Welcome, once  again  how are  you all? Another  busy  week here  things  seem to have been speeding up and up  ever since  we have returned from France! In fact  things have become totally  mad! I am on the run even as I type, trying to  get lots of different things  done  and be all things to many !!  :) I am running so late  this week  that even though I have managed to get our  beloved Paul’s post  published  a  day early I am almost a day late ! Not quite  but very  nearly.

Now  what  would  you like to eat and drink thanks  to Paul  we have  every type of coffee and tea  anyone  could possibly  request  and a few  that I quite  frankly would  be  very happy  to sit on the self  talk  about  obscure  and smelly!! :)  As for the cakes and pastries  well they have grown in range  since  we have been enjoying  these get together’s  and they  are all free and even better totally calorie  free!! So come on in sit  down  where ever  you fancy, relax  and let’s  have a nice  coffee/ tea break.

IF WE WERE HAVING  COFFEE:  I would  tell you what a busy week it has been, two sisters, two brothers, two brothers in law, a cousin, and a son  plus  me all having  Birthdays in a fortnight!! That  takes a lot  of organising ! I would  tell  you about  my  day  but luckily  Paul  has already  done that  so that  saves  me a few minutes… well done that  man Paul!

IF WE WERE HAVING  COFFEE:It was  our  first  real  babysitting  stint  yesterday , Saturday, all on our  own!  It was great fun  the Newbie  is so full of  giggles  and excitement. We were over at  the Newbie’s  home  so everything  was natural  and normal  to him! My  husband  really  enjoyed  it too, he loves  to play  with the Newbie  he magically turns into  a singing  dancing  and clapping machine  with  talking shoes! Yes I did say talking shoes. We played  with the Newbie  and he had a turn  in his baby gym  then in a fabulous  toy  that  you pop  baby into  and there are  all sort of activities  arranged in a circle, it  supports  the baby in a half  sitting  half  standing  position!! It  is amazing  and  the Newbie loves it!

The photo  to the right  is  similar   but  not quite  the same . You pop the baby  in to the seat  in the middle  and away  they go! Woow  did our  Newbie  love it  and he is not quite 6months  yet! I have to admit  I would of loved a toy  like this  when the boys were small.

It is amazing  how toys  and fashions  for babies  have changed over  well,  the last 41 years , as  that is the age of my eldest son. When I look at photos of him as a baby  and  a toddler the clothes are so  very, very  different.  I have to admit I did my  best to dress the lads  in the  latest of fashions  for then  and get them  the best that I could afford in the toy  market!

Baby grows  were  the order of  the day  then  little suits  and then maybe  dungarees if  you were daring! The  toys  were fun  but today’s toys knock spots off the older  ones! I suppose  it  is the difference  between  how a woman in the 19 50’s dressed and supplied  toys  for her   baby  and how one in the 1970’s  did!

Anyway  he had a wonderful time  with all his  toys, then  his  mum had  left  a bottle  for him (  she is doing a wonderful job breast feeding) so I gave him his allotted feed at the appointed time. He then had an extra play, then after a couple of burps  he went off to his cot  and a nap  like an angel!

While he was napping  we had a sneaky  tidy up  and husband  cut  the lawns  they  have two long  lawns out  the back!
So the Newbie was fast asleep  when his mum and dad  came home.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would  tell you that  it has been hard going at  the gym this  week, though I am trying hard I am finding  it hard going! I usually  do  four  early  mornings  at  the gym  and two classes one  on Friday  and  one on Saturday. The Friday  class is  Pilates  and is an hour  long   and I have to admit it is  my  most  favorite  hour of  the week. The Saturday  class a Deep Core Class and it is a very hard and fast  moving class. Both classes  are  doing  the same  thing to the body  ( strengthening  the core muscles )  but  both with extremely different tactics! Usually I manage  well  but this week I have found  myself  dragging  my  heels! even though I have a really  good gym  buddy  and we usually  keep each other going  this week I have been under par and I have had to resorted  to going out for a brisk walk in the afternoons  to stop  myself  from dropping off to sleep!.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would  explain that today  has been like the rest of this weekend  so so rushed  and busy, but for all that  really  fun! Today started  with  me waking up  with  cramp  again! The usually  Sunday  morning chores  followed  a walk in the unseasonal weather into town  and our  monthly  meeting  of  the women I used to work  with. We all had a good chat  and of course coffee and cake!! Unfortunately  the  cakes  in that coffee shop  are not calorie  free!!

