Hever Castle

She was young, well schooled  and travelled

She spoke French  and had modern European ways.

All bode well for her until she met Henry and her life unravelled.

She had a book of hours  but she became Anne of a thousand days.


She wanted to marry Henry Percy

But without her father’s permission this was not to be.

She was banished  to Hever  Castle  her father showing  no mercy.

Her sister was at  Henry 8th’s  court in fact she she was Henry’s Queen bee.


Henry spotted Anne when she visited her sister Mary

He fell in love with the slip of a girl

She was older  but more alluring, out shining  poor Mary.

The king was soon entrapped  his heart in a whirl.



Heaver castle  today

Heaver castle today

Soon Henry  was a visitor at Heaver Castle

Arriving  with his court and entourage, larger  by the day .

He courted  Anne  with all his might,  such a rascal

She knew how to keep him keen  by not letting him have his way.


Sadly Anne could only produce a daughter

She did her best  to keep Henry on her side

No way could Anne produce a son  so he sent her to slaughter!

I think Henry loved her , I think for her he cried!



Well not  one of  my  best poems  but today  hubby  and I went  to Hever  Castle  Home  for a while  to Anne Boleyn.  We had a IMG_20140921_114821777

Castle  from the bridge

Castle from the bridge

beautiful day and I look lots of photos  some  here shown  below. IMG_20140921_114829408


IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: Cars, cats, coffee, and a Newbie.

Welcome, welcome again  how are  you all? The weather though  still warm for this time of year is becoming very damp  and several  mornings this week as I have headed  for the gym it has been cold damp  and foggy. So it is on with the virtual  space heaters and with  the help of  Paul  we have moved  some comfy sofas and armchairs into the marquee, well we may as well spoil ourselves.

Now  what  would  you like to eat and drink thanks  to Paul  we have  every type of coffee and tea  anyone  could possibly  request  and a few  that I quite  frankly would  be  very happy  to sit on the self  talk  about  obscure  and smelly!! :)  As for the cakes and pastries  well they have grown in range  since  we have been enjoying  these get together’s  and they  are all free and even better totally calorie  free!! So come on in sit  down  where ever  you fancy, relax  and let’s  have a nice  coffee/ tea break.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would say  what a difference a week  makes! This  time last week I was still in the Loire  Valley France. Sighs! Well we got  home last Saturday/ Sunday morning  after a long  but fun day travelling. Back to reality  talk about  hit  the ground  running. Washing, ironing, middle son  having car problems , eldest  son off on trip,   youngest son  and family  to see, dogs  to walk and real life to  get on with ! So it was a good job it had  had such a restful  and lovely  holiday   because today  I feel as if it was a dream. A beautiful dream, one I hope to repeat!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:   As I mention earlier  the weather has taken a sharp  autumnal turn punctuated by the fact  that we had got used to the higher temperatures  we had enjoyed in France! My early  morning trips  to the gym have necessitated   me digging out  a warmer hoodie   and  longer leggings  and brisk up in the step of the pace. I would  mention the fact  that I could not  be lazy  and jump in my car  because, also  as mentioned  above  number two son  has car trouble! While  we were away  his little car  gave up  the ghost …deceased… dead ..it is no more.  The situation meant  he needed to get to and from work  and so he borrowed mine . This has left  me dependant on Shanke’s Pony  ( an  old English  Term for walking ) . Luckily  my husband has his own car  so we were not marooned!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I have to say the afore  mentioned husband  has done a sterling “Dad” job  of helping  the number two  son out  he has scoured  the net  and found  a brilliant  deal  for the lad, lets  hope he appreciates all his dad’s hard  work. All things  being well  touch wood and fingers crossed  he should collecting his  new car  towards  the end of  next week …result  I shall get  mine  back !! My husband  has also  been very  busy  walking  two guide  dogs  who  he loves  a great  deal . He takes  them out  for their recreation . He loves to see the younger one  running after  her ball  and thundering around  the field  enjoying  her short  moments of freedom.

Also  he cut  both our lawns  and kind soul  that  he is  he also cut  the house  next door’s lawn as the owners  were away  on  holiday , hopefully  they will be pleased on their return .

