Decent into hate

The fear rises from the pit of  my stomach pushing up through the bile

Depositing  itself  on my tongue. Burning searing  all the while

The anger comes from nowhere, no rhyme or reason for his hate

All at once the shouting starts, warning signs come too late .


Screaming  at each other words are razor sharp insults flying

They hurt as much as blows  but I’ll be damned if I’ll let him see me crying!

Hate burning into our hearts and souls. You are dragging me slowly over  the coals

Where does this angst come from why do we keep fighting  what evil sets  the goals.


When did we drive our love to this hate

When did life sour  the food on our plate

It all started out so fine we were shining stars

Now we are muddied  and blooded and covered in scars.


The fear rises from the pit of  my stomach pushing up through the bile

Depositing  itself  on my tongue. Burning searing  all the while

The anger comes from nowhere, no rhyme or reason for his hate

All at once the shouting starts, warning signs come too late .

It we were having Coffee at Gene’O’s place!


Well this  is so nice of you Gene’O  inviting us  all over  to yours  for a coffee , I am really pleased to accept  not least  of all because I have been doing  the Sunday, ‘If we were having coffee’ along  with your  Diana , who is part of your  group  at  partimemonsters  for  a good  few  weeks  now. Recently Paul Curran  blogger extraordinaire of  no fixed  blog  has been making use of  my garden  to hold  a coffee gathering  and meeting of  minds. So if it is Okay  we will join you and all your  other  guests!

I do like  what  you have done with the place Gene’O  it is very, very  you! It feels odd  to be sitting here instead of handing cups and cakes  to he the guest.

Okay  what’s been happening  this week so IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  blogging  wise,   Johncoyote got  me up on to my  soap box  and  I dug  up  some old posts  and wrote  a new one or  two  on the subject  of how badly we are treating  our beautiful plant. Taking  her for granted, burning and deforesting her, raging  wars on her belly  and her back  killing  not only each other   but all her flora and fauna  and any poor creatures trapped in the war machine’s  way! Mining, covering her  with  concrete so she bleeds  and is starved of air. Time is running out  and we are  the only ones who can do anything to save  mother earth/ mother nature  for our  children  and our children’s children!

Oh! you have all gone quiet, I got up on my  soap box  didn’t I …..sorry I did mean  to get carried away! I am not a raving loony  honest!

New Shoes

New Shoes

Right I  am embarrassed, what else  … IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would  tell you that on  Wednesday  I went shopping  with  my  friend . I needed shoes, thanks  to a bunion  on  my left  foot I now appear  to have difficulty  finding  shoes that  do not  hurt!

So we  went off  in search of sensible  shoes.  It was a hard  job  but  someone had to do it!  Was it a successful trip I hear  you asking.

New Dress

New Dress

I  managed to buy three pairs of sensible wide fitting shoes  that did not look too awful!  Not  to mention  a pair of pretty platform sandals….. well they were in the sale  and so pretty. I also bought  a lovely floaty pink and  white polka dot dress it was not on the shopping list  but it is also very pretty, also not on the list was an outfit  for the Newbie, buy outfits  for the Newbie well that just goes without saying!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would  tell you  that while I was at Pilates on Friday  my  phone  rang  and it was my  youngest  son asking  me  where I was, at pilates,  I replied, where is dad,  he asked  he is not  answering  his phone, polishing  my  car I replied  OH!  he  said  we are  coming to visit  you ! Hooray I  thought  returning to pilates  excited  about  an extra chance  to see  the Newbie  and his mum and dad! It  was lovely  to see them  they were on their way out to lunch  but  it is always lovely  to see them flying visit  or not!


strange flowers

strange flowers

Today after my  core  class  we went over  to see them , two  days in a row  such  a treat! We  spent  the afternoon gardening, while I was tiding up one  of  the flower  beds I spotted  these  fabulous  flowers  does  anyone  know  what  they are ? I certainly  do not recognize them. I have had  a lovely  time  with my husband, my youngest son  and his family.

