Morroccan Experience

We walk under a different sun we hold hands like we did when we were young. It is hard to believe that the sky can be that blue, yet it is, it is and it is cloudless and not a speck of grey to be seen it is true.
We have run away from the everyday day to forget our worries and set our spirits free and l am relaxing remembering the real me.


Sitting in a posh hotel the old man chose it and he chose it well. We have happily wandered along the beach and watched golden red sunsets and fallen under their spell.
Seen camels on the beach ships of the desert


Beautiful but out of my reach.. Stars at night are extra bright because out here there are no city lights. The sand is gold the mornings and the nights are cold the charming people friendly and the history, the feeling is so very old.
Morocco is a fabulous place new meets old seamlessly with an eternal grace.



Holocaust Memorial Day

How could this happen, how could the world close it’s eyes for so long while it did. How could people say it never happened or that it was a lie.








  • Klooga
  • Vivara


  • Kangasjarvi
  • Koveri


  • Argeles
  • Brens
  • Drancy
  • Gurs
  • Les Milles
  • Le Vernet
  • Natzweiler-Struthof (70 camps satellites et kommandos)
  • Noé
  • Récébédou
  • Rieucros
  • Rivesaltes
  • Suresnes
  • Thill
  • Abadla
  • Ain el Ourak
  • Bechar
  • Berguent
  • Bogari
  • Bouarfa
  • Djelfa
  • Kenadsa
  • Meridja
  • Missour
  • Tendrara


  • Bergen-Belsen (probably 2 subcamps but location is unknown)
  • Börgermoor (no sub-camp known)
  • Buchenwald ( 174 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Dachau (123 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Dieburg (no sub-camp known)
  • Esterwegen (1 sub-camp)
  • Flossenburg (94 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Gundelsheim (no sub-camp known)
  • Neuengamme (96 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Papenburg (no sub-camp known)
  • Ravensbruck (31 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Sachsenhausen (44 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Sachsenburg (no sub-camp known)

Great Britain:

  • Aurigny


  • Amersfoort
  • Ommen
  • Vught
    • Arnhem
    • Breda
    • Eindhoven
    • Gilze-Rijen
    • ‘s Gravenhage (The Hague)
    • Haaren par Tilburg
    • Leeuwarden
    • Moerdijk
    • Rozendaal
    • Sint Michielsgestel
    • Valkenburg par Leiden
    • Venlo (Luftwaffe airfield)
  • Westerbork (transit camp)


  • Bolzano
  • Fossoli
  • Risiera di San Sabba (no sub-camp known)



  • Kaunas
  • Aleksotaskowno
  • Palemonas
  • Pravieniskès
  • Volary


  • Baerum
  • Berg
  • Bredtvet
  • Falstadt
  • Tromsdalen
  • Ulven


  • Auschwitz-Birkenau – Oswiecim-Brzezinka
    (extermination camp – 51 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Belzec (extermination camp – 1 subcamp)
  • Bierznow
  • Biesiadka
  • Dzierzazna & Litzmannstadt (Children camps)
  • Gross-Rosen – Rogoznica (77 subcamps; external kommandos)
  • Huta-Komarowska
  • Janowska
  • Krakow
  • Kulmhof – Chelmno (extermination camp)
  • Lublin (prison)
  • Lwow (Lemberg)
  • Maidanek (extermination camp – 3 subcamps)
  • Mielec
  • Pawiak (prison)
  • Plaszow (work camp but became later subcamp of Maidanek)
  • Poniatowa
  • Pustkow (work camp)
  • Radogosz (prison)
  • Radom
  • Schmolz
  • Schokken
  • Sobibor (extermination camp)
  • Stutthof – Sztutowo (40 subcamps and external kommandos)
  • Treblinka (extermination camp)
  • Wieliczka
  • Zabiwoko (work camp)
  • Zakopane

(The following list contains the name of the major camps. The actual number of camps established by the Nazi’s in the USSR is still unknown)

  • Akmétchetka
  • Balanowka
  • Bar
  • Bisjumujsje
  • Bogdanovka
  • “Citadelle” (Name unknown; located near Lvov)
  • Czwartaki
  • Daugavpils
  • Domanievka
  • Edineti
  • Kielbasin (or Kelbassino)
  • Khorol
  • Lemberg
  • Mezjapark
  • Ponary
  • Rawa-Russkaja
  • Salapils
  • Strazdumujsje
  • Yanowski
  • Vertugen



  I need to thank Eye-Dancers for this award which is new to me. Reality Blog Award!  Please check out  Eye-Dancers great website–it’s just the kind of place you’ll want to go and spend some time.  I am very grateful for the award. 

There are five questions that go along with this award.  So, let’s have at it!

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

I would irradiate all addictions, because they  cause so much misery to addict and loved ones alike.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

I have given this great thought and …no I would not like to be any age I have been before. Each age brings it’s pains and it’s joys  but no I am fine as I am thanks

3) What is one thing that really scares you?

Life and people.But I do keep going!

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you will be able to complete it?

I would dearly love to see Vlad in print or as an ebook , also I would love to have a book of poems… sorry I know that is selfish  but I am being honest!

5) If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be?

An aid worker in a refugee camp  I have always wanted to go Africa or a disaster site to help.

