet brown eyes I have let you down, it’s true.

I see that  hunger  and the need in you, in your eyes

I swear I tried, and I try even now  to protect you from yourself

I love you Brown  eyes……………………


I Told Them


Oh! I told them, Oh! I tried.They would not listen all my truths were denied.

Beware I warned them please don’t squander my resources. Hark my my words don’t meddle with my forces.


Oh! Children what have you done? You have wasted my waters and blocked out the Sun. You have raped me and drained me and left me for dead. I am burned and scorched, from me you will no longer be fed.


You have run out of time, you threw it all away, you tried to bury it , all lost now no night and no day.

The carrion circle yet there is nothing for them. Like everything else to a slow hungry death they are condemned!


I sit here and ponder at mankind’s  viscous attack on me

How they treated the gentler animals in care was so hard for me to see.

They poisoned my oceans, my rivers and my seas all my marine life slowly died

The humans didn’t care  I warned them,  I told them I swear I did I tried.


Now there is nothing left, my protective ozone layers gone

My surface laid waste all my troubles are come home.

Well  mankind has perished  and they have killed me too

All that is left for me is to wait to die. Finished, spoiled and dying there is nothing I can do.






Where is all the ice×263.jpg

Are we alright mum are we safe? hush now little one we will be fine.

Three months less, I thought we were safe I thought that we had time .

Why is it melting mum where is our ice going.

It is getting warmer and the waters are growing.


Mummy I am frightened I cannot swim that far.

Don’t you worry sweetie you are with me and you are safe as you are.

Why is it getting warmer mummy can you explain

It is the humans,sweetie they are killing the planet for gain.



OH! But He Was Beautiful

Oh! but he was beautiful as he hit the ground that day.

His eyes rested on mine a second before he ran away.

He was tall and dark with long and lustrous hair

He was thin and gaunt but beautiful  with eyes that said “Beware”

Days and months went by  but his face from my mind would not fade.

I knew if he asked of me anything I would do as he bade.

I carried on I worked and slept all the motions to do  with life.

Though my dreams were filled with sex, fear and strife.

Then one night as I returned from some insignificant chore.

He was there  upon the wall he looked at me and beckoned , I could not resist or ignore.

I went to him and begged him to take me whole

His eyes burned into mine as whispered, “have a care I want your soul”

Scared as I was I could not move I could not turn  and flee

Strangest of all there was a voice in me saying “Yes, yes take all of me.”

He did he took my hand he touched my head he snatched away my rosary

You will no have need of this  you are mine your body and soul belong to me!

I did not remember the words he had that first night thought to me.

He took my body as I had never known before

The  touch of his hand upon my skin , his force as he entered me, thrilled my very core..

More and more he took of me and I loved every minute

I did not care what he did if this was ecstasy I was absolutely in it!

He just kept on exciting me  he never seemed to tire

I found it hard all my senses screaming more  my whole being was on fire!

He left we hot he left me wet  he left me still not sated

The pain I felt as soon as  he was gone has never yet abated.

I knew he would be back for me for he owned me body and soul

But the want  in me was raging, a gaping want without him I was not whole.

Well yes he did come back for me for he had drank my blood and I had drunk of him

So now we hunt together I can lure the beautiful  ones  in

For him to feast upon them blood and skin.

So for now he is in love with me

I hope that  we will always be in lust for all eternity!


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