Cinders Part One

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Cinders loved to dance around the house she ‘d pirouette and prance. Her life was one big game until one day into her life darkness came.

Her mama she took ill and though Cinders prayed each night for her mama to live, it was not God’s will. Her Daddy took it bad he locked himself away with a bottle for a friend, this made Cinders sad. Cinders loved her Dad on that he could depend.

Nothing lasts forever and Cinders Dad got better then he met a new wife and it was all change in Cinders life. The new wife had two daughters who treated Cinders no better than they ought ta!

With Dad away and new wife in charge Cinders tried to please her but nothing she did was right and her new sisters always there to tease her. Still she liked to dance to pirouette and prance.

Before Cinders grew much older her Dad died and her life got colder. The stepmother had never liked her and said, her dancing was wasting time,she had no right to put on airs.Poor Cinders she loved to dance by now someone had drawn a new line.

Soon Cinders was on the outside looking in, her new mother and sisters did not treat her as kin. So Cinders went to school with her step sisters , because to be seen at school was the rule. But when the school bell rung ,unlike her step sisters, Cinders work had just begun.

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Make the beds, hoover the lounge , cook the dinner don’t pick you are such a scrounge. Poor Cinders had to work and work she got shouted at and slapped about if they decided she had shirked. After the bathrooms she made the beds it was too depressing so she hide inside her head.

With her ipod in ears the music help masked fears and tears. She never wanted the others to see how her dancing and her music set her free. When the work was done she could have her dinner, then her books were checked to see that her homework was done.

In her tiny room up in the eaves, she was happy alone with sound of the rustling leaves. This was the only place she could call her own, her stepsisters now used her old room and the one that was her mom’s. Sometimes she remembered when all of this house had been her home she had been a happy dancer then as through the gardens she had roamed.

That was then and this is now her step sisters were bitches and her step mum a cow! After she had made breakfast and done the dishes they all set off for school her sisters wore top fashion but Cinders always look better, to be like her was the two other girls secret wishes.

The buzz went round the school it was time for the leavers ball. The girls all got gowns, the boys dress suits , Cinders friends asked “What you wearing Cinders you’ll look OH! so cute” Making the best of the worst Cinders shrugged and said her sisters came first. Hey that’s not fair they cried, Cinders smiled ” that’s okay guys I don’t care !”

But Cinders did, she really did but she kept her feelings well and truly hid! So the weeks went by Cinders worked and worked and sometimes cried why had life dealt her this deal but she washed those floors and went to school not letting on how she truly felt! Her stepmother was having fun discussing dresses and spray tans no mention made of Cinders, for her there were no plans.

Cinders had just washed the hall floor when the three of them whisked past her,  she called out that they looked pretty as they slammed shut the limmo door!

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Yes they did look very pretty but it was only skin deep  as to lack of heart and soul within spite would not let them those  good looks keep!

On her own again with everybody out Cinders Cinders grabbed her chance she dashed into the living room put on some music and round and round she danced! She danced and she pranced !

Then as she was dancing she thought she heard a noise. If she was right the coffee machine had someone got in she hoped it was not boys! She crept into the hallway heading for the kitchen door. When she looked in she could not believe her eyes drinking a cup of coffee was a lady she had never seen before! Hello Cinders I am here to bring you a big surprise!!

“Here dear have a coffee, sit down lets have a chat, I see you are not at the ball and we can not allow that!” Cinders was completely stunned she did not know what to say , but this lady had something lovely about her, in a familiar in a sort of way.

” Now listen girl tell me just what you’d like to wear short or long I’ll sort it now and then we’ll get you there!” Cinders didn’t need to think as soon as she was over the initial shock she told the kindly lady who smiled and said “yes we have that in stock. ” She pointed to the breakfast bar Cinders could not believe her eyes there was her lovely dream dress and shoes and all were in her size!

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“One more thing ” asked Cinders “could I please have red hair.” With a smile the lady did comply immediately she gave Cinders what she wanted without even asking why.

“So look in the mirror and tell me what you see”. The lady said, “I can’t believe its true” screamed Cinders “is that really me? ” It is, it was and didn’t she look cool when she arrived she would turn every head in the school!




Where is my mare-babe

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Many miles under the sea where the mare-man and the mare-maid swim free. Long time , long time gone there once was heard this plaintiff song.

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

  Silver silent tears she wept running running down her milky breast. Her pain was there for all to see as clearly as the milk for her lost babe was running free.