The husband  met  me  at  1.30pm  and  then we were off back to the Newbie’s  as  his Mum  and Dad  wanted  wanted  the husband  to help them remove  a very awkward  and heavy  pelmet down! Well  husband  and son  laboured  away  at  removing said pelmet  and did eventually  succeeded! The Newbie’s  mum was busy  making  baby  food  with recipes from  her special baby food cook book! Guess  what  left  me to do , look after  and play  with the Newbie… OH! Joy!!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would mention I had  better go now  there is washing  and ironing to do! A meal  to finish  cooking and eat . Then  bed  and then another  week full of  many  many  things  to do!!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would ask you if you would  like another  cuppa, or  another cake . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me. Please feel free to stay  as long  as  you like  and don’t  forget  to visit  Paul’s  post  now  while  you are  here!   If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/


If We Were Having Coffee: GUEST POST. Squirrels and New Arrivals

If We Were Having Coffee – Sept.28/2014

Squirrels and New Arrivals

Paul your Barista

Paul your Barista

Welcome to Willow’s weekly coffee and tea garden. My name is Paul and I’m happy to be here once again in the garden tending to your needs for a cuppa, and sweets. It has gotten quite damp here recently so Willow and I have arranged some comfy chairs and sofas under the marquee where we will be warm whilst we sip our cuppa. The addition of some heaters last week has made this little nest quite toasty. I’ll be happy to bring a pot of whatever beverage you prefer – we have a wide range of teas and coffees (as you can see above ) to satisfy our world-wide readership. We can relax with a cuppa and calorie free sweets while we discuss the affairs of the week both personal and/or worldwide. How has your week been?

Here in Canada the news has been relatively quiet this week. We have this foreign worker program that is coming under fire. Apparently, some service businesses have been complaining that they cannot fill jobs with Canadian citizens so they have been importing foreign workers to fill the positions as is allowed under a special government program. These workers have been working alongside Canadians and, it seems, the foreign workers are being paid less and are being favored by management for extra hours and such as they are cheaper. In one case, Canadians were laid off and then replaced with foreign workers – which is absolutely forbidden under the program. There has been a big furor about this and some government officials have  been chastised, the program is being severely limited or even removed and the companies that have allowed this are being fined. What do you think about these types of programs? Do you find that immigrant workers are being given jobs that should be filled by nationals? How is the government of your country handling the many immigrants that are fleeing oppressive regimes and/or seeking a better life in a new country?

The above picture is actually from Art, – a fellow humorous blogger – collection of photo shopped images (http://pouringmyartout.wordpress.com/). He has some hilarious images. This photo has a very Canadian winter feel for me. The fluffy attire looks similar: humans wear lined underwear, vests, heavy parkas, insulated boots, toques and sunglasses (for those readers who have not experienced a bright day on a snow covered world, it is blinding).

Although the weather here has been splendiferous this week – the warning is there about what is to come. Waiting for a ride yesterday, I was watching a half a dozen squirrels busy burying nuts in the ground, preparing for a cold winter. I happened to be speaking for a few moments with an immigrant who obviously did not have much experience with our native fauna. We were under the tree canopy as we were speaking and a busy squirrel lost his grip on a nut and as he screamed his dismay, his nut dropped through the branches and landed at the feet of my conversation partner. The poor man jumped and looked nervously upwards as he prepared to run. I quickly explained that it was just a squirrel that had dropped his nut and that that was quite common this time of year. The squirrely  swearing continued from above our heads – no doubt seriously concerned that we would steal his nut.

After our conversation finished and he left, I thought for a while about what objects falling from the sky might mean to someone who had not grown up with it. And I thought how many such tiny details would have to be internalized by the newcomer– all the time not knowing which details could get them killed and which were just funny little incidents. The absolute vulnerability that would engender gives me a feeling of admiration for those who have chosen to leave their homes and friends and family and country and moved to a brand new world. Many have done so to try and make a better life for them and their loved ones, especially children. It seems to me that many such immigrants would have enough to handle already and then are forced to face suspicion and/or rejection by the locals where they live. Situations like the special programs mentioned above put them in a very negative position without them even realizing what is happening.

Above is a photo of a very popular coffee chain store in Canada with thousands of outlets. They are one of the main companies who are accused of misusing immigrants for purposes of reducing costs and putting Canadians out of work. They are a franchise system and the parent company has come down very hard on the franchisees who were abusing the program. The company has a sterling reputation here in Canada and I am sure they were not aware of what was going on – but still it happened.

http://www.theprovince.com/health/cms/binary/7314801.jpg?size=620x400s Tim Horton workers participating in a drive to raise money for a kidney patient

If you get a chance, have a look at the story attached to the URL from the picture above – it is heart rending and is just one of the many ways that immigrants here have a rough road, regardless of our determination to treat them fairly. ( http://www.theprovince.com/health/Hortons+barista+might+just+kidney+transplant+thanks+staff+customers/7316841/story.htmland )  Do you have any thoughts on this? Or do you have a story about immigrants in your home country?

Would you like another cuppa? Willow and I are honored that you dropped by the marquee in the garden today to visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and the conversation and please feel free to look around at Willow’s other posts while you’re here. Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you here in the garden again next week.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would ask you if you would  like another  cuppa, or  another cake . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me. Please feel free to stay  as long  as  you like .  If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/

Music Themes : Purpose!

