Cities Burning

London's Burning

Stomp stomp there’s panic on the streets. They are tearing through the alleys and taunting the police. They are burning shops and peoples homes. No matter how hard people have worked and made their businesses by working fingers to the bone. Families frightened out of their minds,  running  across the roof tops escaping   flames, shocked and lost having left all they own behind.

Smash Smash they are breaking lots of glass stealing trainers, clothes and handbags this is not the poor under class. This is not political they have no high ideals. They are not the poor underdogs who can’t afford their meals. If you can carry a Blackberry phone and a fashionable track suit and designer trainers you own, your on another track., you are in another zone.

Stamp stamp the sound of running feet they are all carrying 75 inch screens and DVD recorders by the score. “Take what you can when you can” is the gang call of the suedo poor. Flames, flames police cars have been torched whole shops and all their contents have all been thoroughly scorched!

People without their livelihoods, people without their homes all because these feral louts threw fire bombs and stones. They rant and rave and scream and bleat that they are fighting for a cause , they have no hope they say, no jobs and no one for them cares.  There are the jobs and there are the chances we all get just the same it just some of us make our own  way and don’t take benefits just for gain.

A good man lost his youngest son whilst on a vigilantes line, he only wanted to call a holt  to the rioters forward drive. Just because he stood for right , these ferals having fun, drove through his line killing three, his youngest son was one.

If ever we needed a hero, a strong leader to come along, we need them now ! We need the police to stand up and use measures hard and strong, for what these evil robbing thieves are doing, is all wrong.

Theives and Robbers

Feral Looters

Death by Aid

Tiny little fingers in the dust, huge eyes so sad begging for your crust. You are so hungry you need it for you but this is your child, who you can’t deny, true?

Hunger gnawing at your bones like cancer spreading fast. You worry if you’ll be strong enough to find water, as what you have just will not last.

No one is going to help you, your sons and daughters gone for soldiers.These two left will escape that fate as they will not grow much older. Your milk dried up, your belly empty. It hurts so much to walk but walk you must, you can’t stop. The baby at your breast has long since ceased  crying. This sweet young child clinging to your skirt is dying.

the child at your hem.

Where is the help  that was promised where is the aid that you need. You have walked days now with no hope of helping your children not even to feed. The baby needs medicine the western doctors dispense  you have to flee from your home just were is the sense.

War at your left side famine at your right , politicians and corrupt leaders uncaring of your plight. Had you stayed they would of killed you or worse …OH! my poor children your birth is your curse.

Standing at the top of the hill you can see a straggling encampment a red cross flag flying still. You put down the baby his soul already flown to your husbands arms now, at least not alone. You need to rest  but your aim is in reach . You lay in the dust next to your babes, close your eyes  just ignore the flies.

Tiny little fingers in the dust , huge eyes so sad finally closed. Where is  the help that was promised where is the aid.War on your left side famine at your right they no longer threaten you Death has arrive to erase your plight.

The Rainbow Cake

The world was like a mixing bowl before we made the cake. Empty, clean and ready  to start the cake we wished to bake. We got busy and selected our ingredients and made sure that they were the best, nothing less than new and pure would be used for this fest!

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

We needed a Rainbow Cake to bind us all together , we needed a Rainbow Mix to get us to meld for the better. We needed moving out of the primeval slime. What we needed were colours that would make us shine perhaps a little lemon mixed with a dash of lime.

The Rainbow Mix was not very mellow it had ridged colours red, orange,green, blue, violet, indigo and yellow. As time went on this no longer worked too many colours and textures were thrown in to bowl. Pride , joy, love,hate, vengeance, desire, not to mention a large pinch of soul. While these feelings were mixing we had to separate the tribes black white yellow brown into cups and set them by the fire. Yes there were more than just a few but they all added to the hue.

Rainbow Cake

Colours of the Rainbow

We could not leave the tribes too long in the heat for they would spoil, and we could ill afford that, then, after all our toil. We whisked them thoroughly and when they started to peak  we folded them in gently with love into the Rainbow Mix. Little tasters we  would sneak.

The oven was heated and the mix was put in, we all watched in wonder, we could not believe our eyes as the layers, though very thin, began to rise.

Rainbow Cake

Cut another slice.

It looked so very lovely soft and full of colour it really was a prize. When the cake was baked we put it out to cool it looked so different to what we had before , it was our shining  jewel.

We took the soft and powdery snow from off the mountain tops and mixed it with waters of the oceans blue and made a wondrous icing , Oh! yes we did it’s true. The stars and the moon looked and marvelled at our treasure and even the golden sun smiled down  on it with pleasure.

So now we had our Rainbow Cake all shiny and new all types of soul and colour here, every tint and hue. Lets not waste it’s message lets all start anew we could all happily mix together . I know we can it is true!

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