Another cup of coffee

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Death was back in Starbucks again drinking coffee he had sent out invites but as yet there no sign of the other three.

Like last time he had made his mark  people lolled back in their chairs and the sky was strangely dark.

He finished his coffee, it was his second cup he looked at clock and decided his wait to give up. He knew his friends were tardy but enough was enough and he had plenty to do collecting the dead and some other stuff!

He rose from his seat and made for the door, leaving a trail of black coffee on the floor.”Damn” he remarked looking down at his feet “This Columbian coffee goes right through me now” Off he stomped with wet dirty feet!

Pestilence,War and Famine  were out somewhere having fun, too busy to join him , forgetting that he’s number one!  Behind him the cleaner followed with a mop , turning to see him, death flashed him his smile , the man fell with a plop! Scooping him up as he went on his way mumbling to himself the start of another bloody day!

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He did not need the others he was the boss, what ever they caused he picked up the loss. So if you see  him keep on his right side don’t offer him Columbian coffee you might hurt his pride!


This poem is a follow on to “Is It Really To Late ” which can be read here



Gallipoli Poetry Challenge #7 30/09/2012

I did not post my poetry challenge last week as I could not get to my computer. I am finding myself saddened more and more by the futility of war of the unwillingness of man to learn and grow. I honestly feel that more I am learning (and believe me I am learning)  my heart is bleeding at the idiocy of it all.
Sometimes a picture or a video says more than any words .

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Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives…
            you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
          Therefore rest in peace.
          There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets
          to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours..
         You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries
         wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in             peace
         After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.
        — Atatürk 1934
Please take a moment to read  the information below  the deaths the injuries incurred during  just one campaign in ‘ THE WAR TO END ALL WARS’ at Gallopoli WW1.
Sadly that war did not end war, WW2 followed by countless other and our troops whether they be involved under their own flag or that of their own flag accompanied  by the blue of the UN still continue.
Gallipoli casualties
Source: Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Dead Wounded Total
Total Allies 44,092 96,937 141,029
– United Kingdom [40] 43,000 76,696 119,696
– France (estimated) 10,000 17,000 27,000
– Australia[5] 8,709 19,441 28,150
– New Zealand[5] 2,721 4,752 7,473
– British India 1,358 3,421 4,779
– Newfoundland 49 93 142
Ottoman empire (estimated) 86,692 164,617 251,309
Total (both sides) 130,784 261,554 392,338

Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below

Welcome Autumn

Hush, beware she is almost here. I can smell her coming, she is damp and sweet and musty too full of the promise of all she will do.

Hush can you hear her on the breeze,can you glimpse her promise she races through the trees. It isn’t anger that makes her shake the trees it is her pleasure to divest them of their leaves.

Her perfume is of damp leaves and freshly harvested soil. The earth has given up the fruits of man’s honest toil. Also as she passes you can smell the smoke of bonfires summer has gone and winter nears and to fill the middle is to what she aspires.

Her morning habits are tardy she is not like summers early rise and she is quick to bring on night but she will amaze you with her beautiful windswept skies.

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Her skies at night are clear and starry swept clean by her fast hands her sunsets often fiery answering to her demands. Her eyes are full of promise and secrets too for the next few months she will be busy, she has so much to do!

So welcome sister Autumn, welcome and hello to you we are always pleased to see you and enjoy the things you do.

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I know you are in there and that you are afraid to come out, the part of you that is here is angry it screams and it shouts.

What put you in there, I shall never know, you will never unburden, never tell me it’s your secret. So nothing gets better in fact things just grow worse whatever I do, now makes you swear and curse.

I have tried being patient I have tried being kind . I have offered my hand to you so often you have just bitten it, payment in kind?? I have begged and I have pleaded taken the rough with rough  and it is all getting worse and I feel enough is enough.

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I would rip out my shoulder and watch my hands bleed for all of the supporting I have given to you over the years when you are  in need. All the cliff hangers we have endured I listened to you as your heart you had out poured. Over the years why the hell can you still not trust me I fought your demons and your fears and done my best to set you free.