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

On the air she heard her baby’s cries she swam to the surface but could not believe her eyes. The Serpent ugly vicious and heartless too had in his jaws her mare-babe! OH! sweet Neptune what was she to do!

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

She ask the Dolphins she begged  the Whales would they distract the Serpent with their dancing tails and she would try to wrestle free her darling babe of the sea.

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I sent a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

The Whales they thrashed that serpent sly. The Dolphins did their best to distract him by leaping  out the waves towards the sky. The fish all shouted the Octopus hissed and spat , the haughty serpent wondered, did they think they could frighten him like that??

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

An Angel saw the boiling sea and asked the Lord what can all that be. He all knowing said come with me . The Lord and the Angel asked the mare-maid did she believe that they could help if they would intercede. Still with silver tears in her eyes I do believe, I do she cried.

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

The Lord motioned to the Angel and said you see this mare-maid she believes in me! Go now angel of mine with hair of fire kill that serpent and from it’s jaws set the mare-babe free.

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Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.

The Angel smote the serpent across its head then lashed its back until it bled. As his jaws opened wide  the Lord took the child and laid it down by its mother’s side.  Out to sea the serpent screamed and then as if it were something dreamed the Lord banished it and all its kind no more to trouble  mare-mankind.

Many miles under the sea where the mare-man and the mare-maid swim free. Long time , long time gone there once was heard this plaintiff song.

Where is my mare-babe where is he. I only set him down whilst I set a shoal of fishes free from the evil serpent that roams these seas.


Application to Master Villain  who seeks side kick to help to plot lots of dastardly deeds.

For the attention of Mrs Peacock

Vlad the Invincible, my guarantor

1. Name     :Willow the Wisp

2. Sex         :yes please

3. List any evil skills you may possess  : Nasty stare that can freeze at 50 paces. retracting nails that can not only scratch an inch deep but when polished blood red can blind a a man or woman in a good light!

4. Explain why you feel you would make a good side kick   : I listen to what I am told to do, I have survived two broken backs, I am fearless if offered enough chocolate, though I am on a diet right now  but that will not last for ever….. will it?? I have bought up three son almost on my own and if I can survive that I can survive anything!

5. Are you easily frightened    yes/no : NO

6. List any allergies : only to goody goodies,

7. Please give an emergence contact in case of accidental mutation or incarceration :Vladimir the Invincible , the Castle next door to Castle Dracula. 1909 Carpathian Mountains Transylvania 999666

8. Are you willing to provide a DNA sample    yes/no :YES

9. Do you have an aversion to radiation    yes/no    : NO , not since our visit to Sellafield.

10. How soon can you start  : Last month?

The waiting relatives blues


How long has he been sitting there, is he  all right. how has he waiting do any of you care? believe it or not he has been there all night.

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Has he had a cup of tea or anything to eat, no he has been there worrying tapping his fingers and his feet. Has anyone spoken to him told him what is going on, he brought his sick dad in here last night and now it ten hours on do you think that can be right!

How many times have you passed him by while he has been waiting here he looks so concerned, not one of you has offered him anything do you really think that fair.

What harm would it of done to make him a cup of tea or just sat there and talked to him don’t tell me you’ve had no time free. Would it really hurt you to put your book or knitting down , or stop your conversation don’t look at me and frown. These people are not here for fun these people have friends or family ill why can’t you care a little for them a few words or a touch are worth more than any pills.

No need to look at me askance that poor lad has been there long enough for you to comfort or help him out, you have blown it now,you’ve had your chance. I hope that if you ever find yourselves sitting in his shoes  you never have to suffer the waiting relatives blues.


I was speaking to a friend today and she told me how she had had to spend a night in the local hospital waiting for news about her father, traipsing from A&E to CCU waiting in corridors nothing to eat or drink. Nurses and Drs alike ignoring her,  skilfully avoiding eye contact not bothering to talk or even smile.

This is so much the way of things today. No one cares, the milk of human kindness has dried up. A woman on her own in distress and people not only ignored her they made a point of ignoring her. Sadly at this time last year she lost her husband to cancer in this same hospital. As she told me it is too raw too close, probably all she needed was a friendly look or word.

I was in that hospital too, for a month, after my accident. I dreaded the nights when the nurses at the nurse’s station all but had a party every night and every mealtime was a joke. As I could not move ( being in a body corset ) unless someone ( not nursing staff) was not there to help I missed out on food! I am not going into all that it is not what I am writing about tonight !