Now  just  before I go IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would  ask if you remember  me telling  you that I have been looking after   our friends cats  while  they are away on holiday. The cats  have been staying with us  for 3weeks so far. Well they are lovely  cats, house cats  which  means  we are not allowed  to let them out at  all. Well I have to report  that  they are very mischievous animals. One of them has made several escape  attempts  luckily  we have foiled  them all! ( so far) , here are some photos of them at play!

Kissy kissy

Kissy kissy

Well all that remains is f0r  me to say thank  you  to Gene’O for having  us  we have  aha  a lovely time!





Welcome to Willow’s weekly coffee and tea garden. My name is Paul and I’m happy to be here once again in the garden tending to your needs for a cuppa, and sweets. I must say, it’s great to see you all here in this relaxing atmosphere surrounded by flowers and butterflies. Have a seat where you choose, at a table in the sun or shade, and I’ll be happy to bring a pot of whatever beverage you prefer – we have a wide range of teas and coffees to satisfy our world-wide readership. We can relax a while    but  this week  we are  not stopping here, we  are off to Gene’O’s place,  he has invited us  all  to his place for coffee!! Willow  and her guests  will be meeting us there  too. We  can still discuss the affairs of the week both personal and/or worldwide Just  somewhere  different  For one week only. .

How has your week been?

The weather here has been hinting at fall this week – cooler night time temperatures and warm but dry daytime weather. Not wanting summer to fade, I chose a Spring Garden painting this week to celebrate life bursting free. I hear from bloggers in the North Eastern US that some trees are starting to show their colors already. Not so here yet, but it won’t be long. How about where you live – any signs of season change yet?

It always surprises me when those who live in the southern hemisphere report the arrival of their spring when our fall is just starting. Intellectually, I know this is so, but I’ve only ever lived in the Northern hemisphere so for me the arrival of September is the beginning of Fall followed by winter. Fall is arriving soon

Would you like refill of your beverage? Perhaps a scone or a piece of cake? It’s all free of calories here even at Gene’Os.


I read the news daily and it all seems so negative and violent – Iraq, Ferguson, Africa, Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, Ebola – and on and on. I think I may stop and focus on the good things that happen everyday, perhaps on a much smaller scale but still positive. For instance Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada – where I grew up) is getting a new library according to the Globe and Mail. It  cites increasing library visits and usage as an important part of the decision. I would never have guessed that in this wired world, that library usage would be increasing. I am always surprised when I visit the library here, at how much they have embraced the changing world with computers, tutorials, and an increasing book collection.

Above  is how  the library will look when finished.  How is the library in your area doing? Do you visit often? Why do you think that book use is increasing in this electronic world?
When I was growing up, much was made of the development of electronics to the point where it was predicted that we were entering a paperless society. It seems that total shared information has increased, including paper
based assets. Personally, I love the feel of a book in my hands, feeling a part of the story.

So what good news have you heard lately? Is there anything special happening in your town or life that has cheered you up? Or any good news you’ve heard? Personally, I was accepted recently to a prescription insurance program and have just started using it. There were a few glitches to work through requiring some more paperwork (for instance because I’m a dialysis patient the program will cover calcium and vitamin replacement medication with special dispensation – so all that info had to be faxed to the pharmacy). But now I sit happily with a supply of the medication I need and a program that will allow constant replacement as needed. It feels good not to worry about that anymore.
How does the medical/ prescription system work where you live? Could it use improvement or are you happy with the way it is?
Would you like another cuppa and a sweet? Don’t be shy, ask and ye shall receive.
There’s lots to go around. It’s beautiful out here in Gene’O’s garden with the flowers and butterflies, isn’t it?

Mind blowingly beautiful

Mind blowingly beautiful

So, back on the topic of good news, we just finished up an international fireworks competition (during a 2 week period) here in Ottawa. It was historically held over at an expensive resort (Casino du Lac-Leamy) that was not very accessible. This year they moved it to a much more viewable site in the city at the Canadian Museum of History. I twas absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful.

This site is on the Ottawa River that runs through the city, and the participants used the reflection off the water to enhance the effect – even, in the above right case, drawing a giant bug in fireworks and reflections. That shot is from the Denmark presentation. You can take a look at the highlights of the competition by country here  It is fabulous.The Resort which sponsored the spectacle kindly moved it so that everyone could see it for miles on both sides of the river.