Shall I hold on or shall I just let go I could not be any lower in your estimation,I know. I know you are in there I know you are scared our lives have up till now been perilously pared.

I know you are in there and that you are afraid to come out, the part of you that is here is angry it screams and it shouts.


Play the game.

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Swing with his moods swing with his whims there is just no other way to cope with him.

Sail through the dark and sail through the night just agree with all that is said, watch your independence take flight.

Squeak like a mouse wash your whiskers too, just do everything that he wants you to do. It is better much easier that way if you want to survive and get through the day.

Roll with the verbal punches fall with the noise blows there is more to abuse than physical violence you know.

Make your decisions but make sure you choose right for if you are wrong you will worsen your plight. Remember your decisions remember you have a choice stand up for yourself and try to blot out his voice. Be strong , be determined don’t sell your soul, fight for your  sanity remember freedom is your goal.



which delighted all the birds More

Stupid Bitch!

There she is that thing in the corner. She opens her mouth making her life more forlorner. Stupid and ugly is she, tired and tearful she longs to be free. But no for she is that thing in the corner.

Nothing but shadow  has she become lost now forever no longer to look on the sun. Rubbish she speaks each time she opens her mouth, your a bitch and you are awkward is all that he shouts.

Empty inside she appears drawn and pale her ears become deafer  the more at her he rails.Rubbish she is rubbish a spiteful bitch inside her she knows this is wrong outside her lip begins to twitch.

There she is, that thing in the corner. She opens her mouth making her life forlorner. She is no good, she is useless a lazy stupid bitch her mouth betrays her each day that passes. What good is she, no use to him so screw her up tight and throw her in the bin. Useless and unwanted the thing in the corner.



The Maiden’s Raven

Everything she touches turns to dust.

Her love too often mistook for lust.

She meant no harm she meant no ill

Yet bad things happened without her will.

She stood alone her mouth shut fast

Silent  knowing  she could  cause harm that lasts.

Casting her eyes down away from those that stare

She lowered her eyelids pretending not to care.

She touched the tree it’s leaves began to fall, tears from her eyes she shed then stretched to kiss the tree, and was alarmed to find it dead. Deep sadness filled her heart, great pain threatened to rip her apart. To her knees she fell thoughts of horrors in her head did dwell. Her life was spent just two steps from hell.

Looking out across the sky her beloved raven she saw fly. Towards her he neared she begged him not to land on her, not to approach her nor come too near. “I beg you friend do not land on me, if you die I shall be so alone in this world, you see” This she said in trembling tones holding such dread it chills your very bones . He hovered lovingly in front of her and in her hands he dropped a flower.

It was a tiny but perfect rose, she held it close to her heart she waited for it to curl up and fall apart. It did not, she could not believe her eyes in fact this rose began to thrive. Falling to her knees she cried out to the darkling sky. Please help if a God there be, set my lonely heart free and help me say the words I should  instead of all the wrong words that I do, when I only truly do mean only good.

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The end of the holiday


A gateway in time, my time holiday time, a gateway to sun history high life and wine.


Walking the streets the narrow streets, so much of life has happened there, love lost joys and fear. Murders their victims found fugitives run to ground.


The views are so amazing so different from home such colours and warmth flowers all beautiful grown.


And now my holiday is over there just is no more time for country drives, sunshine and local wine. So though I may not want to I must leave and be on my way. Yet in my heart I carry the hope to return here one day.


Two as one

Standing here entwined with you is my life and all that I want to do.
We have heard laughter and seen tears and watched lives unfold through out the years.
Babies and children playing at our feet through generations now which makes us feel complete.
Through war and peace we have stood true you for me and I for you. Some have tried us to part. Luckily, for us they have failed for we would die if wrenched apart.
So for now in sun or rain through delight and deep sorrow we stand united and so remain.



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