Death, Desolation, Destruction! Men taught hate men taught to wait til death comes to claim them.

Stink, Stench Smell of bodies sinking in the mud tell their own story. Is this man’s best glory.

Drench, Damp Dripping their guns are filthy,bullets all spent . They all gave up hoping.

Boom,Bang Whistle,  they no longer hear they no longer fear the hair on their necks no longer bristle.

Dead all dead and left to rot . This was the war to end all wars ……….. How soon we all forgot.


Sear, Smear Singe . Nothing has changed in the theatre of war they are battling still on the fringe they know the score.

Shout , Scream Squeal they will still advance they have lost the ability to feel. No longer human their souls are worn out and why are they out there? Can you answer beyond any doubt.

Sun ,Sand Storms fight for your life, fight for your sight fight freedom for all ..as if that day will ever dawn wait to hear the cock call!

Death, Desolation, Destruction! Men taught hate men taught to wait til death comes to claim them.

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  1. giselzitrone
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 19:36:48

    Schlimm die Bilder von Tot und Verwüstung.Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Abend und einen lieben Gtuss von mir Gislinde.


  2. willowdot21
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 19:47:52

    Vielen Dank


  3. Androgoth
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 21:49:02

    As long as there has been man there has been wars, and unfortunately that seems to be the characteristic as time moves on, bloody wars that spill blood like rain, crush the living, the youthful soldiers die and the generals give their orders, battlefields, air strikes, surgical with high tech precision, onward into the breach and outward into the earth as the falling soldier is obliterated by war. Politics and power, the right or the wrong, the minuscule and the mighty, and what of tomorrow, another disagreement, one more confrontation and on and on it goes in a never-ending loop of unresponsiveness.

    Have a lovely rest
    of evening Willow 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  4. willowdot21
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 22:06:32

    As it was in the beginning , so it always was and always shall be!..Our men.
    thank you may you also have a good evening too!


  5. fallenelegy
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 02:56:10

    love this post. the words starting each verse heightens the intensity of those following. experimenting with forms brings the best out of you. keep writing.

    human civilization is almost built upon war. the hunger for power and resources led to war, the weak and defenseless fell under the iron boots of powerful and strong. its the human nature and desire to attain great heights which makes war a prominent feature of our history. there was war in the past and it still wages around us for different reasons, for control of resources to fulfill sneaky desires of powerful countries hungering for more, to empower sky height egos of sneaky dictators and increase their lot at the expense of poor citizens. there is a reason why war is considered one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.


    • willowdot21
      Oct 04, 2011 @ 07:24:19

      War is indeed a scourge of the earth and I had noticed the four horsemen of the Apocalypse inhabit a lot of my poetry . I am sad to say that they appear to around in every day life too which is why we must all wake up and smell the coffee they are drinking!! or they will ride rough shot over us all. I think I shall have to write a poem about the four of them together! WOO ! I am jumping up and down on my soap box!!


  6. penpusherpen
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 13:10:59

    If the leaders, the politicians had to fight in the wars, they would end….full-stop Willow, don’t you think?… You brought to life all the horrors of War… so well…


  7. willowdot21
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 13:28:11

    Thanks Pen yes put the leaders of our governments in danger and we would see the fastest sea change ever! You are so right!! XXwillowXX


  8. Tincup
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 05:30:32

    What a poem and what a topic. Didn’t you just get back from a beautiful vacation in Florence:)

    I grew up with two older brothers and we played so many war games in the neighborhood. Kids, especially boys, are exposed to the concept very early. When I was growing up we played with plastic or imaginary guns. Now kids are visualizing war through life-like video games. In fact, some say war will be conducted in the future as if playing a video game…kids are already getting trained.

    My preference, if war must be fought, is to do so on foot or on horses with manual weapons…man against man…no guns…no bombs…let them spill their own blood in a more noble and less desensitized manner (push of a button) without destroying every other living creature that happens to be living in the blast zone.


    • willowdot21
      Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:08:30

      It was expressing the heart felt despair I feel at the uselessness of war. I know it is in man’s nature and as you say all children grow up fight was as a game, paint it how you will they always have and they always will. It is the same for the real thing too it is an unstoppable machine. OH! I am sorry here I am on top of my soap box!! Thank you again for you comments II am always interested in any thoughts my poems provoke. xx


      • Tincup
        Oct 06, 2011 @ 03:48:51

        Isn’t that a big piece of poetry…to rise above and prose about what could be? The only war…fought as I described….that I would be in favor for…is when both both side are right and each warrior is fighting on his own free will with full conviction in its purpose. Has there any been such a war?

      • willowdot21
        Oct 06, 2011 @ 06:40:00

        I do not think that there can ever be a fair war, I am not disagreeing with you I am just so anti war. I know that we would not be the free people we are if the 2nd and 1st world wars had not been fought and won ..but war has been around since man has, sadly it is human nature to fight.Sad but true. Though in an ideal world there could be “both side are right and each warrior is fighting on his own free will with full conviction in its purpose.” but this is not ideal an world. So we must never for get what war is .for now I wish you well and hope you are well and happy! xx

  9. Tincup
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 04:01:19

    In abstract terms…it would be like the battle of land and sea…liquid gold wages war on the pounding surf…or two Lions fight eachother for the right to a harem. Here I reveal my dark side.


    • willowdot21
      Oct 06, 2011 @ 06:44:36

      We all have a dark side , so you are not alone. And the side you have just revealed is not too bad!! I see war as an evil dark monster eating up the countryside and spewing out waste land and darkness! and it is unstoppable ! oops..talk about darkside!!


  10. Maggie Mae I
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 00:25:00

    Oh I am so glad you directed me to this page. This is a truly intense poem and I loved it. – In a sense, absolutely heartbreaking and i am moved by it.


    • willowdot21
      Feb 15, 2012 @ 08:28:30

      War is so awful today, yesterday and tomorrow and we never learn. That is one of the reasons why I have chosen a Poetry challenge to write up a piece once a week ( every Sunday in fact) on a poem from the 30’s and 40’s war poets. I have learnt so may horrible and harrowing things I am stunned at man’s inhumanity to man.


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