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would have to tell you that  all my  brothers  and sisters  bar one  have birthdays this month!  I was mortified  to realize  that I was late  sending  my  eldest sister’s card … so  mortified  that  on my return I rang  her up and wished her happy Birthday  and told her  that  her card  was going to be a tad late!!: Just   for her to tell that  I was a day early! With all the travelling I had got the dates mixed up…. her card  was still late. Not  wishing  to be late again  I posted all the other cards  at once feeling  better  early  than late! I actually  think it was very inconsiderate  of  my dear  departed  parents  to have us all bar one born  in the same month! It  must of  been very difficult  for them to manage  a presents  for everyone!  As for the odd one out  did  they pick a sensible  month for her?…..December!! Do you have a large or a small family, did the amount of siblings  you had  determine  the size  of  your family! I am sure  everyone  has  a busy  birthday  month which is yours?

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  Where are  my  manners would  you like another cup of coffee/tea or  perhaps  a scrummy hot  chocolate  with all the trimmings , chocolate  and  vanilla   with cream and marshmallows or plain if  you prefer very warming  these  Autumnal  days. What  did you say , too fattening ?  not here  no you are forgetting  everything  here is calorie free  and you can have as much as you like!

Now  we did have a sad thing this week, Thursday  lunchtime  there was a knock  at our  door and when I answered it  there a sad looking lorry  driver. He asked if  we had a cat,  as he had just seen a car knock one off of its feet. It was laying in the road  by  his lorry. We grabbed  a towel  and rushed  out by  the time  we had crossed  the lawns (our houses  lay  back from the road  and all have large lawns) and  we had to cross one and a half lawns. We found  another driver who had also stopped and had  followed  the cat  who had  by  now crawled into  our  neighbour’s front garden. None of us  knew  what to do  we covered  the cat  with the towel I was despatched  to find  a cat basket,  we had  given  ours  away  last  year  thinking  we would  never  need one  again.

Sadly by  the time I had  return   with  a cat carrier  the cat  was sadly  dead.  My husband  and our  neighbour  took the cat  to the vets  sadly  it was not chipped and despite our  best efforts  asking around  we cannot find  the cat’s owner. ….

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I say  that  there was an added bonus  in this busy  week. Our  very  beautiful daughter in law  popped into see us early  evening  mid week with the Newbie. Well  we had  not seen  him  for nearly  a fortnight  and we were delighted  to see  them both. It is  amazing  how  fast  he had changed! He was so delightful  full of  smiles  and giggles  and so alert and interested in everything. I am so in awe  at  the beauty of  the little being  that  is our  grandchild.  I would  never of believed  less than a year ago  that a tiny  soul like  the Newbie  could  lift  my  soul in this way!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would ask you if you would  like another  cuppa, or  another cake . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me. Please feel free to stay  as long  as  you like  and don’t  forget  to visit  Paul’s  post  now  while  you are  here!   If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/

If We Were Having Coffee: Guest Post– Sept.21/2014

If We Were Having Coffee – Sept.21/2014

Scotland Renewed and Little Happy Moments

A small part of the coffee selection available – all fair trade products.


Paul your Barista

Paul your Barista


Welcome to Willow’s weekly coffee and tea garden. My name is Paul and I’m happy to be here once again in the garden tending to your needs for a cuppa, and sweets. It has gotten quite damp here recently and Willow has put me to work helping her to arrange some comfy chairs and sofas under the marquee where we will be warm whilst we sip our cuppa.

The addition of some heaters has made this little nest quite toasty. I’ll be happy to bring a pot of whatever beverage you prefer – we have a wide range of teas and coffees (as you can see above) to satisfy our world-wide readership. Willow has been busy sniffing some of these unfamiliar beverages and has declared that some are “smelly”. I think that’s a technical term for “tasty for non-Willows”. We can relax with a cuppa and calorie free sweets while we discuss the affairs of the week both personal and/ or worldwide. How has your week been?