Table tales and tableau

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Tip tap, tip tap you run your nails down me Crip crap crip crap elbows dig in me while the reading of your books set your mind free.

Cratchy claws, drooling maws purr purr stretching legs, tummy rub, yawning  jaws. You have sat upon me you have spat upon me you have fought over me then cleaned me up and then eaten you your tea on me!

You have hidden under me covered me with drapes and made a camp out of me. You have used me as bed and excited the girl you wed  and seen your first born’s head emerge while she lay screaming on me!

I’ve been scrubbed to an inch of  my life I have witnessed trouble tears and strife. I did once have a life out side of this room I was tall and I was stunning when in Spring I was in bloom. I spread my roots and lifted my branches up into the sky so I could touch the moon.

Summer nights and Autumn days I have weathered, I have listened to laughter and heard choirs voices sing in praise of the Lord and his ways. I have seen the seasons come and go watched the farmer sow his seeds and seen the crops grow.

Now I am trapped within this house yet I really do not mind I have been a watcher of life seen the generations, children, family ,

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auntie, uncle, grandma husband, wife . So as you gather round me for your chat over coffee in your kitchens, in your houses or your flats. Underneath me children and dogs on me books food shopping and cats.

Treat me right and I shall last into your future from your past. I always have such tales to tell I have been with you through heaven and hell! So treat me wrong or treat me right I shall just sit here and watch you day and night!!

Poetry Challenge #7 24/06/2012 CAT CALLS

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And there they are the faces,
The last vestige and traces,
Of men/women brought asunder,
By all our foreign plunder.
All the Lance Corporals,
The private, soldier, trooper
18, 18, 18, 20, 26, 22, 28, 20, 24,
My age. Eyes fill with tear rage,
And I remember,
When I wore a uniform
And saw the boys born,
The same year as me,
Hiding behind a tree,
Staring through their sight,
Helmet pulled tight,
Crouched behind a wall,
Not issuing a cat call.

Catherine Brogan


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Where to start on this poem it describes the oddness that was the troubles . There is far too much HISTORY to document the  reasons for  “The Troubles”. What I will say is that they started back in 1688: William of Orange arrives
The British invite William of Orange, a Protestant prince from the Netherlands, to rule England and Scotland. When he arrives in Britain James II – the ruling, Catholic king – is deposed and flees to Ireland. In 1690 William defeats James at the Battle of the Boyne, in north-eastern Ireland, after which the Protestants who fought alongside William are known as Orangemen. The battle is commemorated every July12 with Orange marches.
Since then so many things have happened.  1916: The Easter Rising,1919-1922: The war of independence, and partition,1922-26: Civil war and a split in Sinn Féin,1969: The Troubles begin in Northern Ireland
The Royal Ulster Constabulary attacks a Catholic civil rights protest. Counter-demonstrations by Protestant loyalists – so called for their “loyalty” to British rule – lead to escalating violence. Frustrated by what they see as the passivity of the IRA’s leadership, some members form a new group, which they call the Provisional IRA.
1971-72: Internment and Bloody Sunday,November-December 1974: The Birmingham bombings,The 1980s: Hunger strikes,1993-94: Independence declared and another ceasefire,July 1995: Riots over marches,February 9 1996: Ceasefire collapses The IRA bombs Canary Wharf in London, July 1997: Ceasefire restored,April 1998: The Good Friday agreement The Good Friday agreement is reached on April 10 1998,July-August 1998: Violence and the Omagh bombing,December 2004: Decommissioning deal unravels,2005
February: The IRA withdraws its offer to complete decommissioning. In April Gerry Adams appeals to the IRA to continue the deal.
,… That was a bad year. So a long and sordid business  not to mention what Cromwell did to the Irish and the plague of the potato famine .

It has been a bad patch of Anglo Irish history. That aside the poem speaks of the young soldiers sent to Ireland on the streets of Ulster in uniform and carrying weapons coping with lads and lasses their own age, older people they should respect. The people of Ulster not wanting the soldiers there and the soldiers not wanting to be there either. Sad a very sad chapter of history, you can read about it here .

Young men patrolling strange streets exchanging glances and thoughts with young people so near to them in age. As in all war too many deaths young and old for no good reasons!


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Catherine Brogan  is a performance poet from Omargh, Northern Island , who now lives in London. She was born in 1985. Her poetry reflects on the violence in Northern Ireland referred to as often, a conflict, a war but more often than not “The Troubles”.


Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:


Well remember that last night I told you about the Guinness Book of Records attempt by the Rock Choir here in the UK to have the largest amount of people Singing and ‘Dancing’ to the same song at the same time! Well we did it and I was so excited and exhilarated there were several hundred at the site I was at.

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There were marshals and referees from the Guinness Records to make sure it was all above board! After the main song was over we had picnic lunch then we had a jamming session, the choir leaders had  brought their group along! It was fun! I had to lean against the wall towards the end but hey I made it through the three hours.

I have enclosed videos of some of the choirs at different sites ..I am in there somewhere, we were right at the back mine you!So thanks for your support and please keep your fingers crossed for a good result.

Money raised by the sale of tickets will be going to the Homeless Charity “Refuge”

One Lovely Blog Award

I owe a big thank you to  greatpoetrymhf  for nominating me for the One  Lovely Blog Award. I am most grateful and honoured.

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😉 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉

1) I have taken part in a Guinness Book of records attempt.

2) I feel Pilates has helped my recovery no end.

3) I love people.

4) I am reading a  ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’

5) I would like to make a difference.

6) I love coffee

7) I am murder on the dancefloor

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and in no particular order my nominees ! TRA RA!


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hollyanne gets poetic


Words fall from my eyes

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😉 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 :);) 😉 🙂 🙂

So thank you again to greatpoetrymhf  for thinking of me and to everyone if I have not nominated you I am sorry because you all deserve nominating !!

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Guinness Book of Records attempt ? Did I hear that right. Yes, yes I had “do you want to join in? ” Do I, yes but I am no good at singing!

I was talking to my almost sister of 48yrs. We had been sisters in law for so then when her marriage disintegrated we stayed friends even stronger,  almost sisters as I said!

So lets get this straight the Rock Choir that she is in is taking part in an attempt to get the largest amount of people singing the same song at the same time.

The idea is that at the allotted hour tomorrow Rock Choirs linked around the country will be singing ‘Baby When Your Gone’ a Brian Adams song. A huge undertaking with crowd marshals and  Guinness Book of Records officials and referees !

Before I knew it I was saying yes : Right I had four days to learn the song and the bass part. This I approached with real zeal putting the song onto my iTunes and iPod! It accompanied me working around the house, to physiotherapy, the gym, shopping, walking . I have been eating , sleeping and drinking this song!

I have embarrassed myself and others bursting into song at the gym, in the supermarket and just walking in the street!

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I have worked hard at learning the song and I really hope that I can do it justice tomorrow! We have all bought tickets to attend , that way we are raising money for a homeless charity, I do know which one at the moment I shall tell you all tomorrow when I know, rather than guess and be wrong.

I am wondering how long it will take to get the song out of my head after the event is over?? Will I be scarred for life!! I know one thing after my accident three years ago I never thought I would able to do half of what I have made myself relearn to do. But I have and I am quietly proud of what I have managed to achieve and I am really excited about tomorrow . So please all of you good friends of mine out there wish me luck for tomorrow. Oh! yes and my almost sister as she will be standing right next to me ( she is a member of the choir) having to listen to me! and guide me through the moves!!

Here is a youtube clip of one of the Rock Choirs, this is not the choir I shall be singing in but no doubt these ladies will be singing somewhere tomorrow at the same time as us!  Singing makes me happy and if we can help others in need all better the world needs to sing more and do it together!


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Greed, greed evil fingers reaching out to grab you, it will rip you up and make you bleed.

Feel the tingle feel the gain lovely luca give it, give it straight through my vein.

Creeping crawling, sweaty rush give me give me I crave for more see me roll in greed on the floor.

Nothing quenches this endless craving I want, I need I will lie and cheat you, I am just beyond saving.

Silk and satin by the roll pretty diamonds I control. Filthy money makes me high like a drug it makes me fly.

Leave me??  will you, see if I care my soul is lost. Your touch means nothing if  your money is not there.

Greed , greed come consume me make me fly lift my joy into the sky fill me fill me give me more watch me writhing on the floor.

Greed, greed evil fingers reaching out to grab me, it will rip me up and make me bleed. Slowly dragging me through the ground and in money I am bound .

I have no soul left only yearning, give me, give me  the craving is burning . Nothing left at all of me and all because of greed. greed.

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I have been out for a couple of days and I am playing catch up on the wonderful posts you have all sent me so I have reposted one of my older posts.


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