Journal For Poetry Challenge#20/05/2012

Without Death, Bloodshed and Suffering

Without death, bloodshed and suffering wars are never won
And only hatred and grief survives when the fighting is done
And war heroes honoured in every war street parade
By war men the memories of war not allowed for to fade
The politicians the praises of the war dead do sing
Their politicizing of war for sake of power not an honourable thing
For God, Flag and Country and National Pride
Far too many good young people in wars have died
one war leads to another war as the wise one did say
And millions for patriotism in wars with their lives do pay
For the sake of war the war men create us against they
And for the love of a flag the young and brave die in wars today
And on Remembrance Day the war men parade up and down
In a show of patriotism through the streets of the town.

Francis Duggan

Francis Duggan

(1946 – Present) I have been penning stuff since 1973 have written up to nine thousand individual pieces which can be seen on various online poetry sites, I was born and raised in Millstreet Co Cork Ireland and I have been living in Victoria Australia for the past twenty three years………. Francis Duggan.


This modern poem is timeless it could refer to any war! It says all the things I have said in the months since January. The tears I have shed whilst researching this challenge are witness to the fact that no one wins in war. No one , no person, no country, no religion, no sect nothing and nobody wins,only the politicians and the arms makers ………….. They win hands down every time .

Politicians plot scheme and win, our young people in the armed forces are maimed and killed, sacrificed on the altar of their greed ( the politicians greed that is). Then the truth is sanitized and  the politicians brush things over! We never learn, it has been this way since the beginning of  mankind and I see no changes yet . willow.


Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:

What If ?

What would happen if I never saw you again.What if I woke and you were gone how could I stand the pain.What if the sun forgot to rise and all was dark and no birds flew up in the darken skies.

What would I do if all the trees were gone taking with them the grass we loved to picnic on.What would I do if the rivers full of fish and ducks where whisked away and hidden from my sight what would I do stumbling around in this new enforced night. Without you by my side how would I cope, as good as blind in an empty world lost and lonely without hope!

What would happen if all music stopped all instruments removed and silenced. No voices soaring, and harmonies dropped. What would happen if all the animals were gone no cattle lowing , no horses neighing  and no bird song.

What would happen if as I awoke all love and tenderness fled. All feelings good and bad, banished tossed aside or dead. War, tyranny, greed and avarice  gone all gone but I still stand alone. Without you  all else counts for nought as in misery I crawl around in the darkness my mind has wrought !

What am I, human? not built to stand alone in darkness, shivering soaked to the very bone. What if,  what if I woke and it is all gone everything and everyone I have known gone , disappeared simply flown.

It is my fear that I will have to stand alone and answer for what humanity has done.

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One step, one heart one mind?

photo credit

One step, one heart one mind forward together. Towards a  dream of  united mankind.

One thought, one notion, one urgent quest if only we could understand what we are doing wrong then we could unite at last for the best.

One faith, one notion, one idea on the line. To help each other, to reach out in honesty and care  to encourage each other towards a blessed finish line.

One song, one beat,one rhythm the lyrics are a chant that we can share. One drum,one voice one hum. We need to address nature, our mother planet needs a lot of care. We need to save our planet if we don’t there will be worse to come.

One love, one reason one whole and bless mankind. We need to forget our differences and nations and leave war and hate behind. Fear, hunger and greed we must sweep away we need to unite as one people and save our planet for we will perish if we let mother earth slip away.

One dance, one step one choreography. Lets us move together and feed the starving and set the oppressed free.

One chance, one hope one seed of a thought . We must work together to save our souls and our minds we cannot go on as we are we must leave our selfishness behind.

The story Sofa!

Here I am with open arms oblivious to all your charms. Here unmoving day and night I helped you learn to read and write

Here I am, the one you need, to get you through life’s challenges, I’m always up for a midnight feed!!

I am on hand for a cosy rest in front of the fire, sit with me in winter and  watch the snow fall as the flames grow higher.

I am here for you in spring sit with me and sip your tea and listen as the Thrush sings!

Early morning late at night I am here for your delight!!

photo credits

I keep your secrets as you grow older and see your relationships get hot or colder. As you grow and become much bolder.

I am here for you when life becomes to hard to shoulder and encourage you as you climb up another gigantic life boulder!

You  may change my covers to suit the fashion to look good or cool  for swings from anger into passion. Never deserting always there the answer to exhaustions prayer.

I excel at family  gatherings  Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and especially Weddings. Usually I get tarted up when special visitors come to sup!

Always in need when there are babies, new, good for cuddles and sometimes a lot more too! I  will not say what  that’s about .I shall not disclose what you get up to when no one else is about.

Such comfort can found in my arms for weary heads with physical or mental qualms. I never nag or boss you. I am always here when your day is through. I have never done a nasty thing to you.

I’ve been with you good and bad shared your grief  when you’ve been sad.Seen you laugh  loud and free and kept the secrets you’ve given me.

