To say she was lined was an understatement. To hint that her green eyes are unsettling would be an out and out lie. To misunderstand her looks would be a debasement. Her face was so thin and her velvety skin could bring a tear to your eye.

She fell from heaven with a bump, scattering the cats and dogs that were foraging the municipal  dump.As she sat there rubbing her knee the last of the homeless stared at her unable to believe what he could see.

Huge pearl drop tears fell from her eyes, sobs falling from her mouth. Trying hard she determinedly tried to crush the screams that showed her she had survived. The only witness to her arrival  stepped forward offering her a slug of whiskey to celebrate  her survival!
Unsteadily she rose to her feet she took the old man’s flask and emptied it complete. Unsteadily she crossed the waist ground, the crunching of glass under her feet and the sharp  in take of breath from on lookers was the only sound.

The weather was cold and it was dark and starting to sleet she borrowed a gaping workman’s mobile and she began to tweet !

  Early arrival for Armageddon today should I just keep quiet or shall I tell them to panic….. OKAY??

You are my Awesome

Standing there in your  cape of gold you look so smart, in your hand you hold the very stuff of life. You shine the light around exposing the dull and grey, you hold in your power the colours of the day.

You have brought me here to the edge of time so we can watch the grey be pushed away, soon all that will be left will be the colours that shine. Now you will pledge your live to me and I shall pledge to thine.

So can you fly, will you try to. Show me your beating heart as the dawns rays climb up the hill once more on a new day. Time is on the run it is speeding up but it cannot out run the rising sun.

Awesome you are my awesome you are the music and the words to my song. The light you bring the colours that shine we shall be here together until the end of time. So take my love and take my life it is all for you. Remember I called you Awesome and you  have called me your Awesome too.

A Stalker

photo credits google images

I walk the earth, I care for none. I travel by stealth mostly at night, I avoid the sun. Alone I am alone I stand, no care for any of you, no helping hand.

Animals avoid my path they are wiser than you , they want no trouble they avoid the inevitable aftermath. I wander through your world at will, your hospitals,your morgues I am pleased to fill.

I have no feeling for you pitiful lives. Your problems mean less to me than a bag of knives. The number of days that I have spoiled with bad news, a cancer here, dementia there not to forget a murderous bout of baby blues.

I am the dead look in a prostitute’s eyes, I am the funeral of each soldier that dies. I am the bomb, the bullet the grenade. I am the million dollar deal on which some one will renege . I am the loss of ever soldier’s or even innocent civilian’s limb. I am the suicide bomber’s blinding belief.  I an this world’s broken and dieing grief.

I am the filth you fear so much I am the sleaze and the open legs you dare not touch. I am the disease that stalks you at night I am the slash of a knife in a drunken fight. I am your worst your greatest and last no hope I am the the scabby hands that grope.

I shall always be around in your homes your schools and your playground. I am all that is your worst nightmare I am the wrongs that you have no intention to repair.

I am Apathy.


It only takes a few good men to do nothing and evil will win.

Poetry Challenge #7 28/10/2012

I have googled Crystal Danielle Matthews but I cannot find any information on the her .

Remembrance Day

Remember all those people who fought for you and me
Remember all those people who set our country free.
Remember all those people who died in the wars,
Remember all those people who got cuts and sores.

We gather here on this day,
To thank these people and for them we pray.
We wear a poppy that is red
To show we care for those who are dead.

They fought all day, They fought all night,
They fought till dark, They fought till light.
They fought for me, They fought for you,
The people died, The war is through.

We wish these people didn’t die
But now in Flander’s (Frosimone) Field they lie.

By Crystal Danielle Matthews
November 11, 1995

This is a beautiful poem of remembrance, so simple but so to the point. It speaks for itself . So Crystal Danielle Matthews  wherever and whoever you are thank you.

Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below


photo credit

It is hard when you’re witch, your very presence gives polite society an itch. When you float by in your latest gown women faint and men swoon and hit the ground.

Now all of the above could be a boon were it not for the fact that it happens for the wrong reason. Why do they goggle if you ride the moon, it is not your job to please them.

It is enough to make you shout and scream when your hair plays up and looks like silky ringlets  on Halloween. A careless sprite has cleaned the blood from your dress dabbed away all signs of mess.

No, no that really can’t be right to look clean and tidy on All Souls Night. To make it worse I just received a call to say my Vampire friends are to busy to come  and play.

OH! tell me what’s a girl to do I feel under stress and I think I am coming down with flu. I think I have really lost the plot, that guy over there just told me I look hot!

photo credit

Look at me, I look like a fairy, what is going on I ask you truthfully do I strike you as a Bloody  Scary Mary! No, I did not think so, eek! I just looked in the mirror where did all my attitude go? What is a self respecting witch to do some pesky imp has used all my goo !