Now, I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Reality Award.  Please check them out and take a look around these wonderful websites!  They are all rich and diverse sites, with so much to offer.

and many many more !:0  🙂 😉 🙂

An award!

My good blogging friend Martin Shone  has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 


I should now offer 7 things about me and also nominate others who inspire me.

Seven things about me…..

1 Love my family and friends.

2 I blog from my heart

3 I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have met on line while blogging.

4 I have broken my back twice.

5 I feel the cold terribly

6 I have an immortal Vampire Bear  called Vlad  as one of my best friends.

7 I love Lillies  of the Vally, my favourite flowers.

Now who inspires me, every one does. But as the rules are there here are a few.

Okay I need to stop now but I do not want to as you are all so good!!

Thank you again Martin!


The Crossroads of my life

Here I stand at the door once more as I have before and no doubt I will once more,

here on a threshold of time I see several paths of life entwine. I do not think it matters

which I choose for no whatever I do, somewhere along that road I will loose.

Time is laughing as it always does  it has no worries or choices unlike the likes of us.

It does not toil or fall in grief it does not have to search and beg for relief.

It can mock us from afar for our lives to it matter not a bar.

The hand of fate, times closest friend  is always there to trip us up and our roads to bend.

The two of them will have their fun and make sure we all pay in the end!

Praying at the crossroads of my life , may God help me cope with the

misery and the strife.



You can’t run from it nor can it be hidden from, it is a prowler and a taunter and stealer of your strength. It will suck  from you until all your goodness  is gone.

It lurks in corners and shadows and bides it’s time. It is vicious and evil, it sneaks up on you and springs out even when you feel fine.

Always there, ever present, waiting for your weakest moments , the darkest hour of your night, the time when you are all alone and all your resolutions have taken flight.

Seething with hate it will consume you so absolutely . You think it is gone, abated, been subdued  but no it has just been licking it’s wounds from the last time that you beat it.

The worst is, you have to watch it as it crawls into the ones you love and change them into  monsters that will lie to you  and steal from you cheat you to feed thier monster. It is all they care about this monster, they will get lower and lower until they hit and the ground .

What happens when there is nowhere to go , crawling along the depths of despair.What if they turn all against them and no helping hands are left. I cannot bare to watch that which came from me struggling against this evil monster trying so hard to be free!

Trying to be free from the hunger of monster that never stops , it is never sated it will suck you until you drop. Then all you can do is watch and the  pain is a hundred fold for you are watching all this happening to the tiny baby you  used to hold.

Though grown to a man this is still your  baby and there is nothing to be done. God help the mother or father who has an addict for a daughter or a son.

Gargie Award

Gargie award

 I was nominated by Zendictive The Gargie Award, from Art thank you so much I am very grateful.

Now it looks like I should nominate a few fellow blogers . This is so very hard to do as every one here that I have met on wordpress have been so wonderful . Anyway here goes I shall nominate three if you are not there it is only because I have limited the number 😉


Her poetry and music are just magical and mystical.

2 writingthebody

such a varied and inspiring blog.

3 Catforsley    The most exciting and bouncingly happy blog ever!

4 Martin Shone  Because he does shine like a beacon with his rambling bubbling  amazing poetry! ( he hates awards but he is so good)

5 Kate58   for her wonderful insights into life and often into life in Scotland  but not always. She has so much insight and love to share.

THERE NOW THAT IS DONE AND BOY IT WAS HARD TO DO!!  Please if you are not named consider yourselves nominated !!

A moment in the wasteland.

What made her smile what made her day . What did she see where there was  only waste and dismay. This Queen of refugees what took her mind and made her pleased.

A friend, a lover that she had thought she’d lost? A child even, wars demand such a high cost. Something in this veil of tears relieved her pain and soothed her fears .

From the depths of deep despair she found something, someone for whom she cared. A sudden joy crossed her face and a smile exploded spreading a fall out of pure grace . What did she see what was her gift from God that lightened up this wasteland where starving refugees trod.

That is something we shall never know and I thank God that she had that moments glow. Such regal beauty in her face , may she fair well in God’s good grace.

A wall so high.

google images

We sit together, in two separate corners of the room. Once we were so close how did we come this far apart  it all happened so soon.

It all happened so soon, do I disgust you as much as you do me. What clouded our love how can this be. We eat together but our souls are so far apart we smile and chat  but we each are falling apart.

Falling apart deep cracks through our hearts. When did we stop loving what brought it all on, did we wake up one morning to find the caring had gone.

The caring had gone but the pretence lives on.We play out our lives all smiles , teeth and eyes hiding the truth covering up the lies. What is the reason where is the point .

What is the reason where is the point . Where has our reason gone that made us joint. So many years just flowing down the sink my words fall on your ears and dry faster than ink. There is an atmosphere that you could cut with a knife it is choking our relationship denying it life. We sit together, in two separate corners of the room. Once we were so close how did we come this far apart  it all happened so soon.

I have tried to reach you but you no longer care and I am beginning to wander if you are really there . So tall is the divide how high it has climbed I can no longer reach you and I am no longer inclined . It hurts too much.

google images

somebody that I used to know

We have all had relationships that have broken up and one person has been cut out of the other’s life so completely that it cuts right through you and you feel like dirt under their shoes. This song and video expresses  the experience so well!


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