Maddie chose the music theme PURPOSE for this week  and Eva is back!  and I am late!

Now  what  purpose  shall we go for first!  Well Imogen wants  to escape  from the pressures of life  and go back to childhood! we all often get that  nasty feeling  that  we  do not  belong  and that we need to escape!

Then one  morning you wake up  and you realize  your  whole life  has  to change  and  the relationship  you are in just has to end! You need to find  and put  purpose into your  life!

Another life changing purpose is the need to take life  by the hand  and make it a better place  for everyone.

The main purpose in life is progress, I add this  video  because I just just love  the excitement  and life  it exudes! Love  them or  hate  them Take That  are just a life  force  they have so much talent  and live they are as good as  their best  recording!

And  finally  the purpose  of life……….. is  there anything more important?

The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes

There’s a hole in my soul like a cavity
Seems the world is out to gather just by gravity
The wheel keeps turning the sky’s rearranging
Look my son the weather is changing

I’d like to feel that you could be free
Look up at the blue skies beneath a new tree
Sometime again
You’ll turn green and the sea turns red
My son I said the power of reflections over my head
The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes

We sang about the sun and danced among the trees
And we listened to the whisper of the city on the breeze
Will you cry in the most in a lead-free zone
Down within the shadows where the factories drone
On the surface of the wheel they build another town
And so the green come tumbling down
Yes close your eyes and hold me tight
And I’ll show you sunset sometime again

The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes
As a child solemn pray my hope hides in disguise
While satellites and cameras watch from the skies
An acid drop of rain recycled from the sea
It washed away my shadow burnt a hole in me
And all the king’s men cannot put it back again
But the ghetto sun will nurture life
And mend my soul sometime again

The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes   Massive Attack

Check out  the  other themeists. 

Bear, she will blow you away .Maddie  amazing woman, Johnny  man of  the moment, Eva is here misbehaving this week. Go dance with her!!! and lovely  lovely Lisa

Ascrostic Poem: Me the Machine.

Mindful  thoughts dance  before you

Even though  you can’t keep up


Thoughts fighting  to the fore

Headlights bursting on the shore.

Evaluating  all that is in store.


Marching towards the horizon

Always  loosing   never gaining ground

Chasing  dreams never catching them, lost but never found.

Hiding  all thoughts from the bright light  of the sun.

Inside you reach out for help needing  it so much

Nurturing, needing reaching out for a touch.

Enduring feelings, can they be learnt or will our hands be burnt.

Blood on the floor.

Darkness fell, pitch black wrapped our eyes and ears in black satin.

We crawled on hands and knees blindly inching forward.

Our cries bounced back at us off the wall, they seared our skin.

Lost, hopelessly lost without a clue our outlook flawed!


Cold gnawed at our fingers  and nipped at our faces

We were clawing  at the floor  looking  for a door

The smell was painful  mess everywhere we’d all forgot our social graces.

It is was demeaning , everyone screaming  a fight breaking out. Blood on the floor.



Ageing  leaves fall to the ground

Ushering  in the end of summer days

Tumbling twirling , furling all around

Under  heaving boughs of harvest golden light plays

Myriads of scurrying animals gather winter stores

Night  draws in and  morning  is dressed in foggy  silver hoar.



As  smoke from a thousand bonfires rise

Unwinding  dads rid the evening train homewards

Turning their eyes to the dying light thought of stake pie and fries

Uniformed school children collect harvest  rewards

Muffled sounds of muted  car tyres

Nipping cold , pinched cheeks as summer expires.

Hever Castle

She was young, well schooled  and travelled

She spoke French  and had modern European ways.

All bode well for her until she met Henry and her life unravelled.

She had a book of hours  but she became Anne of a thousand days.


She wanted to marry Henry Percy

But without her father’s permission this was not to be.

She was banished  to Hever  Castle  her father showing  no mercy.

Her sister was at  Henry 8th’s  court in fact she she was Henry’s Queen bee.


Henry spotted Anne when she visited her sister Mary

He fell in love with the slip of a girl

She was older  but more alluring, out shining  poor Mary.

The king was soon entrapped  his heart in a whirl.



Heaver castle  today

Heaver castle today

Soon Henry  was a visitor at Heaver Castle

Arriving  with his court and entourage, larger  by the day .

He courted  Anne  with all his might,  such a rascal

She knew how to keep him keen  by not letting him have his way.


Sadly Anne could only produce a daughter

She did her best  to keep Henry on her side

No way could Anne produce a son  so he sent her to slaughter!

I think Henry loved her , I think for her he cried!



Well not  one of  my  best poems  but today  hubby  and I went  to Hever  Castle  Home  for a while  to Anne Boleyn.  We had a IMG_20140921_114821777

Castle  from the bridge

Castle from the bridge

beautiful day and I look lots of photos  some  here shown  below. IMG_20140921_114829408


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