There are only four days left until Halloween and I look like a hotty out of some young man’s dream. It gets worse, damn,this just is not fair  none of my rags are fit to wear. They all just make me look stunning . This the work of someone evil and cunning

I guess I shall just have to go and hid, looking like this, the gossip I would never survive. I shall just climb into a box and feed myself on pigswill and slops. I just don’t know what I have done I even crave a little rest in the sun?? Help, help this is not right I am a creature of the night!!


Hi I wrote this in November of last year. Today I am feeling tired and cold and if I am honest very low. This poem of mine came into my head so I revisited it. I keep thinking that I have moved on and that he has too but then another kick from the gods of fate comes resounding into the small of my back and I open my eyes and see nothing has changed nothing at all.

I have changed about two words, they probably make no difference to the poem but I needed to change them. A little tweakette. Oh! that we could do that with life. The keys at the end of the poem are very symbolic to me. I feel locked up, trapped in a cell. Yet to the world I present this smile, “I can do ” appearance. What a joke that is I feel hardly capable of standing today.

Okay that is enough,I have subjected you all to more than you need to know about my bleeding heart and life so lets wipe the blood from the page and hope for a cheeky chirpy next post…… yer right!! 😦



Just how do you do it time after time.Why do I let you do this to me, there is no reason or rhyme.  It makes no sense, why do you tear up this life of mine. Do you have no sense of occasion do you not even care, have you no feelings left for me, do you even need me there.

photo credits

I think I must be stupid I think I must be mad to let you carry on the way you do, it is all so wrong, it just makes me feel so bad..

Why do you want to live two lives it surely it is not on. You are missing most weekends, sometimes weeks at a time and that is surely wrong. I have dodged the questions asked about you from family and friends I hate to lie for when that starts it never, never ends.

People take their sides they do not realize that they have, they make a choice which means  different rules  apply. The first time I was shown this my heart was turned to stone. I thought that I would die.

This really was a shock to me, I am a bit stupid  you see, the fact that life is like that was staring at me glaringly.

It has been so many years now but time has not made any of the pain recede. In fact time makes no difference  the pain just grows indeed. It has turned into acceptance which is a bitter seed.

Why have I taken this all for so long, why when I know it is all wrong. Family yes, appearances no,I lost all pride long ago . For my comfort maybe, I need help I need someone even if they  don’t want me.


The tree nymph and the wheelwright.

photo credits

The tree nymph is usually a pleasant thing, cheeky and happy oft heard, a merry song to sing. But cross her at your peril for she has a mighty sting.

One day an apprentice wheelwright fair of face,long of limb in his eyes a smiling light came whistling passed her way. He was bonny he was fancy and he stole the heart of the tree nymph Tansy.

He wooed her and courted Tansy and she returned his favours, they had fun all Summer long and in Autumn the joys of love they savoured.

Winter came and Tansy was called to the forest deep,she told the lad she would be back in spring and that he had her heart to keep. She begged him to be true to her for she did not want to loose him, he laughed and promised on his soul that he’d be true. Kissed him long and hard and then whispered make sure you do!

photo credits

Weeks past by and it grew so cold and the wheelwright missed having Tansy to hold, he missed her he really did . Then a young colleen turned his head and flipped his lid.

The feckless lad loss his heart again he did not mean to cause any pain. Well tell me, do men ever? He forgot Tansy, forgot his promise and his soul, well that was not too clever.

Now Christmas came and Christmas went together all this time our couple spent. They were so in love you see they did not think at all about the Nymph Tansy.

Finally the snow began to melt and spring was on the way, the wheelwright and his fair lady planned their wedding day.

The Church was full of flowers their families and friends were there everything

google images

was perfect and love was in the air. Suddenly there was a clatter the sound of sudden wind not a gentle breeze but that of windows being blown in .

Everyone went silent in mid verse of a hymn all eyes turned towards the back of the church to see the amazing vision that was entering.

It was a beautiful vision bedecked in gold and green her eyes so blue  right then the angriest any of them had ever seen.

What do you think that you are doing Tansy asked the wheelwright in front of the of the assembled guests. You swore that you would wait for me is this your very best? Everyone was silent, what would the groom say who was this strange woman storming in on this his wedding day.

You promised that you would wait for me I have only been gone one season and you have already forgotten me. The wheelwright look frightened his face a deathly white,he felt a burning start inside as he realized his plight.