Then one day comes a bolt out of the blue I am of no longer any use, you have found some one new! I am banished shoved aside not wanted even though I’ve comforted you whenever you’ve cried! Cast aside for versions new after all I have done for you!!

Now, how ungrateful can you be ! After all these years you abandon me??


At last she’d found the killer shoes with heels as high as a stalk. Slender,  black and pointy she’d planned  not far to walk!

At last she had found the nail varnish to emboss her toes. Each and every inch had to be right .Well the varnish was, it’s name was ‘Bloody Rose’

At last she had perfected the walk all crissy crossy leg and wiggly wiggly hips and red lipped smile to make him squirm and beg!!

At last, oh! yes at last

photo credit google image

Finally she’d found that dress, the dress she knew he would love short enough to display her legs but long enough to emphasise the delights just above!

Finally she found the seamless panties sheer but lacy thin and an “up and at em” magic bra, that  he would be dying to get in!

Finally she had also found some real silk stockings and  matching suspender belt. It was just simply amazing that she could not explain how empowered she finally felt.   Finally, Oh! yes finally.

Not forgetting her crowning glory, her lustrous shiny black hair. You know the type, it makes girls weep and grown men stop and stare.

Not forgetting her make up, the blusher she did not spare. Dark long lashed smoky eyes and ‘Blood Red’ wet look lips. For the shocked looks she had no care.

Not forgetting her finger nails she’d had them painted as her toes with little sparkles on each nail in the pattern of a rose.

Not forgetting where to meet him she arrived ten minutes late. As she entered  everyone turned in shock OH! Yes that made her feel great!  Not forgetting Oh! no not forgetting.

No hurry now she whispered as they had their drink, she flashed her eyes and licked her lips. I am in here, he began to to think. She crossed her legs delicately making sure he got a peep so he could see the stockings. His expectations  beginning to make him weep.

No hurry, again she whispered in to his ear, she could feel his breath on her neck and his lips were very near. She could feel his heart beating as his his fingers brushed her breast she lent forward to him so he could see the rest.

No hurry she said as she lead him to their room as he rushed her through the door his passion in full bloom. He took off  his jacket and undid his shirt she unzipped her dress which slipped to floor leaving her there in a silken underskirt.

No hurry she said as she undid his flies her beautiful underwear brushing against him brought forth soft sighs! Gently she whispered I met your wife last week, fear hit him in his gut and his passion just went all limp and weak.

No hurry she whispered you’ve always told me not to rush no wonder we only meet in secret away from prying eyes you did not want to be seen  with me and you have told me so many lies. He tried to talk but she stopped him, some pressure she applied he could not move or stop her then his knees gave way and he cried.

Curled up on the floor his trousers around his shoes between his legs a swelling and a nasty bruise. I’ll call you an ambulance she said as she finished getting dressed No hurry sweety , Oh! no, no hurry you just lie there and rest!

Under Ice

Under ice, cracks are showing. On the edge short of breath waters flowing! Cold, fingers blue on the nail lost in the stress of you.

On the ledge searching the horizon,lost in this vale of tears. All is lost crawling now in the wilderness years. The flags are up the piper paid the dye is cast all plans are laid.

Run for the hills get out of the water, break through this ice. Cross the Rubicon damn you someone must pay the price. I am not cold I am quaking in my boots shut all the doors  put out the lights close every route. Your on your own from tonight.

photo credits

Journal For Poetry Challenge# 13/05/2012


Today’s poem is different again, last week I used a poem by one of our wordpress  bloggers  Maggie Mae it was different and inspired. This Sunday’s offering is immediate, of now, today.

It is set Afghanistan and is written by a soldier who was there. It tells his life story, his friendship and the sudden cruel end of that friendship by death.

How many times do you hear ” He was proud to be a soldier” or “he was brave and died for his country” …………. You do not hear, he cried himself to sleep, he wet himself in fear, he wanted his Mum as he died. You don’t, do you? No one really tells the truth. Oh! yes there are many  big and brave men and women out there  but they are out numbered by the normal and the weak.

War, now in 2012 is not any better, cleaner or more honourable than any other war we have been caught up. Many still ask why are we out there..good question.

Today 13/05/2012 it was announced that to members of British forces acting as mentors for the Afghan police died today, shot by the very men they were mentoring.  Whether they were insurgents in disguise or someone with a grudge it was pointless. More deaths …the news of the deaths never stops..



Tom was a young lad

From where I grew up

We went to the same school

Then both joined up
We became Commandos together

photo credits google

And never looked back
We met again in the desert
Had a laugh and a chat

I heard it over the radio
Surely it wasn’t him
I chose to deny
Until we got back in

After an hour back on base
Drapes asked for a private word
With a tear in his eye
It all seemed so absurd

I’ll remember Tom forever
And raise a glass in his name
A soldier to the death
We cry and cry again

Alex Cockers,


Alex Cockers was born in April 1985. He was a Royal Marines Commando from 2005-2009 and served on Operation Herrick five and seven in Helmand province for a total of fourteen months.

