Could it be a hymn for life?

Take the time to make some sense
Of what you want to say
And cast your words away upon the waves
Bring them back with Acquiesce
On a ship of hope today
And as they fall upon the shore
Tell them not to fear no more
Say it loud and sing it proud
And they…

Will dance if they want to dance
Please brother take a chance
You know they’re gonna go
Which way they want to go
All we know is that we don’t know
What is gonna be
Please brother let it be
Life on the other hand won’t let you understand
Why we’re all part of the masterplan

I’m not saying right is wrong
It’s up to us to make
The best of all things that come our way
And all the things that came have past
The answer’s in the looking glass
There’s four and twenty million doors
Down life’s endless corridor
Say it loud and sing it proud
And they…

Will dance if they want to dance
Please brother take a chance
You know they’re gonna go
Which way they want to go
All we know is that we don’t know
What is gonna be
Please brother let it be
Life on the other hand won’t let you understand
Why we’re all part of the masterplan

Today I am going to do something different. Above is one of my favourite tracks. It happens to by Oasis. I like Oasis though not a huge amount like one of my sons! Yet I have to admit that they, the Gallagher brothers, are extremely talented in the lyrics and music department.

I love lyrics, words being my first love. I first heard this song when one of  my sons was visiting and the words came out of his room and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and hauled me upstairs to the source. We spent an afternoon listening to different songs all of which had wonderful lyrics. I found out that afternoon that my son also likes lyrics.

Shortly afterwards I found the above video on youtube  and fell in love with it too!! The wonderful idealised Manchester in the style almost of  L.S. Lowry .

The Gallagher brothers , Noel and Liam when not arguing are very fond of the music of the Beatles a fact many of their songs reflect . Oasis openly admit to being influenced by the Beatles. If you listen to the words of this song you can hear many references to Beatles music and titles and in the video there are many more. I shall leave it to you to spot them, it will be more fun that way!!

When I get low and life seems to close in on me the words “The answer’s in the looking glass There’s four and twenty million doors down life’s endless corridor so say it loud and sing it proud And they… Will dance if they want to dance”   really say to me, the answer is with you , there are so many chances to take ..take one and dance. That helps me it really does.

So there you have it , me not talking in rhyme….. well not all the time.  No seriously  do give it a chance I know they have a tarnished name but they are talented and are as good unplugged and live as they are are fresh from a tip top recording studio. I hope you find something uplifting in the lyrics I do , it is almost like a hymn to life.

So to all of you out there be well, be happy, live life and may inspiration for your blogs keep a coming!! xxxx

The path starts on Io

It is a long path I must take.

Tears fell down my cheeks and my breath made my visor misty. The miles sped by as rode the hover bike my soul bereft.

The lights of the salvage team checking for anything I might have missed were in my rear view video now. The violet vapour trail from my exhaust danced like sprites I searched the horizon for the settlement out on the  third hill brow.

Io this barren moon spread out before me. This place that took my man, dead plains and ridges for miles and miles all that I can see. Inside I bleed, inside my guts twisted and turned with grief, flooding my veins. The sight , damn the sight I do not need to see my anguish and pain l can feel it. I need to see where I travel tonight.

At last I see the huddled mess that is the Miena mining outpost.The last  mine left on the this moon. Luckily my friend Jayden is there and she will be my host. There is not much left here now since the last of the Martian fighters left after the wars, glad to see the last of the sand blizzards that are sharp enough to make you wince.

The last mining outpost on IO

Leaving go of the throttle for a short while I touched my radio and asked, Jayden are you there? seconds passed then I smiled. “Yes you stupid bitch where else would I be? In charge of this dump , a prisoner, that’s me.”

Slowing my hover bike making the reverse thrust roar I manoeuvred my bike through the open landing bay door.

Standing down off the bike , she was there at my side as I removed my helmet she hugged me and we cried. She told me she was sorry about Lars, she had heard the fight and seen the explosion in which he had died. She moaned about the dust on her landing bay floor and swore at me loudly as we made for the stairs to the door.

We sat and talked into the night we spoke of  Lars’ finale fight she told me he had spoke with love of me before he flew off on his final flight.


This is the fourth instalment in a story set in the future. Here is episode one

and episode two.   and episode three

The edge of Enternity , on Io

The Edge of Eternity

Here on the edge of eternity on tomorrows shore. I stand alone and deserted as I have many times before.

He was shot down here on Io at this very place where I stand. I had hired a recovery team I needed to find my man.

The ship was nought but wreckage and his bones had long turned to dust . It took too long too find him but to do so was a must.

I swore that I would find and reclaim his service pin, I did, I found it covered in dust…….. covered in him. I did not want to come here but it was written that I would for I have a job to do and so to save my race I must do it good.

The night was long on Saturn where I sat out on the Rim. It was there I first felt my powers. I saw the ships fighting off Io, one exploded and I knew that it was him.

My powers had been hidden but I had a special path to take. I would gladly forgo all this, his loving hand to take. But all that is denied me as I hold his service pin I am alone here on the edge of eternity, alone without him.

I had found a ship quite cheaply a vintage Stella 5 I had manage to drag a crew together mostly old timers but they had the will to stay alive. People laughed as we took off for Io as we left Orion’s outer Rim but my crew have not abused me as I had told them how important was my search for him!

I have to start my quest

Now my fate is sealed I know the course to take, it all depends on me now and the choices I now make.


This is the third instalment in a story set in the future . Here is episode one

and episode two.


Always trying too hard to please her always doing his very best. He was such a good boy but his brother was liked the best.

As he grew he made her presents and did what ever she asked, but she never noticed  him and so the dye was cast.

She said he was not an easy child he was demanding, he didn’t like the dark and always wanted the light on, on the landing.