Looking at the bride now Tansy asked a searching question  do you still love this fool now that I have shown him up in his perfidious imperfection? Why yes I do replied the bride I am afraid I really do, and then unwisely she added I am the bride here not you!

Tansy was furious, she was really mad, she screamed at the congregation to go before she did something bad.
They did not need to be told twice they were off and running scared for their lives not knowing what was coming.

Alone at last Tansy and the bride and groom inside the church candles extinguished doors shut fast all was doom and gloom.
Tansy’s eyes flashed red as she addressed the groom, tell me wheelwright will you come with me or are you ready to meet your doom.

Flashing his eyes the cheeky wheelwright smiled and said my love I’ll not go with you, his young bride lowered her head.

On a roar Tansy screamed why you both deserve each other. She told them that they should go and not look back. Run, run she screamed cutting them no slack.

And so as they ran hand in hand together, through the church yard the angry nymph turned them into a tree thus locking them together trapped there forever.

The tree nymph is usually a pleasant thing, cheeky and happy oft heard to sing. Heed this tale spurn her at your peril for she has a mighty sting.

Memory Flash

google image

Today a flash of history past me by,I could not trust my eyes! Did I just see what just walked past me?

Two boys past me on their way to school. Drainpipe trousers shiny and new Oh! boy did they look cool.To finish off with winklepicker shoes.I could not believe my baby blues.

It whisked me back to carefree days of scooters, boas and purple haze.My mind took off and had a whirl there I stood the younger girl.

Black and white shift dress and knee high shiny white plastic boots a mini skirt to attract whistles and car horn  hoots.

One again I was sixteen, free and happy  a Carnaby Queen. I was never tall but always lean, I loved the fashions to wear them I was keen.

google images

Well that was fab and groovy it was certainly the way to be! But sadly life goes on and  my dream is dashed and again my youth has gone.

But I don’t care and I don’t mind I am still seventeen inside my head I find!!

Not now , later I promise

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OH! Don’t you just hate deadlines, they really do my head in. It’s all corporate times  and their patience is paper thin.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day. I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

Up each morning at 5am. Shower, coffee, car you have to be seen working hard or you never will go very far.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day.I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

Home late every evening, are the kids in bed already. Yes love please a big one I need a drink, my nerves to steady.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day.I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

Yes I am important and I am always at the ready I have to work the weekends the firm would collapse with out me and it earns us an extra penny.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day.I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

How are you doing without me honey I am sorry I am away. What’s that? the kids have Mumps,sorry have to dash I be home a week today.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day.I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

Can you cook a special dinner tonight we have an important client, and wear that purple dress of yours I sure that will make him compliant. I know the kids are studying but they can use their rooms. I’ll bring you home  some flowers you know you love  bright blooms.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day.I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

Yes I know it is their Graduation but does it have to be Thursday I need to meet a deadline, yes, yes I’ll do my best to be there okay!! I am working hard to give them all the best that I can, cars, big house, education, expensive holidays and don’t forget the medical plan.

Yes I’ll take some time off and you and I with the kids we’ll spend the day.I promise you, I promise you, just it will not be today.

Damn this house is cold what’s happened to the lights. Hang on here’s a note. It says she’s working  late tonight . I didn’t know she had a job what is going on. Hey kids how you doing. What, you need the car right now okay….. and then they were gone. I know I am import, I am the man of the house. I have taken time off especially to be with the wife and kids, to find the house is empty no sign of kids or spouse!

Yes we’ll take some time out of our social rounds we’ll try and find time for you Dad you have a rest we’ll see you around.

Child Bride

As the  early sun’s first ray’s light upon the young girl’s gaze. Motes of dust in the golden light dance in the mirror her wedding gown catches her sight.

In her stomach a thousand butterflies sweep and swirl it is so much for her to take in, this little girl. Her mother’s headdress on her head, how could she send her baby to that old man’s bed.

Last week with her friends she played, giggling in class at the exciting plans they had made. Running dancing in the lea, happy laughing dancing free that is how a young child’s life should be.

The scent of  her poesy fills her nose. It is so pretty lilies,daisies and a perfect rose. Again her stomach turned thinking of the horrid things she had learned. Her mother had sat her on her knee and explained exactly how things had to be.

Now she knew why mother cried as she told the future and beg that she comply. She had begged and cried yet her parents ears were closed, she was to be a bride. A rich merchant fat and old was the fiancé to whom she had been sold. Her father bade her do his will to up hold the family honour her mother begged to comply and things would be easier on her.

As the  early sun’s first ray’s light upon the young girl’s gaze. Motes of dust in the golden light dance in the mirror her wedding gown catches her sight.




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