Have there been any celebrations or community events in your area this week? Do you attend or watch?

Would you like another cuppa?  Gene’O  Willow and I are honored that you dropped by the garden today to visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and the conversation and please feel free to look around at Willow’s and Gene’O other posts while you’re here. We look forward to seeing you in the garden again next week.



Softly brushing my face, is it  a child’s  kiss upon my cheek?

Caresses long  gone, almost forgotten  but not quite, begin to creep

Into  my conscientiousness demanding  my attention

Dragging long  stilled  emotions out of sleepy retention.


Light bright sunlit  mornings  running through  the trees

Wind blown autumns wrapped up warm chasing after leaves.

Fingers tracing over goosebumps lips moist and tender

Needs screaming for release and surrender.


The smell of  newborn babies, you thought you would die

Birth pains  felt  by  both  bonding you so deep, tears fill your eyes.

Watching  them grow and play and mature, such precious fruit of yours

Protect them, guide them, love them , teach them  and keep them from evil’s claws.


Tears flow  as they leave, out on their chosen paths  not always  what you’d of planned

Still they are brave and new . They  will stand on their own yet if  they fall you’ll be there to give a hand.

Then back they come with love, with pain or grief  then the fresh smell of a newborn

Such great joy  more  memories blossoming  your future to adorn.


Softly brushing my face, is it  a child’s  kiss upon my cheek?

Caresses long  gone, almost forgotten  but not quite begin to creep

Into  my conscientiousness demanding  my attention

Dragging long  stilled  emotions out of sleepy retention.


A Single Tear.

A single tear escapes, it flows down my face

I reach  for peace  but it has gone vanished without a trace.

I cannot bear to watch.  The words assault my ears

The noise, the missiles  skimming past me it heightens  my fears.


Bullets and bombs slice through me.  I fall kicked under foot

I am on  my knees the sword is held to my neck into darkness my hopes shoot.

They are pouring poison into my wounds, burning I am burning

They drive diggers over  me gouging out my guts, all my pleas spurning.


Stop, stop  you are killing me.

I am dying fast, why can’t  you see.

A single tear escapes, it flows down my face

I reach  for peace  but it has gone vanished without a trace.


Nature’s Curse

Coat us gently in your breath mother nature, dress us in your warp and weft! Love us all your children dear, though we all have hurt you and brought you many a tear. We have pained you brought you low, pushed, stabbed you, yet you love us still and will not let go.

We, all issue from your womb, treat you bad and stripped you bare and kill your blooms. We have raped you daily, and burned your soul  exposed your softest parts to all who make your gifts their greedy goal.

Taken, taken is all we have done we never spare a thought of how we should repay you for all that you have done. We leave you bleeding arms outstretched. We rip from you all we can get. Never never do we spare  a thought for all the torture that on you we have wrought!

Somehow like a mother you love us and bless us and encourage us to fly.  Yet how do repay you, we rip out your guts and leave you to die. Mother, mother be patient yet we all need to learn from you for you know more then we shall ever forget!

Sometimes your anger you unleash on our selfish heads, you rip up crops and smash our towns and pee on us till the rivers overflow their beds! You pull back the oceans in the mist of mighty storms then hurl it back at us killing many destroying all in your path we stand open mouthed at the aftermath. You show us how strong you are you could destroy us all, it is within your power. But you love us like a mother dear and you let us stay though we do not deserve you and that is crystal clear!


Breaking Hearts

I step forward you step back

Dancing around each other, I am loosing track.

Fingers brushing thoughts causing blushing

I step forward you step back , the rejection is crushing.


Too many people here

They are all watching me see  them stare.

I reach for you  but you have already gone

Slowly I bow my  head  in shame, cover my ears as they play our song.


Falling slowly from the tower

For this second I feel a rush of power.

No pain yet, maybe I’ll sprout wings and fly

Sadly this real life  you will not catch me . You’ll depart and let  me die.



I am warmed  by the blood evacuating my veins.

Will you turn back will you run and take my hand

Will you hell, you barely acknowledge me,I am not registering in your plan.


I step forward you step back

Dancing around each other, I am loosing track.

Fingers brushing thoughts causing blushing

I step forward you step back , the rejection is crushing.


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