How he came to write his poems. He explains, “During my fourteen months in Afghanistan, I had many feelings and thoughts that I was unable to share with anyone.  Under the stars; in the desert, rhymes would manifest in my head.  I would write them down, construct them into poems and somehow I felt better for getting it off my chest.”

These are the other poems by Alex Cockers.  The Brutal Game, Last Stand,
Bad Dreams, Tom, Morals . . .  two for a pound  and  Mortal Combat. and they can be found  here  they are full of the truth.


I am sorry I just have to and another of his poems. It says what I am so frightened of. Young men return damaged not only physically  but deeply physiologically too. These lads have to fight for help for it is not easily given. Some take it out on their  families some just run away fear inside eats them visions of what they have seen eats them….. we must try and help them. They were there for us whether we believe it is a just war or not they were there for us! I have added the photos after a lot of thought I hope they do not upset you . I think they fit well.


Bad Dreams

When you send a lad away

photo credit google

To a foreign hot land
To fight in a war he doesn’t understand
When he comes back
He brings more than just a tan

He’s probably not ok
He’s probably not all right
He’s probably in a dark place
Whether it’s day or night

Governments and Media
With their pack of lies
Will never tell the truth
But try to convince you otherwise

photo credits

It feels like my eyes
Have been stretched wide open
Now and then
I have trouble coping

Images of memories
Imprinted on my mind
The boy they knew before
Is what they’ll never find

Alex Cockers,


As my friend ‘ginger ‘ would say ‘nough said!


Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:

I Rocked Up

red jeggings

I have never been that special, never been the fashion Queen. I got myself some jeggings the best you’ve ever seen.They don’t look as tight as these but they are this lovely red and with them I am pleased!

My partner was not sure that they suited me, he said my tops did not look right so I went out and bought some, in fact I got more than three! I actually got five all shiny new and bright!

Last weekend I wore them to visit my son who lives by the sea. Walking down to the promenade he drove past and waved to me!

We met up with his friends and had a little chat very soon my son returned and as he arrived he said “Look at you mum rocking up in your red jeans’ Just filled my heart and me with pride!

Two Days and Counting!

In honour of Missus Tribble  and her forthcoming special day in honour of Missus Tribble there is something I need to say!

Here are some spring flowers my father’s favourite bloom he loved them  in his garden best but they are lovely in a bouquet and brighten any room.

To me, these little flowers speak of an undemanding love that showers the lucky ones with happiness from up above. You deserve such love and happiness which ever is your bloom of choice. Be happy Missus Tribble we sing in happy voice.

photo credits from Google

In honour of Missus Tribble lots of fairy cakes each one full of love, what a lovely centre piece it makes!

No doubt this will be a special cake filled with love and care and true romance which will encircle the happy couple and follow them everywhere.

The sugar in the icing will be the spice of life. You will have your spice now in your husband and he will also in you his lovely wife.

Whatever the colour of the icing it will reflect your love and maybe even the Doctor will be sending you blessing from somewhere up above?

In honour of Missus Tribble here is the wedding ring it is an unbroken circle and a very special thing. It stands for so many things depending on your point of view but my dear Mr and Missus Tribble  I pray that it brings what ever blessings that you both want it to.

I hope that it’s beauty will enhance the vows that you will take . I know that all there with you will shed a tear of joy for the wonderful couple you will make!

In honour of Missus Tribble   on her special day I wish you all you wish yourselves may all your troubles fly away.May you both be merry and happily enjoy your first dance and wow the guests with your aplomb as you gaily prance.  Then sit you down and rest your foot as soon as that is done!

Well now Missus Tribble there is not much more for me to say.  Remember marriage is for keeps, may loving memories help you through the ups and downs when  look back on your wedding day.

I Know I shall not be there but that is not the point I shall be thinking of you as many others will on this site. So be happy Mr and Misus Tribble enjoy this salute to you, as you, your wedding vows anoint . Think of us all we wish you joy and love by sunny and rainy days and dark star lit nights!

In honour of Missus Tribble 

Together yet Apart


photo credits swis-oecansApart.jpg

I tell it it how I see it , which is exactly what you do too. But why is it that we are at odds in everything we do. I feel afraid to speak my mind to tell you how I feel for fear that you will explode and in temper out of control reel . Even the simplest thing can set you off on a venomous roll.

I say a simple thing about our children who we love? You feel I am siding with them against you and act like the sky is falling down on us from above.  We brought them into this world, they did not ask to be born but God help them if they do not hold your views or say something you deem wrong. Your temper and your venom  make them their birth  mourn. As for me such venom you can hurl my way.

We stand together yet firmly apart I love you deeply but you regularly break my heart. I don’t know how we’ve lasted it’s been a rocky road you’ve led me. You have not always been there you have another woman are you as harsh with her. Well do you treat her the same or don’t you? Hang on I no longer think that l care.

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