A difficult outcome to guess



Well, on the world scene, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Scottish referendum. As everyone now knows, Scotland voted to remain with England in the UK. Watching this from over here in Canada this week, I was reminded of our Quebec referendum some years ago, which turned out the same way. There is a lot of stress and worry and very strong opinions around a separation referendum.

It will take some years for the rifts to heal, but heal they will. And with the healing will come a new awareness of the feelings and expectations around the relationship between Scotland and England. This turned out to be a good thing in Canada re: Quebec. Just like any relationship, putting the concerns on the table usually helps to strengthen the bond in the future. I wish well to all the various sides and factions that they may heal their wounds. I know it’s a sensitive topic but if you have any comments we’d love to hear them.

How about another cuppa? (You can try one of Willow’s “ smelly” concoctions if you wish.) There are lots of sweets: cakes, scones, biscuits (cookies for our North American visitors), flans, etc. And all are calorie free here in the garden. But only here.

“When medication is right and on time and covered, it is happy medication”



As a short funny that happened to me this week, regular readers will remember that I spoke in earlier posts about the difficulty in getting prescription drug coverage here in Canada if it is not employer provided. Anyway, after much moaning and groaning and paperwork and meetings, I did successfully attain coverage and all went well. It came time for me to renew my prescriptions this week and it went smooth = no problems –except there was one medication that the drug store did not have and they offered to drop it off to my home the next day, free of charge. You can’t ask any more than that.

Meanwhile, at dialysis on Monday the doctor wanted to change one prescription. I agreed and didn’t think anything of it. The next morning, bright and early (just a minute until I get out of bed, early) the delivery of the missing prescription showed up and I just set the bag on my desk and went back to bed. Later in the day I figured I’d better chase down the new prescription and called the pharmacy. The pharmacist checked her records and asked if I had received a delivery this morning. I replied in the affirmative and she told me to look in the bag. Sure enough, there was the new prescription along with the missing prescription. It’s hard to believe that the system, once in place, works so well that drugs are delivered to me before I have a chance to ask for them. Apparently the doctor had my drug store on file, faxed the new prescription which was then waiting when they came to work. Someone noticed there was a delivery and added the prescription. Amazing. I hope it keeps working this well.

Did you have any small happy occurrences this week? Perhaps a little surprise that made you smile? It’s the small things in life that make our days happier.

“Inspirational thoughts”



Speaking of which, there seems to be a fun activity going around in my neighborhood. Being close to a university, our telephone poles have become billboards – not unusual. Well, yesterday I was walking back from the store and I noticed a small pre-printed post it note stuck on a pole a few feet from the bottom. In fine red script it read: “You are special and unique in this world.” And that was it. It wasn’t selling anything, held no expectations, and demanded nothing. It was refreshing and made my day. Again, it seems to be the small things that matter. Have you noticed any small happy moments or occurrences lately? Some small thing that made your day? Or perhaps even a big thing?

Would you like another cuppa? Willow and I are honored that you dropped by the marquee in the garden today to visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and the conversation and please feel free to look around at Willow’s other posts while you’re here. Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you here in the garden again next week.

Flowering and Blooming Teas (They smell good Willow!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would ask you if you would  like another  cuppa, or  another cake . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me. Please feel free to stay  as long  as  you like .  If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/

Photo  credits :  http://adamsfarms.com/departments/coffee/.   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/scottish-independence/scottish-independence-on-a-knife-edge-as-yes-vote-narrows-gap-ahead-of-referendum-9729506.html  and http://cdn.visualnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/things-we-forget-post-it-notes-10.jpg   and  http://cdn.teavivre.com/media/gallery/images/m/i/mixed_flower_teapot_1_1.jpg

Listen to the beat

Here in the dark I reside

Working  for  you ceaselessly no stopping

Taking  the stress for you as you cried

Calming  you, a relief as your tears are  dropping.


Holding you, guiding  you, breathe in and breathe out

Lifting  you, carrying you ,each trial, I see you through

Without  me you are nothing. That is true without a doubt.

Supporting you, I protect you  you need me it’s true.


You do not  listen to me, nor think of me. You pay me no heed.

You ignore  my warnings, starve me of air  and life

You over work  me  and push and misuse  me until I bleed

You feed me poison  and fast food until it hurts like a knife.