The boy grew he learned to make a cup tea and eke  out the chocolate biscuits: everyone got three.

Still she never noticed him. His elders were the favoured and preferred and when it really came to it she showed she’d never cared.

It broke his heart when he was tiny it broke his spirit as grew yet he never gave up on her, to her he was always true.

Yes he was the youngest but he always tried hard to be seen but he was always overlooked not heard and even less seen. Still he never gave up even as he grew he never stopped trying but she never acknowledged this, never gave him his due.


He grew , he married he had children she treated him the same but now she added his wife and children into her game.

He took her shopping, to the doctors, to the hospital, to the airport or just plain out to dinner he tried so hard but still he could not win her.

Eventually there came the day he really just had to let go if she had not cared for him by now it never would be so.

Always trying too hard to please her always doing his very best. He was such a good boy but his brother was liked the best.

Such a wonderful idea world , one chance, join in.

Crow Queen

Look at me the Crow Queen

Look at me what do you see, I am the Crow Queen yes that is me.

I soar high in the sky higher than any of my crows can fly. I have many crows in my care but there is one for whom I have extra care.

Old Crow the seventh of my Royal nest and though I should not I love him the best.

Old Crow is on a special quest  all critters and unfolk in his care to guide them straight  keep them best! He has a councel of knowledge much her name is granbee and she has a Holy touch.

So my Old Crow come to me I shall give extra powers to thee. You have unfolk and Critters in your care so I shall help you and those in your care. I can see for miles and miles and fly higher than your brain can ken. I shall care for thee and your friends and make sure you bathe in eternal light in the end.



It is greedy and evil like a cancer it sucks the life from me. It works relentlessly from in side of me never completely setting me free.

It rips and tears at my skin it burns and festers never giving in. It is blind and deaf to my attempts to halt it’s progress. It is heartless cruel unkind.

It marches on ignoring my entreaties to it to stop and let me rest it drags me down and down in to the dark and stalks me closely like a pest.It makes a grab at me as I go past, it teases me relenting in it’s hold so I think I am free then it cuts through my skin anew  whispering it will  beat me until I am old!

It hates me, it hates me it makes me pay each day it drags me down and casts me down , it is never going away.

Go mbeannaí Dia is Muire duit

fairy kiss, fairy wish.

For St Patrick’s day wishes to all who visit this page and all who don’t too!!

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May sun shine warm upon your face,
the rain fall soft upon your fields,
and until we meet again
may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.


It is Mothers’ day in the UK so here is another Irish Blessing .


For my mother who raised me at her breast.
And my father who raised me by the work of his bones.
I trust in the Son of God when they enter his presence,
That there will be a hundred thousand welcomes for them
In the heavens of peace.


God Bless you all

and just for good measure


May your troubles be less
And your blessings be more
And nothing but happiness
Come though your door.

Once upon a moon.

Look at me sitting on the moon watching stars as they past me, whizz  and zoom. I spent all day making more which I have attached  by ribbons bright to my moon so you can sit and view them tonight.

I have searched the the skies at night for new stars out on their maiden flight. I can see stories in this universe so many things which cannot be reversed. Rushing fast present, future past the truths the lies the dye is cast.

Stars are golden, stars are bright stars dance unendingly all through their life. They see things we never dreamed of colours, vistas made from dust over millennia they’ve form a planets’ crust.

Stars are sparkly stars are light …. if only that were right .

Journal For Poetry Challenge#7 17/03/2012

Below is a poem and picture showing a brave war horse dying with his loving soldier comforting him as he breathes his last. It is a very poignant poem and painting. It shows the deep love that grew between the horses and their human handlers.

Horses are gentle and sensitive animals not usually given to coping with noise and blood and the smell of death it must of been awful for them. It was horrific for the men who fought the war but these poor honourable animals gave their all and for their troubles they were treated as broken machinery when they were were dead and dying and the soldiers who had come to love them were ordered to move the carcasses aside, like so much broken machinery…………. it could not be done without much heart break.

The poem and the portrait show the close bond of love between the man and the beast war had drawn them together.War is evil and bad and to draw in to itself these innocent animals is just so sad.


It appears that nothing is known of the poet. Although there are several soldiers from WW1 named Henry Chappell mentioned in “Soldiers Died “, efforts have been made to try to trace the poet, and it would be fitting to ascertain whether he was a soldier in the Great War or merely a poet who lived at the time, or whether the poem was written some time after the War. A mystery nonetheless.

It is not known whether the poem was inspired by a picture (shown below), painted during the Great War by an artist called Fortunato Matania, or vice-versa, or that one was to complement the other. If anyone has any information on Henry Chappel and the poem, it would be a pleasure to publish it on Where  I found most of this information.

The Soldiers’ Kiss

A Soldier’s Kiss

by Henry Chappell

Only a dying horse! pull off the gear,

And slip the needless bit from frothing jaws,

Drag it aside there, leaving the road way clear,

The battery thunders on with scarce a pause.

Prone by the shell-swept highway there it lies

With quivering limbs, as fast the life-tide fails,

Dark films are closing o’er the faithful eyes

That mutely plead for aid where none avails.

Onward the battery rolls, but one there speeds

Needlessly of comrades voice or bursting shell,

Back to the wounded friend who lonely bleeds

Beside the stony highway where he fell.

Only a dying horse! he swiftly kneels,

Lifts the limp head and hears the shivering sigh

Kisses his friend, while down his cheek there steals

Sweet pity’s tear, “Goodbye old man, Goodbye”.

No honours wait him, medal, badge or star,

Though scarce could war a kindlier deed unfold;

He bears within his breast, more precious far

Beyond the gift of kings, a heart of gold.

Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:

mud, fear and death.

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