Here in the dark I reside

Working  for  you ceaselessly no stopping

Taking  the stress for you as you cried

Calming  you, a relief as  your tears are dropping.



Heed me heed  me before it’s  too late

Feel me pounding pound in  your  chest

You ignore me at  your  peril endangering  your fate

If I am not heeded I shall lay you to your rest.




Well I thought I just  might  gatecrash  the Musical Theme  this week which  was chosen  by Bear  . The title of which today is RENDEZOUS.

A rendezous,

1. A meeting at a prearranged time and place. See Synonyms at engagement.
2. A prearranged meeting place, especially an assembly point for troops or ships.
3. A popular gathering place: The café is a favorite rendezvous for artists.
4. Aerospace The process of bringing two spacecraft together.
tr. & intr.v. ren·dez·voused (-vd), ren·dez·vous·ing (-vng), ren·dez·vous (-vz)

To bring or come together at a rendezvous.
1. an agreement to meet at a certain time and place.
2. the meeting itself.
3. a place designated for a meeting or assembling, as of troops.
4. a meeting of two or more spacecraft in outer space.
5. a popular gathering place.
6. to assemble at an agreed time and place.

Lindisfarne    Meet me on the corner : A perfect example of a rendezous . “Meet me on the corner when the sun is going down and I’ll be there I promise I’ll be there. ” Time  and place  and expectations.

The Failed rendezous , the broken date. There on time and  waiting  excitedly  …. sadly  the boy  is waiting in vane. For whatever reason the girl does not turn up. Has something happened  to her, has  she met  someone else, has she been forbidden  to go by  an angry parent. Is  she a married  woman or a girl with a boyfriend  who has stopped her from keeping  her rendezous, we will never know.

Sandy Shaw    Girl Don’t  Come

The Rendezous,  the place to meet.  “ We all have friends  who  have friends  by  the river, who too have friends who  have friends of their own. All seated  round  having Port  after  dinner. Port that was  bought  by  the friends  they have known.”  The river being the place to be, the rendezous  to meet friends  and eat together.

Arrival       Friends

The Chance meeting that leads to a rendezous.

“Rendezvous where to my place say 2 & we can do anything you wanna do. Hey, tonight is your night yeah, When you close your eyes, take a minute, take a moment realise. Do you see me when you fantiasise.Tonight’ll be your night”

Craig David….. Rendezous

The place  for a meeting  by seaside  this time! The  film  in the video  is just  so lovely!

Queen  Seaside Rendezous



I was there where were you

My watch had  not stopped I was there at two!

The Restaurant  was buzzing, so many people saw me all alone

Looking  stupid, like a spare part , so embarrassed I wanted  to turn to stone!




You bring  the wine

I shall name the place and time

We shall meet  and our hands entwine

It will be the rendezous of all time!


Check out Lisa, Bear , Johnny and Maddie

Is it really too late.

Yesterday’s post was how I see  the world  today. Beset  by war, famine, pestilence and death! The  four horsemen of  the Apocalypse. Yes Armageddon as I see it. Well   today I read Jenni  post  at Unload and Unwind  entitled “Lets talk about war.”    I do recommend you all check out Jenni’s Blog. Her post  and my  yesterday’s post reminded  me of a post I published  in Oct 2011.  I looked it up  and revamped it  a little  and  put it here  for you to read!


Time was late, the day was cold  the doors of the coffee shop suddenly flew apart

The scene  from the street was enough to stop your heart.

the four horse men

Slowly and silently four horsemen approached along the street.

We had no knowledge but centuries since, this was the place they had assigned to meet.

As this strange apparition  it’s progress did make,

It left fights and hunger and  deathly illness in it’s wake.

Where once was the  normal order of life

Was suddenly killing and gorging, sickness, death and strife.

Stopping their horses and dismounting as one

They found a spare lamp post their magnificent animals to leash upon.

One of their number scanned the street “No parking meters . Sweet!”

They entered the coffee shop and two fights broke out

And terrible hunger and thirst spread about.

Terrified customers died in the rush for the door

People started to sicken with rashes and pustules and what’s more there was blood and guts all over the floor.

Phantom Horses

Death motioned the others to get a table

Approached the strangely thin, sickly lad at  the bar  and ordered “four Americanos and a bagel!”

The boy felt so weak as he looked in to the eyes of Death fear gripped his throat

The rest of his staff were in the same boat lost and helpless’ bereft of hope!

Setting down the tray and handing Famine his food,

“I wanted espresso “griped War in a mood.

Death raised his scythe and told him to mind his place.

For he had the last  word and was in charge of this space!

Finally with the local humans all dead

They sipped quietly on their coffee, just for now doing what their leader had said.

After a short while Conquest / Pestilence looked up

And asked “is this coffee fair trade” as he finished his cup.

Famine smirked at the joke his brother had made.

“I need another , where is the barista ”  Death answered ” He died”…… “Okay” Famine sighed

Coffee over, decisions needed to be  made

How to deal with this world’s problem. Plans had to be laid.

“I think I should simply traverse this world

And make them their missiles unfurl,”

Said War before adding “then with you  Death in my wake,

How long would total annihilation  take?”

“No “chipped in Pestilence I can spread  my cloak and make them all suffer.

You can then step in Death, as they choke  and splutter.”

War banged the table ready to fight

But Death then stepped in knowing his way was right .

“Looking around brothers do you not agree

They are doing an excellent job of destroying themselves without any help from you or me.”

He saw they were not happy with his interventions

So he enlightened them all with ghastly intentions .

“We need to just hover on the sidelines and leave them to fester.

It will all end soon, this planet cannot sustain forever these hopeless jesters!

They thought for a while while Death entertained them, with his  fiddle

Like Nero back when Rome was burning. but not such  giggle.

The decision was made and they all agreed

They would just make thing worse for all those in need ,

They would feed the wars and starve the medical fractions,

Of knowledge and money.

They would disease the corn the milk and the honey.

Death would stalk the world in his usual way

Clearing up the mess and dead at the end of the day.

They then  left the scene of their destroying powers

Riding  off together into the west leaving death and destruction and lots of wilting flowers .


The News papers and TV got the story the very same day.

“Police want to question four hoodies on horse back ” they say.

There is  a witness a child who manage to hide and lived to tell what they had seen.

Apparently strange horses, one white,one red, one black and one pale green?

This  made the  headlines  all over for a day, well maybe one day more

Then it is back to Famine and  Plague in Africa and  the States had to step into  yet another War!

The Greens are screaming we must save Mother Earth

Unknowing that she already dancing  a dirge

With a worn out and tired Death.

Death sat in a corner and polished his scythe and pondered the meeting that morning,

Well he had at least tried to buy these humans ( for whom he actually cared) some time .

But even holding off his brothers, of hope there still was no sign.

He was tired of all the work he had to do,

Exhausted in fact, and his brothers were too.

The task set before them was too great for them to solve ..

Hopefully God will intervene and those irritating humans will evolve  !

Blood on your hands.

Hot wet and sticky I ooze through your fingers

You cannot completely erase me  I am the stain that lingers.

I lay at your feet glaring up at you screaming, screaming

No amount of your tears can cleanse me no more can I be gleaming, gleaming.


I am your guilt  your broken pride

I am the the wrongs you cannot hide.

I am there and I will not go

I an more guilt that you will ever want to know.


I am red, as the setting sun, I am as black as the deepest hole

I am your festering guilt, the tightening of a thousand needles in your soul.

I am your crusade, your jihad your ‘Holy War?’

I am the lurking danger far worse than you foresaw.


Blood on stones, blood on the walls blood of the innocents who do no harm

Blood on races blood on their souls, blood on their heads to some  a balm.

Blood in your ears blood in your eyes  blood in your living rooms on TV screens.

Blood of  the old and of  the young , the child, the pregnant mum cover your ears to their screams.


Hot wet and sticky I ooze through your fingers

You cannot completely erase me  I am the stain that lingers.

I lay at your feet glaring up at you screaming, screaming

No amount of your tears can cleanse me no more can I be gleaming, gleaming.

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